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Dr. Hassan Elhais

Mr. Hassan Elhais is professional lawyer in Dubai. Advocate Hassan Elhais is specialized in criminal, divorce, family legal consultants & Property Law in Dubai, UAE. For more visit us at:

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Professional Lawyer. Professional Lawyer – Dr. Hassan Elhais. I want to Adopt My Fiance's Young Daughter - is that Possible? UAE Law - Can you Claim Legal Costs in Arbitration? My Friend Had a Child Outside Marriage - Can She Claim Maintenance? Do You Want To File a Case For Theft? How to Resolve Real Estate Disputes in Dubai? 5 Tips to Remember After a Road Accidents in UAE. Can I Report My Husband For Stealing From Me? UAE Family Law: My Husband Had A Baby With Another Woman – Can We Take The Child? UAE Criminal Law: Is My Money Safe - Account Hacking on the Rise in Dubai. My Husband and I Divorced and Now I'm Homeless with Three Children. UAE Family Law: Visa Extension for Divorced Women. UAE Criminal Law: Photography Law in Dubai - Points to Consider Before Taking a Picture.

UAE Criminal Law: Drinking Alcohol in UAE - How to Avoid Jail Time? UAE Criminal Law: Abetting in Crime - Criminal Accountability for Parties Involved. UAE Family Law : My Husband Ran Away From Us - Can I Divorce Him In His Absence? UAE Criminal Law: Misconducts Surrounding Rape Offense. UAE Family Law: Can I Stop My Wife's Affair Without Sending Her To Jail? UAE Criminal Law: Can A Complaint Be Made About Discriminatory Messages On Social Media? UAE Criminal Law: With The New Law In The UAE, The Prosecution Can Allow The Accused And The Victim To Settle Criminal Matters Amicably.

UAE Criminal Law: UAE Joins Nations Monitoring Offenders Through Electronic Tagging. UAE Property Law : Inheritance Under Muslim Law - Framework of Sharia Law. UAE Criminal Law: What Must You Do If You Are Deported From UAE? UAE Criminal Law: Fraud And Breach Of Trust Offences In The UAE. UAE Criminal Law: An Overview Of Procedures For Expats. UAE Criminal Law: Key Points You Should Know About The New Anti-Money Laundering Law. UAE Criminal Law: Are You Criminally Liable For Bounced Cheque? UAE Criminal Law: Do You Think You Have a Travel Ban or a Case in UAE? UAE Family Law: When To Appoint A Divorce Lawyer In Dubai?

Dubai Criminal Law - Witness Hearing Before the Criminal Courts. Criminal Law - Punishment for Sniffing Glue in UAE. UAE Family Law: My wife and I Have Split But I Still Wish to Sponsor Her - Can I? UAE Criminal Law: Minor Crimes to be Disposed within One Day in the UAE. UAE Family Law: I Want a Divorce - But Wait, Is My Marriage Even Recognised? UAE Family Law: Can I Take My Children Back Home With Me After Divorce? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: My wife and I are Muslim Indians and have been living in Dubai for 10 years. We have two children but are currently going through divorce in local courts. As far as I am aware, upon our divorce, my wife will be granted custody of our children (aged 5 and 7) and I will only be granted visitation rights. I would like to become custodian of our children and take them back to India to live with me.

I read online that, if a guardian proves that their residency visa has expired for a valid reason, that the court will accept, then the court could allow the guardian to take the children to another country. Answer: In accordance with article 151 of the UAE Personal Status Law (Federal Law No. 28 of 2005), you may have the right to claim the custody in the following situations: 1. Article 152 of the UAE Personal Status Law enables you to become a custodian should your wife refuse to follow you to the country where you have moved. Construction Lawyer in Dubai. UAE Family Law: Bringing A Child To The UAE - When You Can't Find Your Husband. UAE Family Law: Can I Get Child Custody If My Husband Is A Drunk?

Law Firm In Dubai,UAE. Financial Crime Lawyer In Dubai. Best Extradition Lawyers In Dubai. UAE Family Law: How Can I Prove I Am Fit To Keep Custody Of My Child? UAE Family Law: How Can I Apply My Country's Law to a Divorce Case? Criminal Law UAE - Penalty For Sharing Company Secrets. Criminal Law - Penalties for Carrying and Possessing Illegal Things in UAE. UAE Family Law: What can I do to Increase my Ex-husband's Financial Support? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: I divorced my husband in 2012 in Dubai.

UAE Family Law: What can I do to Increase my Ex-husband's Financial Support?

We are both Muslims and our marriage was revoked through Sharia. We had one child together and currently my child and I are based in another country and I receive monthly financial support from my former husband. My concern is that my husband's income has increased throughout the years but the alimony has never changed. My costs for raising the child by myself have grown significantly recently and I am struggling to understand what my rights are.

UAE Family Law : Neglectful Parents Must Be ‘held Accountable’ For Child Deaths. Child protection leader calls for laws on abuse and neglect to be upheld.

UAE Family Law : Neglectful Parents Must Be ‘held Accountable’ For Child Deaths

Neglectful parents must be ‘held accountable’ if their children die due to a fatal lack of care, a safety leader has said. Mouza Al Shoumy, deputy head of Emirates Child Protection Association (ECPA), insists parents must face tough punishments if it is found their failures led to tragedy. She says a UAE law set up two years ago to safeguard children from abuse and neglect is not being used to its full effect.

The ECPA is a government body, which was launched last November to look after the interests of children across the Emirates. Ms Al Shoumy believes more must be done to halt the number of deaths involving inaction from parents and caregivers – including children who drown after being let unattended at pools or who suffer deadly heat stroke when left in cars in sweltering conditions. UAE Criminal Law : Dubai Court Approves Extradition Of Briton Accused Of Involvement In Corruption Scandal. A UAE court has ordered the extradition of a British national to India, where he faces charges of being a middleman in a multi-million dollar defence procurement scandal.

UAE Criminal Law : Dubai Court Approves Extradition Of Briton Accused Of Involvement In Corruption Scandal

Christian Michel, 54, did not appear in court in Dubai and his whereabouts are not known, his lawyer said. The controversy, dating back to 2013, involved kickbacks given to key Indian government officials by AgustaWestland, an Italian helicopter firm. The bribes were intended to win AgustaWestland a contract to supply 12 helicopters at a contracted price of nearly $500 million. The helicopter contract was cancelled in 2014. Shortly thereafter, the Congress Party-led government, which signed the contract, was voted out of power. In Italy, the CEO of AgustaWestland’s parent company was first convicted of bribing Indian politicians and bureaucrats; on appeal, he was acquitted because of a lack of sufficient proof. India’s procurement rules can be so byzantine that most foreign companies “feel like they need help.” UAE Family Law: My Pregnant Wife Wants A Divorce And Has Left The UAE - what can I do? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: My wife and I are Muslims who married in Dubai six months ago.

UAE Family Law: My Pregnant Wife Wants A Divorce And Has Left The UAE - what can I do?

Recently, we had an argument and she moved out of our house while I was at work. She is pregnant with our first child but she now wants a divorce. UAE Family Law: How To Protect Your Assets In A Divorce. UAE Criminal Law: Legal Problems Of Alcoholism And Drugs Assumption. UAE Family Law: Can A Child Choose Which Parent Should Be Their Guardian In A Divorce? Family Law UAE: Can I Use An Overseas Court Order To Make My Ex-Husband Pay Child Support?

UAE Family Law : How Long Must a Woman Wait to Remarry? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: How long is the waiting period for women to remarry?

UAE Family Law : How Long Must a Woman Wait to Remarry?

Answer: While three months is the general rule, the waiting period could be extended in accordance with article 138/2 of Law 28 of the Personal Status Law, which is a federal law from 2005. This law states that if the woman is pregnant, the waiting period may be extended until the baby has been delivered. The waiting period, or Iddat, is also longer in cases where the husband has died, as the woman must then wait for four months and 10 days. That period of time must be observed from the moment of death, regardless of whether a waiting period had already commenced before the husband's death. Family Law UAE : Husband Divorced Me But Now Wants Me Back. DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: I lived in the UAE with my husband until he recently divorced me and clearly said that he would not take me back.

Family Law UAE : Husband Divorced Me But Now Wants Me Back

However, within my waiting period he changed his mind and said he wanted to get back with me but I now want to make sure that the divorce takes place. What can I do? Answer: Unfortunately, there is little you can do in this situation. Article 108 of the Personal Status Law makes it clear that a husband has the right to cancel a divorce within the three-month Iddat, or waiting period. UAE Criminal Law : Debtor Asks What Action a Bank Can Pursue When a Loan Goes Unpaid. Question: I took out a bank loan and gave them a cheque as a guarantee.

UAE Criminal Law : Debtor Asks What Action a Bank Can Pursue When a Loan Goes Unpaid

Now though, I am not able to pay the loan and the bank is threatening to file a case against me. What are the potential cases they could file and what would be the expected outcome? Answer: If the bank tries to cash the cheque and there are insufficient funds, they may file a case against you for a bounced cheque, under article 401 of the UAE Criminal Procedures Law, which states that "detention or a fine shall be imposed upon anyone who, in bad faith, gives a cheque without a sufficient and drawable balance or who, after giving a cheque, withdraws all or part of the balance, making the balance insufficient for settlement of the cheque, or if he orders a drawee not to cash a cheque or makes or signs the cheque in a manner that prevents it from being cashed".

Also, the bank may request that the court imposes provisional attachment on your property, in accordance with article 252 of the above law. UAE Criminal Law: UAE Job Seekers Who Exaggerate Cvs Face Three-Year Jail Sentence. People who include false information in their CVs could be looking at jail sentences of up to three years, according to a leading lawyer.

UAE Criminal Law: UAE Job Seekers Who Exaggerate Cvs Face Three-Year Jail Sentence

Dubai-based Hassan Elhais said that it is not only immoral for people to embellish their CVs, but they also run a serious risk of facing criminal prosecution and being deported. He was speaking in the wake of a feature, by The National, which revealed that some employers have been turning to private investigators to do background checks on jobseekers. Some companies said exaggerating skills on CVs was common but to falsify information entirely would result in an offer being withdrawn as the candidate would have shown that they are not trustworthy. “It is absolutely illegal and if you are prosecuted you could face jail and deportation,” said Mr Elhais.

UAE Criminal Law: Egyptian Actress Zeina Publicly Denies Assault Incident at Dubai Hotel. Film star alleged to have attacked a family of tourists in row over picture at Atlantis, The Palm Egyptian actress Zeina has publicly denied attacking a family of American tourists at a five star Dubai hotel.

UAE Criminal Law: Egyptian Actress Zeina Publicly Denies Assault Incident at Dubai Hotel

The celebrity has been questioned by police over an alleged assault of a couple and their 11-year-old daughter in a dispute over the taking of a picture at Atlantis, The Palm. Zeina, who has more than two million followers on Instagram and has appeared in a series of films and TV shows in her homeland, has been questioned by police in relation to the alleged assault, according to official documentation. She is accused of carrying out the attack – sparked by a row over the taking of pictures – along with her sister and a third woman, on June 29 at The Gold Lounge inside the hotel. The family accuses Zeina of scratching and biting the 11-year-old girl and scratching her mother. They say her sister also bit the man on the shoulder. UAE Family Laws : Man Threatens To Kill Ex-Wife During Custody Battle Over Their Children. The man allegedly had not seen his children in more than six years A man who had not seen his three children in more than six years, showed up at their doorstep and threatened to kill their mother if she did not give him custody of their children, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told.

UAE Family Laws : Man Threatens To Kill Ex-Wife During Custody Battle Over Their Children

On January 16, the Emirati man, 35, was spotted by his son approaching their home in Oud Al Mutainah. The boy, 10, did not recognise his father and was waiting for his ride to a sports club with the defendant approached him. After the man told him who he was, the boy ran into his home. “I was in the living room napping on the sofa when my son rushed in and told me that a man claiming to be his father was outside the door and demanding to see him and his two sisters,” said the Emirati mother, 36.

She said the two divorced nearly six years ago and that he did not visit his children even before they separated. “I spoke to him from behind the door. “I went there to get the Makani number as requested by the court. UAE Family Law : Can My Wife Divorce Me In Her Home Country? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: My wife and I got married in Dubai and have been living in the UAE for eight years.

We have two children, a boy, 4, and a girl, 2. Recently, my wife visited our family doctor who told her she is suffering from depression. It seems she first became depressed after our daughter was born and when I ask her if I have contributed to her condition she always says no. She now wants to file for divorce. UAE’s Sharia-Based Family Laws : Rights and Obligations in the Marriage. Under the UAE’s Sharia-based Family Laws, there are a number of rights and obligations set out for the benefit of both husband and wife. These laws govern various aspects of the couple’s relationship and family, but the main points are established below as set out in Articles 54 to 56 of Law 28 of the Personal Status Law.

The first category explains the rights and obligations that should exist mutually between husband and wife which includes respect, kindness and consideration towards the family as well as the obligation to work together in the best interest of the family. This includes educating the children and giving them a fair chance to develop in a healthy environment.The second category, defined as husband’s obligations to the wife, outline the husband is required to allow the wife to continue with her education and he should not prohibit her from visiting her family. He must also not harm her personal and financial assets, or harm her physically or morally. UAE Family Law : How Long Must I Be Married Before I Can File For Divorce?

DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: I am a Muslim woman who recently married a Muslim man. It was an arranged marriage and now I feel things are not going well and we may end up divorcing. Although I hope it does not come to that I would like to be prepared and explore my options and know as I am not happy in this relationship. What is the minimum time period to file for divorce after getting married? UAE Family Law : Will My Ex-Husband's Appeal Case Affect My Alimony Appeal? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: I am an Arab woman who has filed for divorce, custody and an alimony case against my husband. I won the case but want to file an appeal to increase the amount of alimony I am entitled. I have since found out that my ex-husband has already filed an appeal. Will the fact that he filed for an appeal before me affect the outcome? UAE Criminal Law : If My Neighbour Drops Charges Against Me, Can I Travel Again? UAE Family Law : How Can I Ensure My Ex-Husband Pays Me Child Support?

DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings. UAE Family Law : In the Child’s Best Interests. We have covered the general laws relating to child custody and visitation rights in the event of a marriage dissolution. While the courts have general guiding laws, these laws are discretionary; the courts will always rule in favour of the child’s best interests. UAE Criminal Law : Can A Theft Charge Be Dropped If The Police Complaint Is Withdrawn? Question: A few days ago, a friend of mine reported that Dh2,000 had been stolen from him. Police investigated and arrested some of his friends. They were all released except one. Family Law : Adoption Rights in the United Arab Emirates.

There are many good reasons couples choose to adopt, and the procedure can provide a wonderful solution for adoptive parents, biological parents and children alike. However, the law relating to adoption in the UAE is less straightforward than in other countries in the world, particularly for expatriates. Here are the major points to note if you reside in the UAE and wish to become an adoptive parent. UAE Family Law : The Wife’s Rights to a Dowry. In certain cases, standard form marriage certificates in the UAE can be altered to allow room for special conditions, like giving the woman the ability to petition for divorce.

The special condition we will focus on here is the dowry paid from the husband to the wife, or ‘Mahar’. The law that governs the Mahar is Law 28 of the Personal Status Law. UAE Criminal Law: I was Deported from the UAE, when can I Return? UAE Criminal Law: What is Penalty for Giving Out Secrets? Question: A member of my family was working for a company and he forwarded confidential information to a third party. UAE Family Law : My Wife Wants Me To Pay Financial Support She Originally Said She Didn't Want. Three years ago, I married my colleague who already had two children from her first marriage and was widowed. UAE Family Law: I Want Divorce But Husband Says He Won't Cancel My Visa. DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings. UAE Family Law : Can My Husband Dodge Financial Support Payments? DownloadGuide through Family Court Proceedings Question: I am an Asian expatriate and have signed a contract with my husband saying he has to give me the custody of my children and provide us with Dh7,000 a month in financial support.

UAE Criminal Law: Will An Old Shoplifting Conviction Appear On My Permanent Record? UAE Family Law: Husband Files Complaint About Brothers Offensive Email. UAE Family Law: How Will the Courts Calculate Child Maintenance? UAE Family Law: Does My Expatriate Father’s Will Apply In The UAE? UAE Criminal Law: The Time Limit for Filing A Civil Suit Here Will Depend On The Initial Criminal Case. UAE Family Law : Is a WhatsApp Message Legal Proof My Husband is Cheating? UAE Criminal Law : Can I Report My Neighbour For Abusing My Dog? UAE Criminal Law : Pupils May Face Criminal Charges For Starting Two Fires In Sharjah, UAE.

UAE Family Law : Can I File An Adultery Case Against My husband Who Visits The UAE With His Mistress? UAE Criminal Law : How Can I File A Malpractice Case Against A Doctor? I Have Caught Husband with Escorts in Hotel Suite. Can I Seek Divorce? Can a Company Where I am Working with Can File a Case Against Me? UAE Family Law : Can My Son, Born Out Of Wedlock, Claim His Father's Fortune? UAE Criminal Law: How can I Prove a 'Financial Expert' was a Fraud? UAE Family Law: Golden Advice to Reduce Risk of Financial Claim for Husbands! UAE Family Matters: Can I Stop Former Husband Taking My Son To Europe? Sridevi Drowned In Bathtub While Under Influence Of Alcohol. What are the Options to Consider if I Want to File a Divorce in the UAE? Criminal Law UAE: What Is The Punishment For Spreading Rumours?

UAE Family Law: I Helped The Court Find My Husband, What Next? UAE Family Law: Can I Bypass The Family Guidance Committee To Get A Divorce? UAE Family Law: Is My Ex-Husband Entitled To Spousal Maintenance? UAE legal Q&As: is there any limit to how much alcohol I can buy? UAE Family Case: I Think Husband Is Cheating, What Can I Do About It?