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Boron & Urological Health

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Boron is alleged to help prostate cancer, and one reviewer noted that it might have helped prevent theirs from metastasizing to their bones. Boron accumulates in the testicles, which may be how it increases testosterone.

Boron may raise or lower estradiol in men. Boron is a dietary mineral that, although it has a daily intake, has not been accepted as an Essential Vitamin or Mineral.

Boron may raise or lower estradiol in men

It currently does not have a known minimum requirement. 1.1. Sources The most prominent sources of Boron in the diet are fruits, vegetables, tubers, and drinking water.[1] It is also used in some industrial products, and the possibility of serum levels of boron being increased secondary to these is plausible, especially if coming into contact with wounds.[2] Good sources of Boron are:[1] Boron increases testosterone in men. Boron probably increases testosterone in men, but it's inconclusive. Boron might help prostate cancer. Boron accumulates in the testicles. (A) Boron kept prostate cancer from metastasizing to the bone, perhaps due to blocking the action of an enzyme called PSA.