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Presentation Skills: 25 Useful Expressions you can use to make your Presentations in English flow. In the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting and teaching a most delightful Swiss German client who is here on a two-week intensive Business English course.

Presentation Skills: 25 Useful Expressions you can use to make your Presentations in English flow

Andrea’s main objective during these two weeks has been to work on her presentation skills as her job now requires her to give more and more presentations in English. So we’ve spent the last two weeks working on such things as signposting language (for example, “to move on”; “to recap”; “to summarise”; “to turn to” and so on); presentation structure; using visuals and using the voice to make an impact (for example, pauses, sentence stress and intonation). One of the other things we’ve also worked on is creating a bank of common expressions that Andrea can learn in advance and use in any of her presentations. You can reduce the amount of thinking you have to do in a presentation by learning these expressions. Simple verbs like “make”, “take”, “give” and “do” form the basis of many of these expressions. MAKE1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. English Chat 24/7. PIZZAZ, Creative Writing & Storytelling, Opp-Beckman.

150 выражений из английского сленга. 8 занятных головоломок для пытливых умов. Хотите озадачить своих друзей или заставить своё серое вещество немного поработать?

8 занятных головоломок для пытливых умов

Тогда попробуйте отгадать следующие занимательные загадки. (Ответы даны в конце, но чур не подглядывать!) 1. Посчитай до трёх Если у вас есть три, то у вас есть три. Я могу быть быстрым, а через мгновенье – мёртвым. Когда 99 больше, чем 100? Мужчина поехал к отелю на машине. Если моё имя произносят, то я исчезаю. Мальчик идёт по дороге вместе с доктором. Человек, который изобрёл это, не хотел бы иметь это для себя. В 2000 году писателю исполнилось 50 лет, а в 2010 году ему стукнуло 40 лет. 1) Выбор 2) Песок 3) Микроволновая печь – если вы установите её на «99», то она будет работать в течение 1 минуты и 39 секунд, но если вы установите её на «100», она будет работать в течение 1 минуты 4) Мужчина играет в «Монополию», но ему выпадает недвижимость, за которую он не может заплатить аренду 5) Тишина.

Everyday English in Conversation. Does it happen to you that sometimes you feel frustrated because you find yourself unable to express yourself clearly and yet when you hear native speakers, you feel that it is so simple and easy?

Everyday English in Conversation

In this section, we will focus on learning idiomatic and everyday expressions to help us deal with daily conversational situations. Now, surf into Everyday English in Conversation!!! Note: The audio files are being updated in MP3. The following sections have been revamped: communication, eating, emotions, fashion, friendship, romance, health, housing, weather, and work. Please keep coming back to check for new updates. Debates, discussion & speaking activity lessons for esl teachers: eslflow webguide. Today's Talking Topics: House.

Conversation Worksheets. ESL Conversation Topics. Two Minute English - Page 1. English Friends. Used to. It is often difficult for students to realize when to use "used to" or "would" in order to express past habits.

used to

This segment and activity will give students an opportunity to use this target grammar point in a contextualized manner. Before watching the segment: Play some relaxing music, dim all the lights, create a cozy atmosphere, and ask your students to take a fantasy trip into the past. Tell them to think about their childhood (or adolescence). Ask them to close their eyes and address them the following questions. What are your best childhood (teenage) memories? What did your school look like? What kind of student did you use to be? Who used to be your best friend? Where did you use to go on weekends? What sports did you use to practice?

What were your favorite games? What did you dislike about that period of your life? Now divide the class into pairs, give each pair a copy of the questions you have just read, and let them share their ideas with their partners. . House Designer Ideas. Draw your dream house - The Game Gal. What it is: More of an activity than a game, but one that kept my sisters and I occupied many a time in our childhood.

Draw your dream house - The Game Gal

Just like the title says, you draw your dream house. Best for: One person or a smaller group, maybe during a time when you need to be quiet. What you need: Everyone needs paper and a pen or pencil. Optional: colored pencils, crayons, markers, or other supplies for making your dream house pretty. How to play: Really, it’s a simple activity. I wish I had dated it! And as a bonus, here’s another, more recent example. Notice I kept the indoor swimming pool (this time with a dolphin) and now have a private helicopter pad instead of a mini airport. Anyway, this second drawing shows another way you can draw your dream home: as a cut-away side view instead of a bird’s-eye view.

Variations: We often played this with sidewalk chalk, too, except it was more of a “draw your dream room.” Related Mirror drawing. Love My House. Do the midterm elections matter? – Lesson Plan.

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