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Embed Google Maps on a WebPage. Axure RP Design Library. Download Widget Libraries. Social Media Icons Widget Library - Axureland. Wiliam Web Design Sydney Australia. The main tool we use within our user experience (UX) team is an application called Axure.

Wiliam Web Design Sydney Australia

It allows us to create wireframes, prototypes and specifications for our clients before we start the design and development stages. There are several reasons for engaging in this type of methodology such as: It is a blueprint for your site which can be used as a reference throughout the production (design, development, QA, testing) stage. It can highlight possible problems and therefore a chance to fix them before development avoiding those very costly mistakes. Axure Design Pattern Library v2.0. This is Version 2 of the first Axure stencil library.

Axure Design Pattern Library v2.0

Demo the HTML OR Download the Axure (.rp) File What’s new in this version? Totalwireframe, a shop for Axure.