EFMD- Business schools and companies-network & accreditation EFMD- Business schools and companies-network & accreditation It is one of the oldest and most common complaints – management schools are great at giving good advice to others but themselves rarely practise the management skills they preach. The world is changing so fundamentally that business leaders who act as if the old rules still apply will find themselves and their organisations side lined or overtaken completely. Last year’s Rio+20 UN summit may have been something of a disappointment but there were still some significant and positive outcomes say Anthony Buono, Jean-Christophe Carteron and Matthew Gitsham.
Highlights We are very pleased to congratulate the winners of our 2013 Awards, announced at the AMBA Awards and Gala Dinner on 6 November: Winner of the MBA Student of the Year Award, sponsored by The Independent: Glad Dibetso, GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science), South Africa Winner of the MBA Entrepreneurial Venture Award: Simo Dragicevici, MBA graduate of Cass Business School, with his venture Bet Buddy. Winner of the MBA Innovation Award: Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece, with their MBA international, harnessing e-skills within MBA teaching. mbaworld mbaworld
It’s nearly impossible for the young man or woman to start in the financial solutions industry except if they already know many well-off individuals. In the old days, Twenty years ago or more, one could simply make use of sales techniques including direct mail or even cold calling or maybe seminar marketing. However the new Repencounters a number of troubles using these techniques. First, you have the do-not-call list which has been with us since Mid 2001. Thus contacting prospects by phone is out of the question. Direct mail as well as seminar promoting entails composing, printing and mailing bulk mailings to the community. International Book and Journal Publishers International Book and Journal Publishers
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