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Hair Rules!: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or ... - Anthony Dickey. Curl Clumping Tutorial. Enhance your curl definition with these clumping techniques and products.

Curl Clumping Tutorial

No matter what your hair length or curl pattern, “clumping” can be used to enhance definition and tighten curls. This process combines products as well as scrunching and drying techniques to create frizz-free ringlets. How to Get Curl Defintion. Tips for getting curl definition no matter your hair type.

How to Get Curl Defintion

If you’ve been hanging around for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt noticed the pictures some curlies have chosen to share with us. The pictures they share always prove to be a source of inspiration! For some of you, though, these pictures lead to major hair envy because you can’t quite get your hair to look that way, even though you supposedly have the same hair type as the curly in a picture. So why won’t your hair do the same thing? Why does your hair seem to have no definite curl pattern? Best Organic, Nontoxic, Natural, Eco Earth-friendly Shampoos. We brought you the goods on great green hair conditioners.

Best Organic, Nontoxic, Natural, Eco Earth-friendly Shampoos

Naturally, now we’re following up with the best eco-friendly, natural, organic shampoos! (Or should it be the other way around?) Sulfate Paraben Phthalate Free. Parabens are a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry.

Sulfate Paraben Phthalate Free

About 90% of all skincare and cosmetic products contain parabens. Preservatives are used to prevent bacterial growth and to prolong shelf-life of products. Parabens are effective preservatives and are widely used due to their low costs. Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipes - How to Make Organic Hair Shampoo. Shampoo Free! © Heather AVV, aka "Babs".

Shampoo Free!

December 7th, 2004 1/ Why go shampoo free? 2/ What's so bad about shampoo anyway? 3/ How do I go shampoo free? 3 Reasons Why Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Destroy Your Hair – And What to Use Instead. Dear Kendra, Hair can be thought of like a fine leather: With the improper treatment, it can become stripped of its natural oils, resulting in a dried, limp, colorless remnant of what used to be.

3 Reasons Why Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Destroy Your Hair – And What to Use Instead

Thankfully, like fine leather, hair can be maintained and restored. One common belief is that natural ingredients like baking soda and apple cider vinegar leaves hair softer, cleaner, and more healthy than traditional shampoo. Downloads/power-dose.pdf. The 10 Most Gorgeous Hair-Color Ideas for Brunettes: Hair Ideas. Head Scarf Tutorial. After many requests, I finally made a tutorial on how to tie a simple head scarf.

Head Scarf Tutorial

It's really, really easy. I did this without looking in the mirror, so that should tell you how easy it is. Let's get started! Start with a large, square scarf. I like my vintage silk scarves because they're soft and not bulky. The sock bun secret (no remaining hair!) IKnowHair <3 (iknowhair) on Pinterest. Popular Hair & Beauty from Pinterest: 13 March - IKnowHair.Com. Popular Hair & Beauty from Pinterest: 22 Feb 2012 - IKnowHair.Com. Fuck Yeah, Fantasy Hair! "I feel like a little rainbow (: dyed my hair today and played with some different colours: yellow fluorescent glow, turquoise, blue, purple and pink!

:D My make-up blog on tumblr: Love the color combo, thanks for the submission! - Kelsi "Layers of blue and purple with pink highlights at the top" Fun colors! 17 Easy and Beautiful Summer Hairstyles. By Liz Stanley | It’s easy to get stuck into having the same hairstyle season after season. Here are 17 easy and beautiful hairstyles to for a day at the beach or a special event like a wedding. Summertime At The Sea? Try The French Fishtail Seashell Braid - Kouturekiss - Your One Stop Everything Beauty Spot - June 22, 2012 During the summer months our style transforms to fit our surroundings. There aren’t many hairstyles that will exude a beachy feel like the French Fishtail Seashell Braid! Although this braid is intermediate on the skill level, we’re confident you can master this look.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be sporting this beachy look just in time for vacation. O H Y E A H G Y A R U . T U M B L R . C O M. 25 More Totally Pretty 10-Minute Hairstyles. By Jaime Morrison Curtis | I tend to get bored with my hair pretty easily and therefore am always looking for new hairstyles to try out. These 25 Totally Pretty 10-Minute Hairstyles were keeping me pretty busy there for a while now, but I’m ready to explore some new options.

Since it’s all about braids this year I’m jumping at the chance to try out the Rainbow Fish braid. Popular Hair & Beauty from Pinterest: 20 Feb 2012 - IKnowHair.Com. Popular Hair & Beauty from Pinterest: 8 March - IKnowHair.Com. Page 3. Recently I realized that we’ve never really had a specific chat about hair serums.

page 3

There are so many different formulas from silicone-based, to alcohol free, to natural, to curl enhancing, etc… All of them promise to deliver mega shine on the driest, dullest hair. But there’s more to it than that. PIN IT UP, GIRL. Photo: justin coit for post designed by kristin ess Our email box is literally flooded with requests for updos so here’s a fun one to get us all going!


This is always a favorite for attending an event. This updo looks gorgeous on any hair color but particularly amazing with hilighted hair because it gives the hair lots of depth and dimension. Ombre hair. Alternative Braid. ♡ Heat-free Big Sexy Waves ♡ Pretty Soft Curls. Celebrity balayage hair gallery - Vogue Australia. How to Dry Your Hair Fast - How to Blow Dry Hair Fast. Smoothing out hair that's about 30% dry is faster than tackling it sopping wet, says Alli Webb, cofounder of Los Angeles-based Drybar.

How to Dry Your Hair Fast - How to Blow Dry Hair Fast

So gently towel-dry, apply a lotion or serum (see step 2), comb, and let hair air out for 10 minutes as you go about your routine. (Don't wait too long: Too-dry tresses resist manipulation.) Then start on your hairline to brush out any cowlicks. Any blow-dry lotion or serum will help achieve a sleek finish, usually with a dose of a smoothing silicone. How to Get Thicker Hair - Tips for Getting Fuller Hair. 1. Condition correctly. If you've got fine hair, swap your conditioner for a leave-in spray version -- it's lighter than a standard smoother, says Newport, RI, stylist and salon owner Frank Barbosa. Haircuts That Make You Look Younger - Hairstyles to Look Younger. Hair Brained Beauty - Page 1 of 33. To Add Colors in Life - StumbleUpon. Hair at All Women Stalk. 7 Enchantingly Creative Ponytail Hair Styles … Sexy, Bouncy Hair: 7 Professional Tips to Get More Volume in All the Right Places … 7 New Ponytail Styles to Try This Season … 8 Gorgeous and Easy 5 Minute Hairstyles …

HAIR: How to get Vintage Style Curls without Heat! 7 Ways To Make Your Hair Stay Fresh Longer … 7 Creative Ways to Wear a Ponytail … 7 Little Known Hair Care Tips That Work … 7 Brilliant Hairstyle Blogs … 7 Fabulous and Easy Hairstyles That Don’t Require Any Heat … 8 Sleek and Elegant Hairstyles … 7 Super-Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Extremely Long Hair … 7 Super-Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Extremely Long Hair … How-To: Instant Hairstyles- Do Yourself. Fashion/Shopping / Supes cute. Hair / simple. My Style / . Hair Brained Beauty. Hair Brained Beauty. Style / someone please let me do this to your hair. 5 New Ways To Braid Your Hair And Not End Up Looking Like A Milkmaid. 19 Cute Celebrity Haircuts to Consider: Beauty.