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Teacher Guide. Below is a guide to using the NRICH website on Desktops and tablets, a mobile phone guide will be available soon.

Teacher Guide

At NRICH we believe that: Our activities can provoke mathematical thinking.Students can learn by exploring, noticing and discussing.This can lead to conjecturing, explaining, generalising, convincing and proof.In a classroom, the students' role is to focus on the mathematics while the teacher focusses on the learners.The teacher should aim to do for students only what they cannot yet do for themselves. Problems and resources linked to the Primary Curriculum, with support for teachers, can be found here. Problems and resources linked to the Secondary Curriculum, with support for teachers, can be found here.

This is what a typical teacher's home page looks like. Mouse over the boxed areas for further explanation. We suggest that you find the teacher home that suits you best and go there regularly for updates: This is the button that gets you to this teacher guide. Latest Collections. Primary Resources, Primary Activities, Worksheets, Lesson Plans for KS1 & KS2 - TES Resources. Education Services Australia. Teachers - ABC Splash. Primary — Years 3 to 7 « English for the Australian Curriculum. Five media-rich units of work that bring literacy and language learning to a broader and imaginative understanding of our world through literature and inquiry, supported by geography, science and history.

Primary — Years 3 to 7 « English for the Australian Curriculum

Night and day A unit of work with a literature study focus to explore Dreaming stories and folktales from around the world, alongside the scientific concepts and phenomena of night and day. View unit 1788: Was life the same for everyone? A unit of work in which students explore and create multimodal texts as part of their inquiry into the contact between Australia’s first people and the early settlers. Save one island, save them all A literature-based unit of work with a focus on the discovery of Macquarie Island, its degradation and the battle to restore the ecological balance on the island for future generations. Talk about rights Imagining ancient Rome.

Kookaburra Educational Resources - Leading Supplier for the Education Sector - The Australian Curriculum. Australian Curriculum Lessons. Song. "The Capital Letter Song" Pygmalion. Resources for Teachers. Frequency Adverbs Boardgame. Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from MindTRACES. Seven Little Australians Study Booklet - A Literature Study for Years 5-7.

In this teaching resource, students learn about all aspects of literature including themes, vocabulary, phrases, comparisons, characters and more.

Seven Little Australians Study Booklet - A Literature Study for Years 5-7

The booklet is broken into chapters to assist students to focus on key sections within the text. The booklet incorporates plenty of reading analysis, along with complementary writing exercises. About the text: Seven Little Australians describes the life of a family, in particular its seven children in early outback Australia. The setting is a house nicknamed ‘Misrule’ and ‘Yarrahappini’ the house of their grandparents. Teacher’s Guide: Seven Little Australians is available for free download from project Gutenberg. It must be noted that this novel contains much that could be described as ‘moralistic’ in its tale but this should not deter the teacher from using this text; rather it is a common feature of early Australian writing as an attempt to educate and create virtue in a harsh lawless land.

Year 5 Literature: Please Note: Add to favorites. Edudemic - Education Technology Tips For Students And Teachers. Blackboard Learn. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Free Technology for Teachers. Smart videos that you can watch with your kids. Sites for Teachers. Mentone Educational - Store-front Search. Writing (Punctuation and Grammar) Plants Punctuation - Can your pupils add the correct punctuation to these sentences?

Writing (Punctuation and Grammar)

Contributed by Carol Vincent. Punctuation Posters - A set of 11 brilliant posters (in PDF), outlining the uses of different types of punctuation. Contributed by Neil Hedworth. Tarzan Punctuation - A SMART Notebook file, which children can read and then devise actions to represent each missing punctuation mark. Homophones with the long vowel digraph 'ee' Esa.

Teachers' TV: Puppetry in pedagogy. Resources - Queensland Museum. Resources for schools & groups, kids & families and adults.

Resources - Queensland Museum

Includes activities, online learning programs, games, school resources, fact sheets and more. Some learning resources require the Adobe Flash Player which can be downloaded from Adaptations Teaching Unit (1336 KB) [Australian Curriculum] Teacher Notes and Student worksheets, units and lesson plans This unit focuses on the adaptations of organisms and is linked to the Australian Science Curriculum. It covers a term teaching unit with lesson plans, student worksheets, and assessment instruments. Squawks in the Night: Nocturnal Animals (5522 KB) An Early Years teaching slideshow about nocturnal living things and how changes in the sky impact on the behaviour of living things.

Welcome to the Torres Strait Torres Strait Islanders Indigenous to the Torres Strait, the Islanders have a unique origin, history and way of life. Resource List. Crackerjack Education. Language development – retelling personal experiences. The Magic Key - Teachers and Parents.