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Plnnr - plan the perfect trip, automatically! The Universal Packing List. The New Way to Find the Best Airfare Deals. If you’re like most bargain airfare seekers, chances are your flight shopping goes something like this: 1.

The New Way to Find the Best Airfare Deals

Go to or Or,, or Or all of the above. 2. 3. Please. These days, websites alert you when particularly great deals become available out of your local airport to your desired destinations — not to mention the ones that actually predict what airfares will look like in the near future so you can adjust your travel plans accordingly. Interested? In the video above, editor at large Jason Cochran walks you through the details, with specific advice on which websites to visit in order to get the best travel deals.

Next, swing by Bing Travel and those websites try to predict airfares based on historical data. Finally, these days your search for deals doesn’t end with the ticket purchase. For more details, watch the video above, or on Travel Guides - World Travel Guide. Hiking Trails, Mountain Bike Trails & Trail Maps. 80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling.

Keeping simple tips in mind while traveling can enable you to visit places like Egypt with ease.

80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling

If you've never traveled or you travel all the time, simple tips will help all over the worldDon't ever carry your actual passport with you -- bring a copy insteadCarry a "dummy" wallet with old, expired credit cards in case you are robbed (Matador) -- Hindsight is 20/20, right? Well, foresight can be near to it when you have the expertise of some seriously savvy travelers at your fingertips. Like the Matador team. If you're starting out on your first trip, this is for you. On preparing for your trip 1. 2. 3. On talking to airline agents 4. Bad: "Can you get me on the next flight out -- I can't miss my connection to Europe! " Good: "Excuse me, Barbara. 5. Matador: The global voluntourists bucket list On budgeting abroad. Shadow Box Photo Display for Photographers. Need help turning your post-vacation keepsake clutter into a divine display?

Shadow Box Photo Display for Photographers

Our resident do-it-yourself expert, Ashley Campbell, has just what you’ve been looking for: As spring break and summer approach many families begin planning vacations and time to just enjoy being together. In my family unpacking from a trip often includes trying to find places to store or display random keepsakes we’ve picked up along the way. A shadow box is a great way to show off those little items in an clean and classy way. Filling your shadow box with too many pictures or items and result in framed collection of clutter. Supplies: 12×12 Shadow Box 12×12 print a select few of your keepsakes double sided tape craft supplies (clothespins, masking tape, decorative labels, hot glue gun, etc.) Step 1: Create your background using the Alphabet Frames templates. Step 2: Remove the label inside the shadow box and attach your 12×12 print using the double sided tape.

Ultralight Backpacking Checklist: Expert Advice from REI.