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CWTS reveal - the book clutch + how-to. Clear Heart Full Eyes Can’t Lose. I took some major inspiration from a certain Luella dress and all things Valentine-y to come up with this top.

Clear Heart Full Eyes Can’t Lose

It’s quite similar to those heart cut-out dresses that have been seen all over, but this is way easier to make than a dress! And a bit more wearable, too, seeing as how it’s just a shirt, and you can pair it and wear it with just about anything. Oh, and there are pretty lace frills involved, too! What’s not to love? Stuff you’re gonna need (you can get most of this stuff at JoAnn or Michaels or your local craft-supply store): Easy Envelope Clutch Tutorial. When I go out on the town (two or three times a year) I always have to run to the closet to find a purse that's not a diaper bag. I usually grab what used to be my everyday purse, which is a black leather hobo by Fossil. It's a great purse, but it's just too big for a date night. All I need to bring are my wallet, phone, keys, and some chapstick. I'm very high-maintenance like that.

Several weekends ago I found myself all dressed up carrying a huge purse with, like, two things in it. You need: 1/2 yard of fabric for the outside of the bag (green in this tutorial)1/2 yard of fabric for the lining (umbrella print in this tutorial)1/2 yard of extra-firm stabilizer (I used Pellon 926)1 magnetic button claspthread Step 1: Cut your fabric, lining and stabilizer. Step 2: Before you do any sewing, you have to attach your snap closures. Step 3: Here is a Youtube video tutorial on how to install magnetic snaps. Step 5: Insert your stabilizer. Step 6: You're almost finished, my friend! Diy cut out heart. So while working on a dress, I thought I’d share my process of cutting out a heart shape in the back.

diy cut out heart

The dress is nowhere from being finished but this can easily be used with different projects! Conduit press. So, I’ve been talking about this ‘new work’/new line/new idea thing for quite some time.

conduit press

If not here, then on Facebook, or Twitter, or, you know, that thing called ‘real life’. And, for a lot of that time I was just blowing steam. Not that I wasn’t really working on this new idea, it’s just, well, mostly I was thinking about it. For a REALLY long time. I would lie awake at night, listening to the fan blow and the baby sleep next to me and think, ‘how can I line a hollow book with fabric without overlayering and keeping it neat?’

I’d already had the book(s) cut (I have three ready and willing to be turned into clutches) and the fabric purchased- all that was left was to line the books with said fabric, figure out how to make the side-panels and pocket and then, well, deal with the closure. First I glued the inside of the book together, just as I do my regular hollow books, and then lined the inside bottom of the book with a bit of felt for cushion. What do you think? Bow Belt. We're always looking for fun ways to add embellishments and touches of color to our outfits especially in the winter when we tend to get bored with everything and anything.

Bow Belt

With bows being fiercely back in style, what better way than with a bright bow belt! You can pick any color for this but we'd recommend something solid and cotton. You'll need a simple snap as well to hand stitch on. The measurements for the three pieces you'll need to make are in the directions below. Measure your waist (over a thin shirt) and add 2 inches to that length. Making the belt: Fold in half the long way and sew along the long side. Fold over one open end and hand stitch one side of the snap into the inside. Flip right side out now. Once it's right side out, measure it around your waist. Now sew the second snap on through both pieces.

Making the bow: For the bow cut a piece of fabric 6'' x 10''. Turn it inside out and move the seam to the middle. Sew the ends together as shown. Nifty Ribbon & Button No Slip Bookmark. Fuwa Bow Necklace Mini NO5 par HOMAKO. Men's Polo To Woman's Bow Shirt Refashion.