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How to Claim Your Facebook Places - PCWorld Business Center. If your business is a brick and mortar location that customers visit in person, odds are good that it will end up in Facebook Places whether you put it there or not.

How to Claim Your Facebook Places - PCWorld Business Center

Even if you don't choose to take advantage of Facebook Places to promote business, you should still claim ownership of your place to ensure the information is accurate. With half a billion Facebook members, odds are good that at least a few of them are your customers. That means there is a likelihood that someone will "check-in" to Facebook Places at your place of business and your establishment will have a Facebook Places page whether you intend to use it or not.

You don't have to bother claiming your Place. But, if it's going to be there anyway, you may as well at least manage and maintain the basic details. Internet et géolocalisation: un cocktail toxique pour la vie privée. En faisant de la géolocalisation un pilier de leur développement, les géants de l'internet que sont Google et Facebook jouent dangereusement avec la vie privée des internautes, s'alarment experts et ONG.

Internet et géolocalisation: un cocktail toxique pour la vie privée

C'est la dernière tendance high tech: offrir toujours plus de services aux «mobinautes», ces internautes en déplacement connectés à la Toile grâce à leur téléphone multifonctions permettant de repérer à quelques mètres près l'endroit où ils se trouvent par satellite. Mais ils comportent «des risques sur la protection de la vie privée qui peuvent être absolument immenses», explique à l'AFP Alain Pannetrat, expert en technologies de la Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (Cnil), organisme indépendant de protection de la vie privée en France.

«Imaginez qu'on pourra vous dire dans un an: «vous étiez dans tel endroit, à proximité de telle personne!»» , ajoute-t-il. Google avait déjà inventé un dispositif similaire intitulé Google Latitudes. Facebook Wants Advertisers To Help Build Out Its Directory of Places. As we heard tonight, Facebook has officially launched Places, the social network’s location-based platform.

Facebook Wants Advertisers To Help Build Out Its Directory of Places

We know what Places will mean for Facebook users. Users will be able to check-in to Places (created by both people and businesses) via the web or through mobile apps. And the feature has an API so partners like Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and Booyah can allow their users to check-in to Facebook’s places. But what does this mean for businesses? Interestingly, Facebook seems to actively be targeting advertisers on the network. Facebook is wasting no time encouraging advertisers to start registering their businesses. Places creates a presence for your business’s physical store locations- encouraging your customers to share that they’ve visited your business by “checking in” to your Place.

Of course, many advertisers and businesses may be confused about the need for both a Page and a Place. Of course, the race to create a widespread directory of places is already full of competitors. Building an Army of Hyper-Local, Mobile-Connected Advocates - Advertising Age - DigitalNext. Présentation de Foursquare et de ses utilisations Business. Foursquare opens up for businesses with new features. This week, both Twitter and Facebook have come out with big location news.

Foursquare opens up for businesses with new features

Twitter is adding geolocation features and Facebook will soon let users share their location. Both of those announcements could strike fear in the heart of a mobile check-in service like Foursquare. But Foursquare is banking its success in the mobile check-in space on attention to detail. And the company also has some new features — that could be very useful for small businesses. In the next few weeks, Foursquare is going to start sharing a free analytics tool that will help small businesses track — and communicate with — their customers. According to The New York Times, Foursquare will soon let business access the consumer data that it has been steadily acquiring since it launched last year: That information could be extremely useful for small businesses trying to track consumer behavior. Thirty small companies are testing the tool, and in a few weeks that number will increase to around 900.

Foursquare. Social Networking. We're just getting started... Hey all - It’s been quite the year for foursquare.

We're just getting started...

Last year at this time, Naveen and I - tired of working around my kitchen table - borrowed a desk from our friends at and Hard Candy Shell. Two months later we brought on our first hire (Harry!) And a few weeks after closed on our first round of financing: $1.35m from Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and a handful of angels. Back then, our office looked like this. Fast forward a year: We’re now 27 people strong. And with that, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised another round of capital. The two big names behind Andreessen Horowitz - Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz - are each legends in Silicon Valley.

With this new round of financing, our main priority will be to expand our organization to supplement the amazing core team we’ve assembled already (know any great engineers? It’s been a crazy year for us and we’re expecting the next 12 months to be even more of an adventure.