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Gallery: Urban Sketches. Artist Book Series + Daily Art And Design Blog And Creative Community. I’ve been looking at abstracting the human figure in my own work lately so it was a nice surprise to find the work of Gillian Lambert in my inbox.

Artist Book Series + Daily Art And Design Blog And Creative Community

Gillian’s self portraits contort, bend, twist, and pull her face in every which way creating surprising, grotesque, and beautifully awkward images for us to enjoy! Sketchbooks by Mattias Adolfsson. Mattias Adolfsson‘s fascinating sketchbooks are literally stuffed with highly detailed illustrations.

Sketchbooks by Mattias Adolfsson

He has an impressive work volume in his portfolio, and whats even more impressive is his imagination. I would love to see inside Mattias’s head. Mattias Adolfsson is a freelance illustrator living in Sweden with his wife and two daughters. Drawings on Ancient Paper. Drawings on Ancient Paper 17 Portraits | New Work | Cube | Drawings | Drawings on Ancient Paper | Chalk Boards | Spin Art | Oils | We Live Here © 2012 - chris rush - all rights reserved.

Drawings on Ancient Paper

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама. Laurie Lipton – “Machine Punk” @ La Luz de Jesus. One of the most gifted artists we know that works mainly graphite, Laurie Lipton, will be presenting a mostly new body of work this Friday night at the venerable La Luz de Jesus.

Laurie Lipton – “Machine Punk” @ La Luz de Jesus

Entitled “Machine Punk”, many of the new works are inspired by the steampunk movement and her apparent fascination for complex machinery. Hear what she has to say about the show as well as take a look at some more preview images after the jump… “This show was inspired by the Steampunk movement that is sweeping Britain. Instead of steam, however, my devices are mostly run by electricity and madness. Thomas ehretsmann. Illustre. DesignWar : art, design, photography, architecture, streetart, fashion, advertisement, cinema & tv - art, design, inspiration.