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תכנית תנופה- סיוע ליזמים טכנולוגיים מתחילים. - UK's Green Investment Bank to Meet Israeli Investors. Green Investment Bank - Home. Cornerstone Venture Partners. Cornerstone Venture Partners. European Investment Bank. Lux Capital - About. Lux Capital. Lux Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Peter Hébert, Robert Paull, and Josh Wolfe[1] in 2000[2] .

Lux Capital

The firm, based in New York with an office in Menlo Park, invests in emerging technologies in the physical and life sciences.[3][4] Answer three questions and help us improve Wikipedia. Thanks for the feedback! We are using it to make Wikipedia even better! About[edit] Lux Capital is a venture firm based in New York City and Silicon Valley investing in counter-conventional, seed and early stage science and technology ventures. In April 2011, former McKinsey Senior Partner Richard N. Portfolio companies[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ Fickenscher, Lisa (2003). "2003 40 Under 40". External links[edit] Lux Capital homepage.

INDCs - Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. Further to the negotiations under the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP), the Conference of the Parties (COP), by its decision 1/CP.19, invited all Parties to initiate or intensify domestic preparations for their INDCs towards achieving the objective of the Convention as set out in its Article 2, without prejudice to the legal nature of the contributions, in the context of adopting a protocol, another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal force under the Convention applicable to all Parties.

INDCs - Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

Good Company Ventures – For-profit and non-profit classifications will become a thing of the past.

Good Company Ventures –

The new economy is eclipsing this old, bifurcated way of thinking, and this is why. The term “social enterprise” conflates the concepts of non-profit social mission and profit-maximizing business enterprise that, by accident of our nation’s tax code, had developed in the 20th century as antithetical fields, each with their own culture, practices and tools. Global social impact investment steering group. Environmental Defense Fund - Home. אנרגיה סולארית. קרן בירד תשקיע מיליונים באנרגיה מתחדשת בישראל קרן בירד אנרגיה הודיע כי תשקיע 5.1 מיליון דולר בפרויקטים משותפים ישראל-ארה"ב בתחום האנרגיה הנקייה.

אנרגיה סולארית

הפרויקטים שאושרו, בתקציב כולל של 11.3 מיליון דולר, הנם בתחומים: אנרגיה סולארית, התייעלות אנרגטית, אנרגיה חכמה ואנרגיית רוח. Energy Investments. קרן הליוס היא שרכשה מסאנפלאואר 5 מתקנים סולאריים ב–38 מיליון שקל. הליוס הישראלית משקיעה 1.2 מיליארד ש' בתחנות כוח באנגליה. קרן הליוס, המנוהלת על ידי נמרוד גור וארז גיסין, בשיתוף עם קרנות בריטיות, משקיעה 1.2 מיליארד שקל בתחנות כוח פרטיות באנגליה, כך נודע ל"גלובס".

הליוס הישראלית משקיעה 1.2 מיליארד ש' בתחנות כוח באנגליה

ההשקעה, בשתי תחנות שיפיקו חשמל מפסולת, מבוצעת באמצעות חברת האחזקות האנגלית BIG. Call for Proposals. 26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered - Israel. The American Jewish community’s network of charity organizations is a font of Jewish power, a source of communal pride and a huge mystery.

26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered - Israel

We know that the network exists. We know that its federations, social service groups and advocacy organizations influence America’s domestic and foreign policy, care for the old, educate the young and send more than a billion dollars a year to Israel. Yet until now we’ve had no idea what the network looks like.

Individual organizations file tax returns. Some umbrella groups offer information on their members’ work. Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving. Jewish Foundations Giving 20% to Jewish Causes Last week I wrote a post on Jewish Foundations Giving Only 20% to Jewish Causes.”

Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving

A number of people were nice enough to comment and e-mail to let me know that when the report talked about Jewish organizations it referred to organizations founded by a Jew, and not necessarily those run as a Jewish community organizations. Report on Jewish Foundational Giving I’ve now read the report in the original, “A Study of Jewish Foundations” (of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research) and see that authors Gary Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg clearly define their terms. (My source did not.) You can see the list of foundations below, sourced from pages 12 and 13 of the report. Bringing You Primary Sources As my blog develops, I am getting a better sense of my resources and will make every effort to share primary sources with you so that you can access them firsthand.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) S Sustainable Resource Initiative. The SRI is the EBRD’s response to these resource challenges.

s Sustainable Resource Initiative

The SRI continues to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and adaptation projects through the Bank’s Sustainable Energy Initiative which was launched in 2006. In addition, the SRI drives water and materials efficiency, including through the promotion of recycling and the reuse of waste streams. The focus on water efficiency is particularly relevant as the EBRD develops its activity in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region, and further grows it in Central Asia. The SRI relies on the EBRD’s proven business model of combining finance with technical assistance and policy dialogue.

The SRI uses the full range of the EBRD’s instruments to finance sustainable resource projects across the Bank’s region.