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Consult With The Team Of Best Lawyers In Abu Dhabi. Team of Best Lawyers & Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi Dr.

Consult With The Team Of Best Lawyers In Abu Dhabi

Hassan Elhais, with his team of expert lawyers and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi & in the UAE, has become well known popular experts in the fields of civil law, company incorporation, construction law, maritime law, banking law, criminal law, family law, inheritance law, and arbitration. Why Choose Us? Not every time you witness a legal issue, you would require a lawyer, yet there are issue where it is inevitable for you to hire an attorney such as divorce and custody of children, breach of contract, criminal concern, medical malpractice or negligence, termination of employment, road rage and similar other legal concerns. Importantly, each legal situation is different from the other, yet there are times which necessitates you appoint law firms and in such cases your negligence to appoint an advocate can result negatively in your case or may result into an unfavorable judgment.

The right experience you need and result you want. Consult With The Best Divorce Lawyers Of Dubai. Advocates In UAE Explain The Impact On Working Hours Due To COVID-19 During Ramadan. The Federal Law number 8 of 1980 on UAE Labor Law governs all major issues with regards to employment in private sector of UAE, including, but not limited to the working hours of the employees.

Advocates In UAE Explain The Impact On Working Hours Due To COVID-19 During Ramadan

Wherein, Article 65 of the Labor Law highlights the working hours of the employee and reads as follows: “The total number of normal working hours for adult laborers will be eight hours of the day, or forty-eight hours out of each week. The quantity of hours might be expanded to nine hours out of every day for individuals working in trade sector, lodgings/hotels, cafeterias, security and different employments whose expansion might be settled on by ideals of a choice from the Minister of Labor.

Criminal Law Behind Issuing A Cheque In Bad Faith. Even being a part of the statistically advanced country, a bank cheque is still the most used and reliable mode of payment even though in comparison to cash or wire transfer, funds payable through cheque is not available instantly.

Criminal Law Behind Issuing A Cheque In Bad Faith

Thus, the chances of a cheque not being cleared by the bank due to either insufficient funds or false signature are critically high. Property Lawyers of UAE Explain The Inheritance Of Deceased Spouse's Property. Covid-19 Impact On Rental Contracts Explained By A Property Advocate. The administration of UAE is undertaking brisk activities to make consoling commotions for helping may organizations registered within UAE.

Covid-19 Impact On Rental Contracts Explained By A Property Advocate

Several free-zone authorities are issuing significant relief packages for companies registered within, such as relaxation in rental amount or postponement of rent for half a year. Solve Your Legal Issues With The Best Law Firm In UAE. Speak With the Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai. However, the law lacked in providing an explicit guideline or procedure to initiate such claims before the relevant authorities in UAE.

Speak With the Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

Following the issuance of Medical Liability Law, many struggled before the authorities to understand the procedure for raising such claims. Consequently, to overcome such procedural issues, Government of UAE recently laid down Cabinet Resolution 40 of 2019 as an Executive Regulations for the Medical Liability Law of 2016. Learn The Cyber Law of UAE with Legal Consultants Of Dubai. Consult With the Best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai. Question: My wife recently began having an affair with a man who lives in our neighborhood.

Consult With the Best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

Can I take legal action against her boyfriend but only to the extent of filing a police report so they may reprimand and discourage him from contacting my wife in future? We have two children together and I would like our marriage to work. Answer: Adultery is a crime punishable by minimum one year in jail in the UAE. Accordingly, anyone accused of having consensual sex with someone they are not married to is likely to attract a jail sentence of one year, followed by deportation - should they be proven guilty. Since the aforesaid crime is committed by both your wife and her boyfriend, the Prosecution shall not indict your wife's boyfriend alone. Upon registering a complaint, prosecutors will investigate both your wife and her boyfriend and the aforesaid punishment will be inflicted upon both if they are found to be guilty. Speak With The Best Divorce Lawyers In Dubai. Legal Consultants in Dubai Can Help You Out. Learn More About The Property Law in Dubai.

We all are aware that Dubai is most appreciated Emirate among the nation because of contemporary architect.

Learn More About The Property Law in Dubai

World’s rich explorers consider visiting Dubai because of sumptuous experience it offers to the expatriated. As seen Dubai has recently become a standout amongst the investors willing to purchase property in UAE. Dubai State Government has planned and executed couple of Dubai property laws for land purchasers and financial specialists over the world. An Interview With A Legal Consultant Of Dubai. Consult With the Best Lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Legal Consultants of Dubai often been asked this question regarding the length of personal injury claims before the competent court which is very unpredictable and depends on certain factors detailed in this article.

Consult With the Best Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

As I said, personal injury claims cannot be quantified in a number of years as it can be as straightforward as a road accident matter or can be as complex as medical negligence, thus, there is no prescribed timeline for such cases, although the timeline can be predicted depending on various circumstances. In general, civil claims in UAE may take a minimum of 8-12 months and may extend up to 3 years. However, there are situations leading to variation in such timeframe as follows: An Interview With A Legal Consultant in Dubai.

Hire the Best Labour Lawyer in Dubai. Freelancing is for individual investors who are seeking self-employment and do not wish for full-time employment under a boss.

Hire the Best Labour Lawyer in Dubai

Ergo, many people are coming up with their own business ideas to be implemented through freelancing. It also reduces the cost for big companies to hire freelancer rather than employing the specialist. Nevertheless, Top Lawyers of Dubai have witnessed the hesitance in opting for freelancing in Dubai regardless of numerous attractions. Accordingly, Corporate Lawyers are here to describe a few facts of choosing freelancing business for consultants in various fields. In order to set up a freelancing company, one must require a license and permit from the relevant authority either mainland or free zone. The freelance license distinguishes you as a sole specialist and empowers you to direct your business in your original name rather than any brand name. Related Links: Know Your Labor Rights Related Links: Know Your Labor Rights.

Speak With The Best Family Lawyer In Abu Dhabi. Fight For Your Online Rights With Civil Lawyers of UAE. Speak With The Best Banking Lawyers of Dubai.