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Ultralight Backpacking Checklist: Expert Advice from REI - StumbleUpon

Ultralight Backpacking Checklist: Expert Advice from REI - StumbleUpon

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A Bushcraft Camping Outfit - Equipment for Living in the Woods The author's bushcraft camping outfit. See below for numbered version and listing. Photo: Paul Kirtley. Whether you are camping in the woods for a weekend or staying out for weeks, this bushcraft camping outfit is a good base model. It forms my standard bushcraft camping kit-list. Basic Backpacking Menu Planning What’s on Chef Glenn's backpacking menu? I rustle up familiar comfort foods like Mashed Potatoes with Meat & Vegetables or Mexican Beef and Rice with Peppers. By combining one meat, one vegetable, and one starch, I get a tasty meal with lots of color and texture; and the balanced nutrition I need to tackle the next leg of the trail. My basic backpacking menu plan accomplishes three objectives: Would-be Hoboes: Your Dream House Has Arrived Treehugger points us to this very clever design for a jacket with pouches in its lining that can be unfurled to reveal a personal tent. As the designer, Justin Gargasz, explains: Individuals feel the need to escape interactions in their environment everyday. Whether it be interactions with excessive technology or other people, this psychological and physical need to get away is where I began my investigation. A physical as well as psychological escape is achieved when the user has the option to efficiently get away from inside of building and come back when ever they choose.

Video: Hike the 2,200-Mile Appalachian Trail in 4 Minutes While there is no governing body, the unofficial record for completing the 2,181-mile Appalachian Trail was set by trail runner Andrew Thompson in 2005, at 45 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes. Thing is, Thompson didn’t turn his record-setting trek into a slick stop-motion video the way filmmaker Kevin Gallagher did. Gallagher’s first-person short film, The Green Tunnel, allows anyone to experience his six-month hike from Georgia to Maine in less than four minutes. Back in spring 2005, the Virginia-based hiking enthusiast — who goes by the trail name “Fester” — hiked the Appalachian Trail and stopped every day to take 24 snapshots of quintessential sections of this famed route. By the end, he’d collected more than 4,000 slides — yes, slides — which, at first, sat in storage boxes due to tight finances and a still-restless wandering spirit. “I went off to do other stuff like walk from Mexico to Canada” on the Pacific Crest Trail, Gallagher told

Backpacking Dinner Recipes - Wild Backpacker End your day with a delicious, energy-restoring meal Who says you can’t eat well while backpacking? After hiking all day, end the night with a dinner that isn’t short on nutrition or taste. Below is our collection of backpacking dinner recipes to prepare before the hike and enjoy prior to your night’s rest. Because the last thing you want to do while hiking or backpacking is dirty pots and pans, most of our dinner recipes can be prepared in just a single zip lock bag! However, Wild Backpacker recommends that when adding boiling water to your baggie, always use heavy-duty or freezer zip lock bags. Backpacking Light 101 A Lightweight Primer to Backcountry Travel for the Uninitiated By Ryan Jordan Ryan Jordan is the co-founder and Publisher of Backpacking Light. He original wrote this article as a celebration of the evolution of lightweight backpacking as part of GoLite's 5th Anniversary catalog. Ultralight backpacking, contrary to proclamations by Those That Carry Heavy Packs, is not practiced by that crazy fringe segment of wilderness society that derives their calories from obscure edible roots and their shelter from two twigs and a waterproof handkerchief.

Homemade MREs For quite a while now, I've wanted to make up my own "MREs" for my Get Home Bag (GHB). I was recently out scouting some properties, and realized that my GHB only had some packs of tuna and some candy in them. I had broken my own Cardinal Rule - If you use it, replace it immediately. So, I went about making up some MRE packages. Now, these are not true MREs, in that their shelf life is less than half of the 5 years of a commercial MRE, but I figured they were WAY less expensive (remember this later on in the post...). Water Shelter – Sustainable Shelter Solutions by Robert Nightingale Water Shelter – Sustainable Shelter Solutions by Robert Nightingale The Water Shelter project responds to the needs of rural populations in developing countries who live in areas of recurring floods, with a geographical focus on the Zambezi basin in Sub-Saharan Africa. The design provides the user with the necessary tools and information to migrate temporarily and efficiently. Encouraging self sufficiency at each stage of the disaster. The bespoke design addresses four vital needs: shelter, drinking water, product transport and information, whilst reflecting social traditions. The design incorporates local and remote product distribution systems, a water collection system (which harvests and filters rainwater from the shelter canopy) and the Water Roller (which is used to transport the shelter, possessions and water) Whilst also adding creating value for the user on a day to day basis.

Getting Started with Geocaching Welcome to the geocaching community! If you still have questions after reviewing this information, we recommend that you search our Help Center or ask a question in the geocaching Forums. The Game Keith McCafferty Shares his Must-Carry Survival Gear | Field &Stream The Daypack [1] Pack All my gear (including medical kit and neck knife) weighs just 4 ¼pounds and would fit in a fanny pack, but I prefer a daypack with a suspension system.[2] Compass I use a baseplate compass for map-and-compass navigation. Not shown is the bubble compass I pin to my jacket.[3] Garbage Bags, 4 The lowly trash bag is the epitome of versatility. Spread them flat to make a dry bed or work space, use as emergency hip boots or tarp shelters, or fill with snow to melt for drinking water.[4] Cord, 30 Feet Parachute (550) cord is the standard survival cord. The inside strands are very strong and can be put to many uses, such as emergency fishing line.[5] Water Bottle A wide-mouthed Nalgene bottle is next to unbreakable and less likely to freeze than a bottle with a narrow neck.

Best Backpacking Menu Avoid the Junk food rut with a two person, seven day Backpacking Menu! Backpacking! Chicken Curry over Brown Rice, First Day Backpacking Menu Dinner Chicken Curry Over Brown Rice 5 Ideas for Fire Tinder A while ago I asked readers Do You Have 5 Ways to Make Fire? The article concentrated on fire starters; steel and flight, lighters, and a few less common systems. However, most of those will be useless for building a fire if you don’t have some tinder to put the flame to. Here are 5 great ideas for fire tinder, both natural and homemade. 1.

Yurt Buildng Here is a free copy of my book Build your own yurt, written in 1995, It has been used by a great many people who have built their own yurts. Our designs have progressed enormously since 1995. For a much more comprehensive guide see The Complete Yurt Handbook or see the rest of our website A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger by P.R. King First edition 1995, Second edition 1997.

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