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Whale songs Whale songs All the following recorded whale sounds on this website are copyrighted and may not be used without our permission! Humpback whales are known for their singing: these 'classical' whale songs could only be heard in their breeding grounds. For the population of the North Pacific this could be the waters around Hawaii sein, but also the coastal regions fo Mexiko or Japan. But this is only one population out of six different ones world wide and as every single one has it's own 'dialect' the songs differ from each other. In this archive we have whale sounds recorded off of Maui produced by Kent Noonan, our sound engineer.
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Чудотворният български охлюв | Култура и общество | Deutsche Welle | 27.01.2011 Чудотворният български охлюв | Култура и общество | Deutsche Welle | 27.01.2011 Сиво, скучно, неатрактиво - така накратко може да се опише българското участие в "Зелената седмица" - най-голямото в света изложение на хранително-вкусовата промишленост, което се провежда тази седмица в Берлин. На фона на пъстротата и изобилието, с което се представят останалите нации, малкият щанд няма с какво да хване окото, да накара посетителите, непознаващи България, да спрат и да полюбопитстват за онова, което тя може да им предложи. Жалко за иначе вкусните сирена и луканки, за ухаещото розово масло и тежкото червено вино. И все пак тази година на българския щанд има атракция и тя предизвиква у посетителите доста различни реакции: "Някои хора се ужасяват, други пък се смеят..
Aubrey de Grey | Chief Science Officer, SENS Foundation Aubrey de Grey, PhD, is Chairman and Chief Science Officer of the Methuselah Foundation. The core of his research is the identification of all forms of cellular and molecular damage whose accumulation contributes to human aging, and the design of interventions to remove, repair, replace, or render harmless all such damage so as to arrest or even reverse the biological …aging process. He has published extensively on these and other areas of gerontology in the scientific literature, and is also Editor-in-Chief of the high-impact journal Rejuvenation Research, the only peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on intervention in aging. Aubrey de Grey | Chief Science Officer, SENS Foundation
Slime Molds Are Earth’s Smallest, Oldest Farmers | Wired Science Slime Molds Are Earth’s Smallest, Oldest Farmers | Wired Science Colonies of a bizarre microbial goo have been found practicing agriculture at a scale tinier than any seen before. Animals such as ants, snails and beetles are known to farm fungus. But the slime mold’s bacterial-farming trick takes it into a whole new realm.. “If you can pack your food source with you, it’s a serious advantage,” said molecular biologist Debra Brock of Rice University, co-author of the slime-mold study, published Jan. 19 in Nature. Dictyostelium discoideum, the best-known of a group of creatures called slime molds, spends part of its life as a single-celled amoeba feeding on bacteria that grow in decomposing leaves on forest floors. When food is short, hundreds of thousands of amoebas come together, fusing into a single entity.
What Will the Next Decade Bring for Medicine? | Dr. Kaku's Universe No one has a crystal ball, but some predictions that I made in recent years are coming into sharp focus with every scientific advance. For starters, every year, more organs of the body can be grown in the laboratory from our own cells. Just last year, a complete windpipe was grown and implanted in a woman. What Will the Next Decade Bring for Medicine? | Dr. Kaku's Universe
EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation - The Processes that Matter
The Windowfarms Project A Windowfarm™ is a vertical, indoor garden kit that allows for year-round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space, and organic “liquid soil.” In a Windowfarm™, nutrient-spiked water is pumped up from a reservoir at the base of the system and trickles down from bottle to bottle, bathing the roots along the way. The Windowfarms Project
Tree or ring: the origin of complex cells | Not Exactly Rocket Science Tree or ring: the origin of complex cells | Not Exactly Rocket Science The natural world is full of great partnerships. Bacteria give animals the guts to digest all manner of otherwise inedible foods. Algae allow corals to harness the power of the sun and construct mighty reefs.
NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical
Darwin Online: Darwin links Other websites on Darwin Related online resources The Journal of Syms Covington (Assistant to Darwin on the voyage of HMS Beagle) by Vern Weitzel. The sketch books of Conrad Martens (artist on board the Beagle). Other sketches by Conrad Martens at the National Maritime Museum. Journal of Conrad Martens, (1833-5) State Library of New South Wales. Darwin Online: Darwin links
Black truffles reproduce sexually - Technology & science - Science - The black truffle is a rare and treasured delicacy and now scientists have learned the fungus even reproduces in manner highly unusual for its kind: sexually. The finding could help scientists come one step closer to learning how to cultivate the oak tree root-loving species. The discovery came from a careful study and mapping of different strains of the fungi — Tuber melanosporum. "Firstly, it has to be said that until recently the prevailing view was that these organisms were self-fertile," explained Francesco Paolocci of the National Research Council's Plant Genetics Institute in Perugia, Italy. What that means is it was thought to be able to fertilize itself to produce viable spores. So the presence of strains of different mating types underneath natural and artificial truffle plantations were just ignored, he said. Black truffles reproduce sexually - Technology & science - Science -
First, if you're planning to ask one of these Frequently Asked Questions, click on it to find the answer: I enjoy getting feedback from people who have found the site enjoyable or useful, and even from those who haven't. If you send feedback, I'll assume it's OK for me to put it on my feedback page unless you say otherwise. If you have a preference for how much of your name you want me to use, tell me. Fossil Hominids: Contact Information Fossil Hominids: Contact Information
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