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Contact Us. Careers. Would you like to join the Cygnett team? We are a creative crew who love what we do. Whether you’re a product development whiz, a marketing guru or an ace in management, sales, logistics, support or accounts, if you’re passionate about what you do, you could be the candidate we’re looking for. With a can-do attitude and the belief that anything is possible, Cygnett is going places. Looking to work with a supportive, friendly and results-driven team where your skills have ample chance and room to shine? With offices on four continents and products all over the world, we’re growing fast. Current roles available; Warehouse Assistant/2iC (Australia)

Home page. Artisan direct, ltd. ~ artist representation. Artisan direct, ltd. ~ services & products. What Do We Offer Artists? <a href="#navigation">Jump to contact and navigation. </a><ul><li><a href=" Shows</a>, Get in front of thousands of buyers and gallerists</li><li><a href=" Printing</a>, High-quality printing for your work. </li><li><a href=" Advertising</a>, Nationwide exposure at a lower price</li><li><a href=" ARTIST SHOWCASE</a>, Our publications get your work in the hands of art lovers</li><li><a href=" Your work on cards, puzzles, calendars and more</li><li><a href=" Materials</a>, Catalogs, books, postcards and more</li></ul> Upcoming Events Select Fine Art, New YorkThursday, May 8 — Sunday, May 11.

The Artist Showcase International Fine Art Competition. Art Market Publications, and its parent company, Artisan Direct, are proud to announce the winners of our 2012 Fine Art Competition. We appreciate the participation of all of the artists who entered. Click any image for a larger version. Contemporary Painting Nyornuwofia Agorsor Mark E. Betts Michael Griesgraber Nayoun Kim Evique Realist Painting M. Bonnie Brown Stephen Dobson Jonel Scholtz Sung Kyu Han Sculpture Joe Gitterman Gregory Johnson Photography Mendes de Almeida Neil Craver Darius Gražėnas Cheryl Hrudka Louise Whitehead Mixed Media Bob Blinn Gregory A. Kelly Manning Christine Moore Stella Chang copyright ©2012, Art Market Publications, all rights reserved.

Art Market Productions serves Artists! Art Market Publications. ArtPic :: Artists. Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Gallery 1313. The Source For Nightlife & Culture | Société Perrier. V6 // Home. Artspace | Services | Affordable Art for Interior Designers | Art Rental | Art Consulting | Murals.

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HK Art Agency - Official Web Site. HK is a new born artistic agency, based in the heart of Paris city, France, working hand to hand with the movie production firm HK corp ( ). Contemporary art is the core of our artistic deeper motives. HK Agency was born from the shared desire of its members to grow and promote the works of up and coming artists. The choice we made regarding those artists are based on a real crush we had on them, and on their professionalism and the passion that drives them. With their own personal and sincere vision, HK’s artists are both witnesses and makers of our constantly bustling and changing world. Through their work, they accurately comprehend our time. Photography For about three decades, the photography practice has come close to plastic arts circles, so close as to become one of the fields where the most relevant artistic problematics are tackled, regards to our times. thanks to: Artension, Picto, Broncolor, Granini, Grolsch, Monster energy.

Nicolas Laurent Special Packaging + CD ROM (Agile Rabbit Editions) (9789057680540): The Pepin Press, Pepin Press. Structural Package Designs + CD ROM (Agile Rabbit Editions) (Multilingual Edition) (9789057680441): Pepin Press. How to Fold (Agile Rabbit Editions) (9789057680397): Pepin Press. Artists'printed bags Shop: Tote bag, shopping bag, bowling bag, … The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook (Graphic Design) (9782940361731): Luke Herriott. The Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns (9780471731108): Lászlo Roth, George L. Wybenga. Take One (Packaging and Folding) (9789057681141): Laurence K. Withers. LAST Concept / Street Art, Graffiti, Glisse, Lifestyle urbain » Deck’On Street Art. NOUVELLE ADRESSE POUR ACHETER LES TRIPTYQUES DECK’ON Street Art : Deck’On Street Art c’est quoi ? Ces séries de 3 skateboards, bien que skatables sont destinées à être accrochés au mur pour apporter une décoration urbaine et artistique à votre intérieur.

EDITION Un concept qui ne réinvente pas la roue mais lui offre de superbes planches : Deck’On Street Art produit des triptyques de skateboards formant des visuels inédits d’artistes. Les premières séries limitées et numérotées ont vue le jour entre 2007 et 2008 et mettaient à l’honneur Mist, Tilt et l’Atlas. Retrouvez aujourd’hui ici l’ensemble des triptyques édités entre 2011 et 2013 sur, il ne reste plus que quelques exemplaires de certaines séries. Avec : Alëxone, Gum, Jace, Jef Aerosol, Mist, Nasty, Sun 7, Smash137, Speedy Graphito, Tanc, Tilt mais aussi Cope2, Fafi, Flying Förtress, Katre, Miss.Tic, Momies, Nasty, Nick Walker, Quik, Zest ! Carmichael Gallery. RVA Street Art Festival. The Jacky Winter Group represents Australian Illustrators. About Me - Lux Nova Studio. Retrouvez toutes les informations sur l'entreprise Thalys. Thalys est le train rouge à grande vitesse qui relie Paris à Bruxelles en 1h22, mais aussi à Cologne et à Amsterdam en 3h14 et 3h16 seulement.

Thalys est membre de Railteam, coopération entre les principaux opérateurs ferroviaires à grande vitesse européens, de la CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastucture Companies) et de l’UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer). Depuis 1996, Thalys est le seul acteur réellement multiculturel à avoir réussi le pari du ferroviaire international à grande vitesse sur quatre pays. Cette réussite est autant commerciale (plus de 100 millions de voyageurs transportés) que technique (Thalys ayant réussi aussi bien dès 2008 la mise en place du WiFi à bord qu’en 2009 l’implantation du nouveau système de management des trains, l’ERTMS).

Laboratoire d’innovations, Thalys a créé un service d’exception qui fait aujourd’hui référence à l’échelle mondiale, signé « Bienvenue chez nous » : Informations : Raison sociale : THALYS INTERNATIONAL Organigramme : Will ferrell tweets | Random RR. Canvas Pinball. SUPER VIDEO the Burning Flower. Skins et stickers de protection pour iPhone, iPod, iPad, Pc, Macbook. David Zwirner » Introduction. Representing over forty artists and estates, David Zwirner is a contemporary art gallery active in both the primary and secondary markets. Since opening its doors in 1993, it has been home to innovative, singular, and pioneering exhibitions across a variety of media and genres. The gallery has helped foster the careers of some of the most influential artists working today, including Luc Tuymans and Neo Rauch, who had their U.S. debut exhibitions at the gallery (in 1994 and 2000, respectively), and has maintained long-term representation of a wide-ranging, international group of artists.

During the 1990s, the gallery began representing Michaël Borremans, Raoul De Keyser, Stan Douglas, Marcel Dzama, On Kawara, Toba Khedoori, Jockum Nordström, Raymond Pettibon, Thomas Ruff, Katy Schimert, Yutaka Sone, Diana Thater, and Christopher Williams. The gallery also represents the Estates of Dan Flavin, Gordon Matta-Clark, John McCracken, Alice Neel, Jason Rhoades, Fred Sandback, and Al Taylor. Carmichael Gallery. Buy or Reserve a Tesla. Untitled. 15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf. How to tie a half-bow scarf To tie the half-bow scarf, you should first loop the scarf around your neck and tie once– like the first step of tying your shoelaces.

Then, take one side of the scarf and make a one loop, as if you were only tying one side of the bow on your shoes. Take the longer section of the scarf and wrap it in front and then behind the entire scarf, next to your neck. Fluff the loop afterwards to taste. This is a variation on this half-bow scarf tutorial. Check the video link if you have any trouble. How to tie a scarf bow Wrap the scarf around your neck and make sure both ends are even. How to braid a scarf Although it looks complicated, this scarf style is easy to tie. How to tie the scarf rosette belt Wrap a longer scarf around your waist and then twist it until the scarf starts to curl around itself. How to tie a layered knot Start by putting the scarf around your neck so that the ends hang in back. How to tie a simple slip knot How to tie the half-bow cinch.

Lazarides - Artists. Rezident Management - Management for Entertainers. Talent Agencies, Talent Representatives and Casting Directors. Creative Artists Agency. ART CIRCLE / Los Angeles Artist Rep. Artist' Reps YellowPages. Illustration on Bernstein & Andriulli. Partners - Rezident Management. San Diego. Store Locator - Sprayground. Urban Art International - Kunstgalerie Novotny. 30. April - 26. Juni 2011 Mark Gmehling / D Mark Gmehlings aesthetisches Universum entstammt der Graffiti-Szene der späten 80er Jahre.

Mark Gmehling ist ein Absolvent angewandter Kunst, der sein folgendes Kommunikationsdesignstudium als logische Konsequenz seiner künstlerischen Ausbildung sah. Inspiriert von der Pop-Kultur hat Mark eine Arbeitsweise entwickelt die photorealistisch ist. Mark: "Meine Skulpturen sind metaphorische Dokumentationen meiner Realität. Künstler wie Gmehling haben die Platform für Graffitikunst erweitert indem sie die Kunst nicht nur auf der Straße verständlich machen, sondern ebenso im Galerierahmen, auch wenn das für Gmehling verschiedene Szenarien mit grundverschiedenen Leitmotiven sind. Es gibt den Hit, der überall gespielt wird, schnell ins Ohr geht, und eine Zeitlang angesagt ist. Mark Gmehlings Arbeiten sind definitiv von der zweiten Qualität. Seine Arbeit wird uns nachhaltig beschäftigen. Fuck the Norm!!! Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte: Künstler und Kunstprojekte.