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Collection of AC Water

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How data and analytics are keeping Philadelphia's water safe. By Avinash S.

How data and analytics are keeping Philadelphia's water safe

Patwardhan and Ken Thompson, CH2M The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a technology trend well underway in machine-to-machine communication that is poised to radically change the business environment. It is estimated, by 2020, there will be over 50 billion “things” connected to the internet. Most of these “things” will be sensors, embedded in physical objects and linked together using the same protocols that connect computers on the internet today.

These sensors will generate huge volumes of data, enabling users to identify and resolve existing problems as well as optimize their systems. Data alone provides minimal value until it is processed deriving information and knowledge that leads to insight. Big Data, Analytics and City OperationsCity operators understand that city asset failure disrupts citizen services, resulting in safety, security and health issues, breach of environment regulations and loss of business investments. Dr. Dr. Mr. Air-igator - Home. Condensate Water Introduction. The Science When water vapor in the air (often described as humidity) comes in contact with a colder surface, the water changes from a gas to a liquid and collects onto the cold surface.

Condensate Water Introduction

This is most often observed with an ice cold beverage container on a humid day, where water droplets collect on the outside surface of the glass full of iced tea or cold ale. The water vapor in the air that becomes liquid is referred to as condensate. While the condensate collected on a cold beverage is small and mostly considered a nuisance, the condensate that collects on refrigeration equipment is of significant volume and a potential alternate water source. Condensate from Air-Conditioning Equipment Air-conditioning uses a closed-loop compression-decompression cycle of a refrigerant (freon, CFC, HCFC, etc.) to absorb heat from inside a building, then transfer that heat to the outside. Free Garden Water ~ Irrigation with AC Condensation.

How to Recycle Air Conditioning Water Condensation. The condensation produced by most air conditioning systems is drained into the sewer, and the water is lost.

How to Recycle Air Conditioning Water Condensation

Many people do not realize that this water, known as condensate, can be recycled for uses that do not involve human consumption. The most common household use is for watering house and garden plants. Recently, businesses and public buildings have been reducing their consumption of potable water by harvesting condensate on a large scale for uses other than drinking. Is the Air Conditioner water clean and hygienic if I want to collect and reuse the water? - Sustainable Living Stack Exchange.

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Is the Air Conditioner water clean and hygienic if I want to collect and reuse the water? - Sustainable Living Stack Exchange

Is waste water from an air conditioner safe to drink? - Quora. Self Watering Garden - Using recycled water from an air conditioner. Did you ever notice that your central air conditioner has a hose that connects to the drain?

Self Watering Garden - Using recycled water from an air conditioner

I never really thought about it until one night I almost tripped because ours went across the basement floor. I cut the hose and placed a trash can there to collect the water... I figured that I would just dump it each day. I was surprised the next day to find that it had filled the trash can and made a fair sized puddle on the floor, and quite a mess with a stack of papers that was sitting there. After some rough calculations I discovered that about 350 gallons (1300 liters) was being wasted annually.

I decided to install a pump and use this water for my small garden which was right outside the basement door. Untitled. Water scarcity continues prompting residents of drought-stricken regions worldwide to embrace what may appear to be odd conservation strategies, including harvesting condensation from air-conditioning units.


Gathering water from busy air-conditioning units in the summer is being taught by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agents. Individual households, as well as municipalities and businesses in the state are adopting the practice to save increasingly precious water for reuse. A basic configuration consists of pipe from the unit that is fed into a rainwater barrel equipped with a spigot, Patrick Dickinson, one of the extension’s agents, told WFAA. The barrel costs $50, but the savings is enormous — between five to 20 gallons a day, depending on the size of both the home and air-conditioning unit. This could be as much as 600 extra gallons of water a month. Conserving condensate is being practiced in various regions around the world. Rain Harvesting Israel. מערכת חדשה למיחזור ולשימוש במי מזגנים מבית SCI. חברת SCI, המתמחה בייצור מיכלי מים גמישים, מציגה מערכת ייחודית לאיסוף ומיחזור מי מזגנים לקראת תערוכת קלינטק 2010.

מערכת חדשה למיחזור ולשימוש במי מזגנים מבית SCI

המערכת הינה מערכת מתקפלת המאוחסנת בקלות בחורף ונפתחת בקיץ לשימוש. המערכת אוספת את מי המזגנים במיכל מתקפל בעל קיבולת של 60 ליטר המתחבר בקלות לכל צינור מי מזגנים. השימוש במים נעשה בעזרת משאבת רגל קטנה המאפשרת להשתמש במים לכל שימוש בבית ובגינה. "מזגן מייצר ביום כ-10 ליטר מים מזוקקים שאינם דורשים כל טיפול לפני השימוש", מציין נתנאל רייש, מנכ"ל החברה, "והמערכת שפיתחנו מאפשרת לאגור את מי המזגנים במשך שבוע ולהשתמש בהם במרוכז להשקיה או לשטיפת הרכב.

לבניינים בהם ישנו יותר ממזגן אחד המעוניינים במערכת בעלת מיכל יחיד אנו מספקים מיכל בעל מספר פתחי כניסה המותאם למיקום הספציפי אליו הוא מיועד".