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Thickness: A SEXUAL PANOPTICON. Thickness is an anthology of erotic comics co-edited by Michael DeForge and Ryan Sands.


Three issues were released in 2011 and 2012, featuring sexy and original comics, strips, and pin-ups by the exciting and challenging indie cartoonists The original Risograph-printed editions of Thickness are now out of print and unavailable for purcharse. An expanded and collected Thickness anthology is tentatively planned as a forthcoming Youth in Decline release.

Issue #148 pages, color covers and Risograph-printed interiors. Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011. Download the PDF of these ideas : Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011 (2mb) [ New American Public Art ]

Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011

Big Doodle. Big sharpie doodle!

Big Doodle

Big Doodle - sharpie on mat board - 40" x 32" Artwork © Lawrence Yang 2009 my blog | my site | purchase inquiries.