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I am a Mad Analogue Scientist: New Experiments with 35mm Films and Chemicals. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that your resulting pictures are not what you expected - the image doesn't look that good, the colors are bland, and the subject is banal. Indeed, it couldn't be picture of the year! Herein I propose a second chance for your pictures by modifying your 35mm negatives.

Just pick up some ideas from here, experiment, and scan your negatives with the Lomography Smartphone Scanner. Anything is possible: burning, scratching, putting on hydrochloric acid, balsamic vinegar, nail polish, bleach, or raspberry juice... use your imagination and write down your new film soup recipe! You can find a sample of the effects in this article.

Before running to your kitchen with your lab coat and gloves on like a real crazy chemist, check this list to know what you’ll need: Don’t forget to take a photo of your negatives before your modification just to compare! Now you’re ready to create your soup with exposed films! 1. 2. 3. Bleach completely oxidizes the colors. 4. 5. 6. Video: Scrapbooking Photos. Tiny Collage Squares | Go Make Something. My birthday is next week, and I’ve learned to ask for cards and mail art if I want any sort of celebration. I posted a note in my blog asking for a little postal love, and one of the packages that arrived early contained a handful of tiny square collages, and a note telling me to give them a try. I’m never one to pass up a challenge, so I decided to dive right in. The pieces I received were all 1″ squares, which I initially thought was just too insanely small to even consider.

Even though I used to do dollhouse miniatures, and have plenty of experience creating art so small it’s almost impossible to see, I just didn’t think I could go that small. I started with 1-1/2″ squares. That extra half inch in each direction makes a huge difference! First, I sifted through my ridiculously large scrap pile, looking for interesting small pieces of background papers. I glued the pieces of background paper to the solid cardstock using a glue stick. Next, I used a paper trimmer to cut strips. What is an Art Journal? | Mixed Media Club. Art Journal: A Definition An art journal, or artist’s journal, is a book kept by an artist as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of her thoughts and ideas. Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists.

When it comes to the types of work represented in artist journals, there really aren’t any rules, and each book is as unique as the artist who created it. Why Do Artists Journal? Each artist has her own reason for keeping an art journal. An art journal might be used to try new techniques, or new materials. Your reasons for keeping an art journal may cover some, all, or none of these examples. What Materials Are Required to Start an Art Journal? Like the reasons for keeping one, the materials required to start an art journal are unique to each artist. A book. This video shows how I created the first set of pages in my Just 10 Pages journal. Artist Journal Galleries. The Art of Creating Shrines. The Art of Building Shrines In my house I have various 'holy places', reminders for myself that I am trying to lead a spiritually focused life.

These places usually have a statue or painting or some other symbol of an aspect of god. Many of the symbols in these small shrines are so personal, so idiosyncratic, so discreet that very few other people would recognize their purpose, which is how I prefer it to be. You don't need to know why that stone, that arrangement of dried grass, that spray of berries, or that old envelope are there. These are my 'domesticated' shrines. In addition to my personal holy places at home and in my garden, I sometimes visit community holy places - churches, stone circles, et cetera.

So these two types of sacred spaces are useful, but there is also a third that I create, which is of great value to me - wild shrines. Because something has just happened in this place and moment and I wish to express my gratitude, because I need guidance now, Wild Shrine Building. TWiP - This Week in Photo. A R T N A U. Bank Holiday. Cargo - Gallery. ISSUU - Digital Publishing Platform for Magazines, Catalogs, and more.