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Immigration Colonisation

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The colonization counterfactual. One of the questions I’m often asked by friends who haven’t studied African history is what might have happened to the continent if it hadn’t been colonized.

The colonization counterfactual

It’s interesting to look at the following map of African politico-tribal units circa 1844 by Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon in the light of this question: [click for full size – it’s worth it!] I haven’t been able to find any firm documentation on the origin of the name Alkebu-lan, although a variety of questionably sourced websites suggest that it’s an Arabic phrase meaning “land of the blacks” – supposedly an original name for Africa. Cyon notes in a presentation that the map represents the culmination of an alternate history where the Black Plague killed significantly more Europeans than was actually the case, presumably reducing the amount of early colonization which would have occurred.

What might have happened from 1845 onwards in this non-colonial world? Carte décolonisation. Carte - le Hold Up Colonial. "Tintin au Congo" ou la mission civilisatrice de la colonisation. Hergé dessine et écrit "Tintin au Congo" en 1930 et 1931.

"Tintin au Congo" ou la mission civilisatrice de la colonisation

Il s'agit du second album des aventures du reporter. L'idée en revient à l'abbé Norbert Wallez, directeur du quotidien Le vingtième siècle où Hergé (alias Georges Remi) est embauché en 1925.