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What Makes A Great Street Photograph and How Do We Create Them. This post is written by James Maher – author of The Essentials of Street Photography – an eBook currently onsale at SnapnDeals (25% off).

What Makes A Great Street Photograph and How Do We Create Them

Pushups, Rucker Park, Harlem. Growing up I obsessed with basketball. I would skip school; I would play in light rain and sometimes snow; I occasionally failed classes and always fell asleep in them. From age 8 until 22, it’s pretty much all I did and all I wanted to do. The best players were often reserved, relaxed, and mentally tough and focused. What Makes A Great Street Photograph? So how does this story relate to you taking a ‘great street photograph?’

I want to share with you what I have learned, because it has nothing to do with tips, tricks, or techniques. Great street photographs say something about life; they speak to us; they fill us with an emotion; or they give us insight. They are not about light; they are not about shapes or forms; they are not about faces. If Only For A Moment. “If Only For A Moment” – A fleeting moment with a story. Olivier Duong » Insights gleaned from Lee Friedlander’s photography. Photograph Copyright Lee Friedlander [I] eat, drink, sleep photography, but due to constraints, I have been loosing my inspiration lately.

Olivier Duong » Insights gleaned from Lee Friedlander’s photography

Theologians back then called this “Dark night of the soul”. My partner-friend-self appointed grandpa Don suggested I learn about the past, I reluctantly accepted. He’s turning senile but he occasionally is the voice of wisdom…ish. Albumen printing « Albumen Prints. Writer / Chad Jarvis Photographer / Chad Jarvis Creating and processing albumen paper Always be careful when handling chemicals.

Albumen printing « Albumen Prints

Read the health and safety instructions. Albumen prints Presented in this paper are the procedures for making your own albumen prints. Starting point A well-presented albumen print begins with high quality paper. Ingredients Sizing/salting solution. Secret lives and smoking dogs: Lee Friedlander's intimate portraits – in pictures. An Interview with Martin Parr - "Boundaries Merely Exist in People’s Minds" (2007) Interview with Martin Parr – Conducted by Maarten Dings and Joachim Naudts, members of RE: for Extra, the magazine of the Fotomuseum of Antwerp, Belgium By Maarten Dings and Joachim Naudts On the 25th of October of last year, Magnum photographer Martin Parr was a guest at the Profiles event at the Antwerp FotoMuseum.

An Interview with Martin Parr - "Boundaries Merely Exist in People’s Minds" (2007)

He gave a reading and participated afterwards in a roundtable on the ‘Photographic Magazine as Medium.’ FotoMuseum extra Magazine had the chance to talk to him earlier that day. Just like his work as a photographer, Parr’s work as a curator and editor stands out thanks to his unconventional take on the medium. As a photographer, Martin Parr is more than happy to keep his distance from the pompous, academic approach to photography. Extra: As a documentary photographer, you don’t seem reluctant to get involved in the commercial scene.

Martin Parr: No, not at all, photography is a commercial activity. Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes. Photography has generally been defended on the ground that it is useful, in the sense that the McCormick reaper and quinine have been useful.

Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes

Excellent and persuasive arguments have been developed in this spirit; these are well known and need not be repeated here. It should be added however that some of the very best photography is useful only as juggling, theology, or pure mathematics is useful --- that is to say, useless, except as nourishment for the human spirit. When Lee Friedlander made the photograph reproduced here he was playing a kind of game.

The game is of undetermined social utility and might on the surface seem almost frivolous. The rules of the game are so tentative that they are automatically (though subtly) amended each time the game is successfully played. The larger, dark figure reflected in the shop window is (obviously) the photographer. From "Looking at Photographs " by John Szarkowski. 10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography. In my opinion, Lee Friedlander is one of the most under-appreciated (or simply unknown) street photographers when it comes to the internet/social-media sphere.

10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography

Of course Friedlander is one of the pillars of photography and is known to every student who has gone to photography school. However when I started photography, I had no idea who he was or never even heard of him. When I first looked at his photographs of the stark urban landscapes, I didn’t really “get” them. However over time, I have began to appreciate his vision and genius when it came to capturing what he first called in 1964, “The American social landscape.”

If you aren’t familiar with Friedlander or simply want to learn more about his work and philosophy – read on. 1. I have written about this quite a bit in the past, but I think the key to creativity and originality is linking two different fields that are dissimilar (but somewhat related). So how did Friedlander get introduced to jazz? “I was dumbfounded. Takeaway point: 2.