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New Gujarat Solar Policy 2021 - Big News for MSMEs/Businesses of the State. 2021 has barely begun and there is already great news for commercial and industrial power consumers of Gujarat.

New Gujarat Solar Policy 2021 - Big News for MSMEs/Businesses of the State

Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar - Solar Powered Pest Control System. Innovators from all around the world have showcased some unimaginable applications of solar energy.

Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar - Solar Powered Pest Control System

From solar roofed bike lanes to solar paints, from solar-powered clothes to solar cars, the energy has been used by creative minds in unfathomable ways. This MYSUN blog series - interesting ways the world is using solar, is an attempt to give a stage to such incredible innovations and thereby spread awareness on the viability of solar energy.

Adding another innovation to the list, here is one more exciting application of solar energy right from the most premium technical institute of India: Solar-powered Pest Control System from IIT Kharagpur. The Innovation: Solar Powered Pest Control System. Solar Calculator- Calculate Your Potential Savings. Installing solar panels is a one-time decision, the benefits of which you will reap for the next 25 years of your life.

Solar Calculator- Calculate Your Potential Savings

And that is why it’s crucial that you understand your solar investment thoroughly and know what you’re likely to get out of it. Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 - Huge Incentives to MSMEs Going Solar. Gujarat, one of the leading solar energy-rich states of India, recently released its new industrial policy.

Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 - Huge Incentives to MSMEs Going Solar

In the policy, the state has announced some major incentives for MSMEs looking to solar. Having one of the most favourable solar policies in the country, Gujarat has already been ahead of most states when it comes to its installed solar capacity. Now with the introduction of these incentives, the state aims to increase its solar capacity further by making investing in solar more lucrative to the commercial and industrial power consumers.

If you are a business leader of a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise in Gujarat, then here are the benefits that you can avail under the state’s new industrial policy by going solar: Transparent Solar Panels may soon become a reality - MYSUN. Image Source: Bloomberg Have you ever wondered a future where the source of power to all your electronic gadgets will be the glasses of the building that you reside in?

Transparent Solar Panels may soon become a reality - MYSUN

Yes, while this sounds too futuristic to imagine, the world is already headed towards that direction. It may soon become the reality of our modern life and infrastructure. Writeupcafe. Every home is unique and has its own set of needs.


Several factors go into making sure the solar power and battery system are designed to fit the individual requirements. Unfortunately, not all companies keep this in mind. A poorly designed system can reduce the financial benefits that you can reap from solar by a significant percentage.. Therefore, in order to make the most out of your solar investment let’s try to understand how engineering, project execution, and effective operation and maintenance practices can improve the efficiency of the rooftop solar system: Types of Solar Panels — What are your options? Solar Rooftop. Do you feel like you’re spending a lot of your income on your house electric bills?

Solar Rooftop

By making your home more energy-efficient, you can cut down your monthly electric bill. But that’s not all! Making energy-efficient upgrades to home decreases the amount of carbon emissions you release into the atmosphere, which means that you are not only helping your wallet but also the environment. So here are some tips that can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your monthly electricity bill. First, let’s discuss what is actually energy efficiency. So the key to energy efficiency is doing more with less. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home will help you reduce your overall energy consumption. You spend less on your electricity bills You help the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint, as electricity is largely generated by thermal power plants Converting your home into an energy-efficient one can be done by making a few upgrades.

Get a home energy evaluation. Right Way of Choosing the Solar Installer. Why Is A Site Survey Required? This is a question most people tend to ask when they are considering installing a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System.

Why Is A Site Survey Required?

Here are the reasons why a site survey is essential before installing a solar system: To do shadow analysis of your rooftop Solar panels require sunlight to generate electricity. How to Ensure Maximum Power Generation from Solar Rooftop System with Regular Operation and Maintenance? The operations and maintenance of solar systems have a direct impact on its solar energy generation capacity.

How to Ensure Maximum Power Generation from Solar Rooftop System with Regular Operation and Maintenance?

And one of the top USP of solar rooftop systems is they require minimal maintenance. The reason is solar systems undergo negligible wear and tear. With technology becoming increasingly advanced, the expected lifespan of these systems has also increased over the years with 25–30 years of lifetime, which means lowered costs and much better power generation. How to Prepare Your Home For Solar Rooftop System. Solar rooftop systems are gaining a lot of popularity among modern-day homeowners.

How to Prepare Your Home For Solar Rooftop System

And there are two incredible reasons for it. First, a solar system helps reduce monthly electricity bills by up to 80% and second, it also helps one bring ecological stability. Therefore, if you are considering buying a solar system for your home, then congratulations as you are about to save lakhs of rupees on power bills, while of course saving the planet. Chandigarh Revises its Solar Target; To install 100 MW of Solar Power by 2022. Chandigarh has over 2900 small, large and medium scale units and is increasingly becoming a lucrative destination of many business leaders. One factor leading the city towards such transformation is the city’s inclination towards more economical sources of energy i.e the renewable sources of energy.

Almost 67% of all the power requirements of Chandigarh is met via these sources, and this share is going to increase further as the city has recently decided to increase its Solar energy generation target to 100 MW, achievable by 2022. As per media reports, the target was self-revised by the state from the earlier target of 50MW, after the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) enhanced the city’s solar target from 50 MW to 69 MW. This new development is a signal towards the great opportunity that solar energy holds in store for businesses in the city. What does this mean for Businesses, Industries and Corporations based out of Chandigarh? 7 Unbelievable Benefits for your Business that Going Solar Would Bring. No industry has been left unimpacted by the ongoing crisis. Smart businesses, therefore, are turning towards opportunities that are risk-free and in the long term will help the business grow and expand without becoming a liability.

Going solar, therefore, is on the priority list of several smart business leaders as it is one such investment that saves businesses Lakhs of Rupees on power bills over the period of 25 years. If you are also considering going solar, and are reading to know more about it, here are the 7 unbelievable benefits of solar power for businesses which will help you make your mind up and go solar: 1. You don’t just contribute to the environment but Save Lakhs of Rupees every year by going solar Going solar might seem like an environmental decision but the reality is that for businesses, it is also a strategic business decision. 2. The advancement in technology has made it possible to use solar power at night too. 3. 4.

Which States Have the Highest Solar Energy Potential in India? The solar energy generation potential in a specific area can be evaluated based on factors like availability of land, solar radiation, and other such factors. The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), an apex institute of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), has estimated the potential of solar energy in India to be around 750 GWp. Let's look at the top five states in terms of the estimated potential of solar power generation in India along with their installed capacity: Rajasthan Rajasthan not only delineates India's historical forts, palaces, art, and culture but has also pinned the top position in the list of states with the highest estimated solar energy potential in the country. It has an aggregate solar power potential of 142.31 gigawatts (GWp). MYSUN, a leading online rooftop solar platform in India, raises Rs 32 Crores ($4.2mn)

MYSUN, the advanced rooftop solar solutions provider for consumers in the industrial, commercial, and residential segments has raised INR 32 Crores from their existing investors. The company is also looking to raise Rs 250 crores over the next few quarters as the brand is planning newer markets and newer business models in short to medium term to enhance its technology, financial play, and customer acquisition. MYSUN, a Noida based rooftop solar installation company, is an end to end solar solutions and services company, supported by advanced technology and engineering with emphasis on providing tailored-made solar solutions and solar financing solutions.

Its proprietary demand aggregation and demand generation tools already make it the most significant online solar platform in India. How MYSUN Is Helping Corporates' To Light up Unprivileged Of India? CSR initiatives are a mandate for all qualifying companies in India -as per section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. As a responsible member of society, working towards the well being of society, contributing to the improvement of the environment, fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility for sustainable development is and should be more than just a legal necessity for companies.

It should be considered as a moral responsibility for all business entities. After all, businesses flourish only in a thriving society and environment. 10 Most Common Solar Questions by Business Owners - Answered by MYSUN. Environment Impact Of Solar Panels. What is Net Metering and How Does This Work? - Diksha Sharma.

Rooftop Solar In Lucknow — Save Up To 80% On Your Electricity Bill. Rooftop Solar Benefits. Solar Financing available for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Customers. How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity? How Installing a Rooftop Solar System Can Benefit Businesses. Solar Financing for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Solar Systems - MYSUN. Gujarat Amends Solar Policy. Omits 50% cap on MSME Manufacturers with a catch. Use of Renewable Solar Energy For Better Life and Future. We humans, in our never-ending struggle to improve the standard of living, have invariably been dependent on a great amount of electric power to fuel our needs.

According to research by National Geographic, we use approximately 320 billion kilowatt-hours of energy every day. And, 80% of this requirement is met by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have helped us address our energy needs quite efficiently, but they are also non-renewable and rapidly depleting. Not to mention, the damage they do to our environment by emitting greenhouse gasses. Solar Financing for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Solar Systems - MYSUN.