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Easily Remove Image Backgrounds Online - Clipping Magic. Foundation: HTML Templates. Using the grid you can build tons of layouts.

Foundation: HTML Templates

Without using a single line of CSS outside of what comes with Foundation, we've created thirteen layouts for you to start from and build on. It's dead simple to use these simple HTML templates, just grab the code and drop it between the <body> tags of a Foundation page. Available Templates Click to view the templates in the browser. Press option/alt to download them for your next project. Banded Page Template Copy the HTML and paste it between your <body> tags in a Foundation page. Blog Page Template <div class="row"><div class="large-12 columns"><div class="nav-bar right"><ul class="button-group"><li><a href="#" class="button">Link 1</a></li><li><a href="#" class="button">Link 2</a></li><li><a href="#" class="button">Link 3</a></li><li><a href="#" class="button">Link 4</a></li></ul></div><h1>Blog <small>This is my blog.

Feed Page Template Grid Page Template Orbit Homepage Template Banner Homepage Template Marketing Page Template Realty Page Template. Tinycon - Favicon Alert Bubbles. Tinycon allows the addition of alert bubbles and changing the favicon image.

Tinycon - Favicon Alert Bubbles

Tinycon gracefully falls back to a number in title approach for browsers that don't support canvas or dynamic favicons. Alerts in the favicon allow users to pin a tab and easily see if their attention is needed. Demo Look up and check out the favicon on this page to see the library in action on chrome and firefox. Download Tinycon can be downloaded from the public repository on github. Contact.  Sarah Parmenter, a web and UI designer. To celebrate the launch of the iPad, and undoubtedly another fantastic platform to design for, I have designed an iPad Wireframe to help you with the design process for yourself and/or your clients.

 Sarah Parmenter, a web and UI designer.

When I started doing iPhone UI, I created my own basic wireframe to help with the planning process for the apps I was working on, I found it better to show clients a stripped back version, no colours, no flourishes, just purely focusing on the UI of their app. I knew I’d need the same for iPad, so I’m happy to share my iPad Wireframe with you too. It’s in one neat .eps file. Download the EPS file. Disclaimer: This file must not be hosted on any other site. This article was posted in Work Life.

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