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Créer un livre numérique avec Book Creator. Les livres numériques ne sont pas nouveaux, mais, avec la démocratisation de l'utilisation des appareils électroniques en classe, ils deviennent des outils de plus en plus intéressants pour les enseignants.

Créer un livre numérique avec Book Creator

Coming soon to Book Creator - embed content from other apps. Two Good Tools for Making Multimedia eBooks - Practical Ed Tech. Using Book Creator to author mathematics. GDPR Compliance. What is the GDPR?

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation which will be effective from May 25, 2018. It is a law that regulates how companies protect an individual’s personal data. You can find out more about the GDPR here. Is Book Creator compliant with GDPR? Absolutely. Is Book Creator a Data Processor or a Data Controller? #Book Creator Top Tips Sharefest! by Dan Kemp.

Book creator en ligne. Bien commencer avec Book Creator by Book Creator Team - Traduction SamChaTICE. Un court tutorielpour les enseignants.

Bien commencer avec Book Creator by Book Creator Team - Traduction SamChaTICE

Bien commencer avec Book Creator by Book Creator Team - Traduction SamChaTICE. Partager facilement un projet Book Creator. Oui, je sais ce que vous allez me dire.. encore un article sur la génialissime application BookCreator.

Partager facilement un projet Book Creator

Mais, encore une fois, les développeur viennent d’ajouter une nouvelle option de partage qui va vite devenir indispensable. C’est simple de partager un projet/livre mais le rendu n’est pas toujours au rendez-vous. Les options de partage sont au nombre de trois : Le format ePub n’est compatible qu’avec certaines applications et liseuses spécifiques. C’est le seul format qui permet de feuilleter les pages et ça j’adore..Le format PDF qui permet une lecture sur tous les supports mais qui supprime l’effet livre.Le format MP4 qui transforme votre livre en vidéo.

Et voilà que les développeurs vont permettre une option de partage qui était très demandée et qui m’aurait bien facilité la vie l’année dernière en maternelle. Créer un livre ePub dans Book Creator à plusieurs tablettes - Mes élèves et moi venons de terminer un projet de livre bien intéressant à l’aide de l’application Book Creator.

Créer un livre ePub dans Book Creator à plusieurs tablettes -

Voici comment procéder pour combiner le travail effectué sur plusieurs tablettes afin de créer un seul et unique livre. YOKI LE DOUDOU AU MUSÉE by Maîtresse. You've reached the end of the book.


Book Creator brings out the genius in the classroom. 91 Flares Twitter 76 Facebook 13 Google+ 1 Pin It Share 1 1 91 Flares × Juliet Revell explored the concept of ‘Genius’ with her class, and they showed theirs by creating ebooks on their iPads!

Book Creator brings out the genius in the classroom

Juliet Revell is a Year 2 Teacher at Mahora School in Hastings, New Zealand. She co-leads eLearning at the school with her colleague, Janene Maloney. Get your copy of the Book Creator Teacher Guide - Book Creator app. Adam Foster, the teacher behind @iPadTeachers, has written an excellent guide to Book Creator.

Get your copy of the Book Creator Teacher Guide - Book Creator app

The book contains 47 pages of lesson ideas for using Book Creator for iPad, divided into 8 subject categories. “We are delighted that someone of Adam’s experience and knowledge of Book Creator has published a guide like this – it should prove an invaluable resource for teachers across the world.”Dan Amos, founder of Book Creator Adam Foster is an experienced Primary School Teacher who teaches across Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as co-ordinating ICT at a Preparatory School in Wolverhampton, UK. Adam provides iPad teacher training through iLearn2 and is also the brains behind the popular Teacher Guide to iPad app. Adam recently posted a case study on our blog about how to use non-linear text to ‘gamify’ your books.

Créer une BD avec Book Creator – Un Prof D Z'écoles. Book Creator permet de créer des livres numériques, mais depuis quelques temps, il permet également de créer assez facilement des bandes dessinées.

Créer une BD avec Book Creator – Un Prof D Z'écoles

Il entre alors directement en concurrence avec l’excellent Comic Life 3. Mais revenons à nos moutons. Dans le choix des formats de livres, on peut sélectionner 3 formats pour la bande dessinée (portrait, carré ou paysage). Une fois passée la page de couverture, à vous de choisir la disposition des cases parmi un large panel. Importer du son de GarageBand vers Book Creator. Importer du son de GarageBand vers Book Creator. Tuto Windows 10 - Créer des livres numériques avec Book Creator. Dad teaches his daughter phonics with Book Creator.

Steve Bambury is the Head of Computing at Jumeirah English Speaking School in Dubai, UAE.

Dad teaches his daughter phonics with Book Creator

Steve is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Book Creator Ambassador and founder of the popular Mobile Technology site This year my eldest daughter Jessica has moved into Foundation Stage 2 and her phonics journey has begun as she learns to read. It’s been a real joy to help her develop her sounds and reinforce the great work being done in school following the excellent Jolly Phonics programme. I decided that it’d be great to help develop her understanding of the phonics through the creation of digital content, so I introduced her to Book Creator. Now remember, Jessica is only four, so I knew that she’d need a fair bit of support but I also knew that she’d end up with something amazing that she could truly be proud of.

And so, a couple of weeks back, we began to create her book. How to back up and share your book with Google Drive – Book Creator Support. Many schools use Google Drive as their method to back up and share files, and the free Google Drive app can be used on the iPad with Book Creator too. Watch the video below or read on. 1.

How to duplicate or combine books – Book Creator Support. Working collaboratively? Créer un livre ePub dans Book Creator à plusieurs tablettes. Créer un livre dans Book Creator et l’animer dans Explain Everything. Explain Everything & Book Creator part 3. Using non-linear stories to gamify your books. Idea: make use of hyperlinks in Book Creator and see students’ imaginations come to the fore when they create interactive books. Adam Foster is an experienced Primary School Teacher who teaches across Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as co-ordinating ICT at a Preparatory School in Wolverhampton, UK.

He has been using iPads in his teaching for the past 4 years and also supports schools around the UK and Europe with integrating mobile technology into the curriculum. Book Creator was one of the first apps we installed on our school iPads in 2011 and we have gone on to use it across the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2. This has included Year 6 creating illustrated audio children’s stories for Year 1 pupils to read and review, DT Animal Shelter Evaluation ebooks showing progression and Numeracy Vocabulary Dictionaries to to help revision. Blog - News, tips, reviews and case studies relating to the Book Creator app. Importer du son dans Book Creator sans passer par l'iPod.

Book creator app inspiring learning and learners. I have used book creator for a number of years and it has always been a great tool both for me as a teacher and for use with my students. It allows for creativity in a number of ways and also supports me as a teacher with resource creation. As a PE teacher I started using it to create my own text books to support learners. The main reason for this was due to the ability to add in video and audio to support students with their learning. These books could then be shared with the students so that they could use these in their own time to develop their understanding of the topics we were looking at.

When we had iPad devices in the school a whole new opportunity arose as the students could then use the app themselves to create their own books. What I love about Book Creator is that you can create your content in any app you want and then bring that content into the app to make it into an ebook, documenting a learning journey or demonstrating understanding.

Some ideas teachers have shared. 30 of our best Book Creator tips. Improve your classroom workflow with Showbie and Book Creator. If you use Showbie and Book Creator in your classroom, you’ll love the latest update to Showbie. Send your books from Book Creator to Showbie. How to publish on iTunes. Step 1 - create an iTunes Connect account. 35 Flares Twitter 29 Facebook 4 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 0 35 Flares × This is the first in a series of guides aimed at enabling Book Creator users to publish their books in the iBookstore. >> Step 2: Install iTunes Producer>> Step 3: Add your book to iTunes Producer What you’ll need: An Apple IDA Mac running OS X v10.6 or higherA valid email accountDigital rights to the book you want to publish.

App smashing Book Creator and ThingLink for Video. This EdTech specialist took the opportunity to experiment with some cool new video features in Book Creator and ThingLink. Lisa Johnson is the CEO and founder of TechChef4u, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a mother of two mobile natives. Lisa also serves the Eanes ISD school district in Austin, Texas as an Educational Technologist supporting their K12 1:1 iPad initiative. My mobile native writes a story! Over the summer, my second grade son began writing his “Pirit Story” [pirate]. I wanted to capture the essence and humour of the story and his personality to archive it for years to come as well as share his creation with friends and family. Book Creator and the SAMR model. This innovative use of Book Creator demonstrates how you can move beyond Substitution to Modification on the SAMR model. Brian Yearling is a former high school English teacher, and is now serving in an Instructional Technology Coordinator role for K-12 education.

He runs a blog and podcast dedicated to professional educators across the world at Getting Tech Into Ed. I’m a member of a team of Technology Coordinators and Integrators (including Wendy Liska, Laura Busch, Mollie Heilberger, Dale Van Keuren, and formerly Jim Gonyo) in the School District of Waukesha, located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

This team has been working for the past three and a half years to orchestrate the rollout and implementation of nearly 14,000 iPads to K-12 students in the district to provide the tools and access necessary to begin personalising instruction. Book Creator : application pour réaliser des livres numériques. 30 of our best Book Creator tips. Book Creator Exporting Options Using Google Drive. Our sixth grade teacher, Mr. Pratt, a model classroom teacher in our district will be utilizing the Book Creator app for an upcoming creative learning opportunity for his students. As always, it is important to develop/create/understand the work flow of completed project to a sharable format.

To understand the workflow I created a Stick Around App book using the Book Creator app. On Monday, November 25, 2013, I blogged about illustrating a Book On an iPad or Online and the Book Creator App for the iPad was a choice. Since then, I haven't revisited the app. Today, I created a book about the Stick Around App in high school Anatomy and pushed the three different types of final products to Google Drive. This tremendous App Smashing presentation from Miami Vice helped in the process. View The Process My Final Creation. You can now import Book Creator books into iBooks Author.

Last week Apple released an update to iBooks Author that allows you to import ePub files as a new book project. How to import an ePub There are full instructions on how to import an ePub into iBooks Author on the Apple Support site. How To : Transfer Book Creator Files to Mac. 5 Free Ways for Students to Find Royalty Free Audio. Overview With the amazingly powerful tools students have at their fingertips, creating rich and interactive media is no longer a novelty, it’s a must. Bringing together words, images, audio and video from every corner of the web, students are building real digital masterpieces.

But making sure all those pieces are legal, referenced and attributed correctly can be a minefield of licenses, copyright notices and terms and conditions. We have discussed some of the best ways to help your students find and attribute images but this time we want to share some of the best options for finding royalty free audio. Made in Book Creator on Pinterest. Book Creator Team on Twitter: Make an audio hotspot appear invisible in iBooks to make sounds come from pictures. #bcprotips #edtech #ipaded. Create beautiful ebooks and movies with ‘Book Creator’ As an educator and a passionate advocate for ipads as a learning tool, I have tried many apps in the search for a child friendly, open-ended, creative app.

Getting more from Book Creator. You can now share ebooks straight to iTunes U from your iPad.