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Andy Warhol. Dorothea Lange. A Fresh Look at Diane Arbus. Farm Photographs. Rob MacInnis. Looking In. This exhibition celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of The Americans, Robert Frank's influential suite of black-and-white photographs made on a cross-country road trip in 1955–56.

Looking In

Although Frank's depiction of American life was criticized when the book was released in the U.S. in 1959, it soon became recognized as a masterpiece of street photography. Born in Switzerland in 1924, Frank is considered one of the great living masters of photography. The exhibition features all eighty-three photographs published in The Americans and is the first time that this body of work is presented to a New York audience. In addition, the exhibition includes contact sheets that Frank used to create the book; earlier photographs made in Europe, Peru, and New York; a short film by the artist on his life; and his later re-use of iconic images from the series. The exhibition is made possible by Access Industries and the Blavatnik Family Foundation. The Americans - Photographs by Robert Frank.

This is the photo book that redefined what a photo book could be — personal, poetic, real.

The Americans - Photographs by Robert Frank

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Robert Frank’s masterpiece still holds up — the selection of photos, and their sequence and pacing is fresh, rich, generous, and stunning. And the new 2008 edition published by Steidl offers perhaps the best printing yet, with all new tri-tone scans of the original prints, printed on top quality paper. Robert Frank Photography, Bio, Ideas. Robert Frank came to artistic eminence following the publication of his seminal book The Americans which is regarded to this day as one of the most influential photography projects of the 20th century.

Robert Frank Photography, Bio, Ideas

Frank became associated with the so-called 'Beat Circle', a group of poets, writers and artists - beatniks - who exemplified the apolitical, free-form spirit of post-war American existentialism. Having made his living as a commissioned commercial photographer, but left feeling frustrated artistically in that role, Frank took his 35mm camera onto the streets and highways of America where he honed his highly influential style of wandering, observational photography. Digital Photography Tips for Beginners - Just Reed & Play. Charles Pétillon. Daniel Mercadante. Ben Thomas.

10 Photographers Your Students Will Love. Students live in a visual culture, and taking photos is a normal part of their everyday life.

10 Photographers Your Students Will Love

In order to push students’ work forward and challenge the way they think about photography, it’s important to introduce them to new and interesting photographers. Here are 10 photographers to inspire you and your students. 1. Ben Thomas Ben Thomas takes photographs that look like paintings. Exploring Photographs (Education at the Getty) Grades: 7–12Subjects: Visual Arts, History—Social Science, English—Language ArtsPre-requisites: For teachers with any level of proficiency in teaching with works of art, and students of all skill levels.

Exploring Photographs (Education at the Getty)

This curriculum is intended to provide students and teachers with the tools to analyze photography and is easily adaptable to enhance learning on any theme, topic, or historical period that is expressed by, or documented in, photographs. The skills students will learn can also be applied to any work of art. The curriculum works best when paired with a visit to a local museum or gallery to view photographs in an art-historical context. The lessons in this curriculum are intended to be used sequentially. Ten photographs were selected from the J. 2 Engaging Projects for Beginning Photography Students. Photography is one of the most popular electives in my school.

2 Engaging Projects for Beginning Photography Students

I think a big reason for this is because students think it’s so easy to take pictures. These days, students can snap selfies and photos anytime, with little planning or thought. However, when they try to translate their social media skills to photography class, many of them realize their skills aren’t quite as sharp as they thought. Florent Tanet: Pictorial Gastronomy. Growing up we have always been told not to play with our food.

Florent Tanet: Pictorial Gastronomy

French photographer Florent Tanet has a different thought on the matter and through the careful manipulation of fruits and vegetables, he coaxes precise compositions from the products we frequently encounter in the produce aisle. Installation Magazine: How did your journey as an artist begin? Florent Tanet: I graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, where I developed my work in photography, graphic design and visual arts. Huge List of Photographers Categorised by Theme - The Arty Teacher. New Territory: Landscape Photography Today. Tent-Camera – Abelardo Morell. Production stills and video for Tent-Camera Images on the Ground Video – Abelardo Morell on his work in the “Ansel Adams in Our Time” exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston I have always loved The 19th Century photographs of the American West by Carleton Watkins, Timothy O’Sullivan and William Henry Jackson but, when I had a commission to photograph these landscapes anew, the work of these men daunted me—so much so that, for a long time, I couldn’t imagine how I would approach making landscape images myself.

Tent-Camera – Abelardo Morell

Videos – Abelardo Morell. Videos – Abelardo Morell. Kathleen Velo: Water Flow: Under the Colorado River. Kathleen Velo has a new body of work that expands on previous explorations of water–it’s sources and the ramifications of over usage.

Kathleen Velo: Water Flow: Under the Colorado River

Water Flow Under the Colorado River focuses on “the water flowing in the Colorado River, from its headwaters deep in the Rocky Mountains north of Denver, as it travels through five states and empties into the Gulf of California in Mexico”. Captured at night as photograms, the photographs reflect the location and the water quality of sites along the Colorado River. Kathleen was born in Chicago and lives in Tucson, Arizona. ART + SCIENCE: MAGIC: Elijah Gowin. ©Elijah Gowin, Firefly marks 1, 2015 Elijah Gowin is a photographer and educator based in Kansas City, Missouri.

ART + SCIENCE: MAGIC: Elijah Gowin

In his series, THE LAST FIREFLY, he photographically exposes the bioluminescence of fireflies on light sensitive photographic film to create multiple marks and patterns of their tracks. Gowin combines art and science in a masterful way. Through his writing he offers the viewer an objective awareness of these disappearing bio-indicators. Through fine art he discovers a unique visual language of fireflies. Photographs from this series will be on exhibit this fall in conjunction with the Photo+Sphere photo festival in Ashville, NC, a festival focusing on photography and science.

The Last Firefly — elijah gowin. Photograms. What is Tintype Photography and How to Learn the Technique. Unidentified man about 19 or 20 years old. Created 1890 and 1900. (Photo: Library of Congress)This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. Today we get the instant gratification of seeing a photograph we’ve just taken, but the early days of photography often required long exposure times and complex developing methods before results could be seen.

Cyanotype Sunprints. View Static Version Loading Cyanotype Sunprints By: Kayla McDonough I found a variety of organic materials around my backyard. Mary Pinto : Artwork : 99¢ Botanicals. 99¢ Botanical (bag of flowers) color photogram 14 x 11 inches. Mary Pinto: Weavings, Cut Outs, After Sandy, and Home and Garden. © Mary Pinto “Blue Fern (horizontal)”, color photograms and tape, 11 x 14 inches, 2015 The hand of the artist is uniquely distinct and evident in the work of Mary Pinto. Her photogram based cut outs, weavings, and collages feel sculptural, painterly and yet classically photographic. Edie Bresler: Based on a True Story. ©Edie Bresler, Helping Hands Photographic artist and educator Edie Bresler has an exhibition and site specific installation at Simmons College. Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass- Welcome to Josh's Home Website. Courtney Johnson – Light Lure. Courtney Johnson will open an exhibition, Light Lure, at the Candela Gallery in Richmond, Virginia on September 6th running through October 19th, 2013.

Christine Elfman. I recently came across Christine Elfman’s Cabinet Card images when looking at the roster of photographers participating last year’s Photo Review Exhibition. Scott Bulger Fine Art Photography. Paula Riff Photography. Paula Riff Photography. What is a Gum Bichromate Print? Blue Mitchell - Of Salt & Earth. Mary Pinto. Blue Mitchell. Liz Steketee. Learn How Photography Was Discovered - The F/Stop Spot. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just diving in for the first time, it’s important to have a general understanding of how photography started.

Having a historical perspective may not make you a better photographer in a technical or artistic sense, but it will give you an appreciation for the challenges previous generations of photographers faced. Additionally, knowing a little bit about the history of photography will also provide you with perspective further along as you begin learning about f-stops, aperture sizes and ISO. This look backwards isn’t intended to be a complete historical record of photography, but rather a primer covering the high points.

Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet. Edie Bresler: Based on a True Story. Paula Riff: Shibui and Blue is not the sky. Al Brydon: Solargraphs. Al Brydon. Photographic Weaving: The Process. インファンテーィノ テーブル アクティビティ エンターテイナー infantino-その他 - Mary Pinto. Mary Beth Heffernan » About. MARY BETH HEFFERNAN is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores the interplay of corporeality and images. She is Professor of Sculpture, Photography and Interdisciplinary Art in the Art and Art History Department at Occidental College. Molly McCall. NPR Choice page. Private video. Photography Tips Techniques : How to Make a Pinhole Camera.

Pinhole photography by Sandy McLennan – Best in Black and White. Courtney Johnson. Fine Art Photography Tips: Matthew Brandt Explains How He Mixes Things Up. Alison Rossiter: Revive – Light Work. Blue Mitchell - About. About — Buzzy Sullivan. William Miller. William Miller. Bill Miller. Blue Mitchell - Evanescent Energy. Blue Mitchell. Buzzy Sullivan.