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Facebook Twitter - Blog sobre diseño grafico en general y curiosidades | Blog sobre diseño grafico en general y curiosidades. DeviantArt: More Like Big digital clock by sertion. Maximo Design - recurso de diseño grafico y diseño web. 40+ Extremely Beautiful Icon Sets Hand-picked from deviantART. May 26 2008 The web is rich with creative and amazing icon sets, and one of the most unusual source of amazing Icons Sets are those you can find on deviantART icons gallery. Today we would like to present 40 incredible icon sets which you can use for your web designs or your desktop. Let’s take a close look at some of the most beautiful icon sets we’ve found on deviantART.

Some amazing Icon Sets are missing? Let us know! 1) Realistic Icons - 3 Icons in PNG + ICO format. 2) Onibari light - Formats are Png’s,Ico’s and Icns’s… 3) Leopar’d IconPackager - An IconPackage for Apple’s new Leopard theme. 4) Adobe CS 2.0 Grande Icon Set- This is the large set of Adobe Creative Suite Icons. 5) Glossy Member Icons - Glossy Member Icons…4 PNG Files…Easy to change colors… 6) Oxygen- Are as light and airy as their name suggests. 7) iPhone Pack- iPhone icon pack ( Phone, Text, Chat, iPod, Notes, System) 9) Helix icons 10) Prostor_icons 11) Shopping Basket Icons 3D 13) Paper Clip - icon size 512x512px in png.

Minimal Desktop Wallpapers. Icon sets & stock icons. Download Free Repeat Patterns. Vector Art, Images, Graphics & Clipart.


Fuentes. Smashing Magazine — For Professional Web Designers and Developers. Behance. Free Vectors, Stock Vector Images, Art and Graphics - Vectorportal. The Inspiration Gallery - Wallpaper Patterns Index. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! – Royalty Free Photo Stock: Download Images For Commercial Use From Free Photostock (Free Stock Photo)

Mis 10 plugins favoritos para Photoshop | Photoshopeando. En esta apasionante entrada, veremos qué es un plugin y luego trataremos de averiguar cuáles son los más interesantes de los actualmente disponibles para Photoshop, o por lo menos, algunos de los más recomendables, en todo caso, siempre pensando en el retoque fotográfico y por supuesto, de acorde a mi experiencia personal. En la segunda parte de esta entrada, que publicaré posteriormente, profundizaré en el sentido que tienen los plugins en el procesado de una imagen, especialmente cuando hablamos de filtros que dan un aspecto “distinto” a la imagen. ¿Qué es un plugin? Me alegro de que me hagan esta pregunta. En el contexto del que hablamos, un plugin es un programa que se ejecuta dentro de Photoshop y que aporta nuevas capacidades o funciones al programa principal (existe un caso algo distinto que son las extensiones o “paneles de extensión”, pero a efectos de esta entrada no diferenciaré entre unos y otros).

¿Y para qué sirven? ¿Necesito plugins? ¿Muchos? El bendito PSP. Portraiture 2. Best-illustrators. 50 Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Poster Designs. Make an Inspiring Artistic Poster with Drawn Elements. In this tutorial, we'll create drawn elements, use design brushes, bring them into Photoshop, and merge them into a unique poster composition that feels hand-made, stylistically unified, and personalized. The techniques here are focused on creating an original artistic illustration. Let's see how this poster design was created. Before we get started, let's take a look at the image we'll be creating. As always, the layered Photoshop file is available via our Psdtuts+ Plus membership. You can view the final image preview below or view a larger version here.

I've been spending time lately developing a style and technique for myself, and would like to share it with you. You can see all the designs on my Behance portfolio. The name of the game here is experimentation. The first thing to do is acknowledge current trends that you admire and that inspire you. Let's get started reviewing how to create this "Draw" poster. Well, enough chatter, let's get our hands dirty! Now let's add splatters. Tutorial photoshop cs5, póster tipográfico. 32 Brilliant Poster Design Tutorials In Photoshop. UPDATE: This post was originally published on August 1, 2011. We’ve updated the list and replaced the outdated ones. Enjoy, Creatives!

Posters play an integral role in advertising; they’re arguably the best form of advertisement in outdoor settings. They’re an effective way of attracting people and conveying your message clearly in the midst of a chaotic scenario where everyone is in a hurry. It can also help boost your brand recall because posters are great agents for brand visibility. On the other hand, posters are also a great medium to showcase one’s creativity. They provide possibilities for designers to express their ideas in countless ways. In today’s post, we rounded up 32 brilliant poster design tutorials we’ve found online — each showcasing their unique style and methods. Make a Retro Space Themed Poster in Photoshop View Tutorial Making a Superhero Movie Teaser Poster View Tutorial Design the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Poster View Tutorial View Tutorial View Tutorial View Tutorial.

Tutorials. 100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results. Photoshop tutorials are one of the most popular subjects on the web, as the digital art community continues to grow and new designers bring their unique skills. However, quality Photoshop tutorials that teach you a useful effect, have a quality finished result and are well explained are harder to find, and with the large number of tutorial sites available, it can be hard to sort the quality from the mundane. In this massive roundup, we’ve collected the top 100 best Photoshop tutorials that have ever been created, that yield professional results, teach you a useful effect, are well explained, and will have you designing like a pro in no time.

These tutorials are collected from niche tutorial sites around the web, and range in age from creation in 2008 to a few tutorials that were created just last week. So, if you think you’ve seen all there is to see from Photoshop, guess again and check out this post. If you liked this post, check out our other design tutorial roundups: Guía Completa del Blanco y Negro en Fotografía. Efecto 300 de Frank Miller en tus Fotos. Efecto LOMO, Lomografías con Photoshop. Tutorial photoshop vectorizar dibujo. Tutorial Magazine - 30 Best Photoshop Tutorials of February 2009. Photoshop Create a Haunted House in Photoshop This tutorial might be difficult without a drawing tablet. | 10829 views | by 3Dtotal Create Gold Text in 5 Seconds This will show you how to make six different effects using just layer styles. So really this is like six tutorials in one!

| 10217 views | by PSDtuts A Retro Wallpaper Step By Step A great tutorial that shows how to make a retro abstract design on a paper textured background. | 9107 views | by UBL tuts Making Gnarls Barkley Inkblots Make inkblots like the ones in the excellent music video by Gnarls Barkley. . | 6581 views | by MickM 3D Pixel Stretch Effects in Photoshop In this tutorial, you’re going to stretch a single line of pixels to create beautiful 3D designs. | 6012 views | by Tutorial9 How to Create Fantasy Art Create a fantasy piece using gradients, effects and stock photography. | 5668 views | by pswish Andy Warhol-effect A great effect commonly used in posters and other art. | 5503 views | by MickM Making a Portrait Painting.

Blanco y Negro en Photoshop: Método Rob Carr. Texturas: Consigue un Acabado Espectacular en tus Fotos con Photoshop.