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Bloggerz Bible: New blogger template convergence. Future Hi: The Singularity and the Fifth Dimension. Biology, Evolution and More Human Origins News. Holographic Video Device Could Bring Star Wars Tech to Your Living Room. Is 3D technology the next big wave in video?

Holographic Video Device Could Bring Star Wars Tech to Your Living Room

Or should we skip right ahead to holography? New research is developing ways to stream almost-live video to holographic display, providing a three-dimensional, realistic image without the need for those dorky plastic 3D glasses. And before you ask–yes, this does bring us one step closer to living in a Star Wars world, where holographic princesses deliver desperate pleas for help. This is the first time researchers [have demonstrated] an optical material that can display “holographic video,” as oppose to static holograms found in credit cards and product packages. The prototype looks like a chunk of acrylic, but it’s actually an exotic material, called a photorefractive polymer, with remarkable holographic properties.

The prototype, produced by Nasser Peyghambarian and colleagues at the University of Arizona and Nitto Denko Technical Corporation, displays a holographic image that can be updated every two seconds. Videos: University of Arizona. Create Your Contact Button - WikiWorldBook. Blogger Templates Directory - Free directory of blog layouts and templates for Blogger. Free CSS Templates, Open Source CSS Templates and CC CSS Templates. Panel. Free Web Templates - Free website templates, web templates, page layouts, flash templates, business templates, css templates, wordpress themes, joomla templates. Contact Emailer Version4 Widget. What color type or color combinations works best for a professional website. This subject in particular, I could write a whole book about - seriously.

What color type or color combinations works best for a professional website

The answer depends on several factors. Here are some things to think about to determine what will work best for your needs: 1. Matching: You want your website to match your business, organization, and/or purpose, obviously. This means your company colors, and its advertising colors, such as what is used in the logo and other documents like letterheads, brochures, etc. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. That said, probably the most common color combinations is a plain white background with black text - more in depth, a bright blue for text links, etc. Take a minute to look at the color schemes of various websites that are already available out there and note how the color scheme implements color for different elements such as: text, background, in-message links, navigational links, headlines, "stressed" words (that the creator wanted to bring to your attention in the messages), etc. Website Templates, Web Templates, Flash Templates, Free Website Templates.

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MyTimeLine DeNews Johny Backup Sederhana Wayang Wong2 X10 Masonry Transparent X10 Masonry White Conventy Versatile. Free website design software download: web design freeware templates. Download free web graphics : Free Graphics World. Editing CSS in the Template Designer - Blogger Help. Gumball Special Blogger Template. Free Blogger Templates. Statement Statement is structured and bold blogger template with its header and defined layout.

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DownloadLive Demo Art Imagination Here is a fancy blogger template with a flowery background. DownloadLive Demo Ads Theme This blogger template was designed for maximizing advertisements on your site. DownloadLive Demo Randomness Randomness is a stylish blogger template with its interesting background and nice navigation menu. DownloadLive Demo Compositio Compositio is an extremely fresh blogger template with its blue color scheme. DownloadLive Demo Simple Jojo Simple Jojo is a very fresh blogger template with its emphasis on the color green. DownloadLive Demo Notepad This template was designed to look like a notebook and can be used as a journal. DownloadLive Demo Gluttony Gluttony is a dark two columned blogger template that will help you get your point across in plain and simple.

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