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Evaluating websites

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Two Truths and a Lie: How to Fact Check the Internet » Tech Tips » Surfnetkids. Two Truths and a Lie is a parlor game where each participant tells two truths and one lie about themselves, and then everyone in the group gets to guess which tidbit is the lie.

Two Truths and a Lie: How to Fact Check the Internet » Tech Tips » Surfnetkids

On the Internet, however, it seems that everyone is playing 99 Lies and One Truth. From hoaxes, phishing attempts, novice “journalists”, politicians, and political supporters, it’s hard to know what is true. has been my go-to site for years, as it separates the hoaxes and urban legends from the truth. But there are other resources as well. Where to Check Political Facts a nonpartisan project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Applying the CRAAP test. The CRAAP Test YouTube Video.

Pets or - The best site for pets and food on the Internet! Dog Island Free Forever. - The freshest, purest dehydrated water on Earth. Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. Welcome to the AFDB Website This site is dedicated to spreading the word about the Aluminum* Foil Deflector Beanie and how it can help the average human.

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Here you will find a description of AFDBs, how to make and use them, and general information about related subjects. I hope that you find the AFDB Homepage to be an important source of AFDB know-how and advocacy. What Is An AFDB? An Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) is a type of headwear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers. What are you waiting for? REBUTTAL TO THE MIT ANTI-AFDB STUDY: Rahimi et al.' Burmese Mountain Dog Club of America. General Appearance Size, Proportion, Substance A mature Burmese Mountain Dog should be symmetrical in outline, slightly longer than tall but well balanced.

Burmese Mountain Dog Club of America

Dogs-25 to 27 inches in height; Bitches-24 to 26 inches in height. Desirable weight: Dogs-85 pounds; Bitches-70 pounds. Head Should be of fair length, the skull flat and rather broad between the ears and should be free from wrinkles when in repose. Neck, Topline, Body. The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. Tree Octopus Sightings Tree octopus species, including the endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, are some of the most elusive creatures known to Man.

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Not many researchers have managed to photograph them in the wild and those few in captivity tend to hide in inaccessable corners of their cages, as if purposefully avoiding the prying of humans. Any Tree Octopus sighting should be sent to If it adds significantly to Tree Octopus research it may end up on this page. Ellie managed to catch a climbing tree octopus on video: May 11th my friends and I hiked up Mt Baker. I couldn't believe my luck when it ended up being the elusive Pacific North West tree octopus!

Managed to get a little footage before it secreted itself away in a hole in the tree! About This Site. All About Explorers was developed by a group of teachers as a means of teaching students about the Internet.

About This Site

Although the Internet can be a tremendous resource for gathering information about a topic, we found that students often did not have the skills to discern useful information from worthless data. So we set out to develop a series of lessons for elementary age students in which we would demonstrate that just because it is out there for the searching does not mean it is worthwhile. A typical novice strategy for searching the Internet is to type the topic into the address bar. For example, if you are researching Christopher Columbus, you naturally would look first at Unfortunately, as you will see if you click on this link, that is not helpful. There are many less benign examples of site names that do not relate to the topic they appear to be about. To stay current on the site and hear about developments as they happen, follow @aaexplorers on Twitter. Publications. Cetacean Harvestation.

Claim: Dolphins are scooped into nets and canned by cranberry farmers during harvest season.

Cetacean Harvestation

Example: [Collected via email, November 2015] I keep seeing memes about dolphins getting killed by cranberry farmers by getting caught in the nets, is this true?? In late November 2015, a photo began making the social media rounds, reading: Please ask for dolphin-free cranberries this Thanksgiving.Every year, at least 12,000 cranberry bog dolphins are scooped into nets and canned.Make this year different. The text is accompanied by a photo of a smiling dolphin floating in a flooded cranberry bog with a person in hip waders (a cranberry farmer, presumably) in the foreground.

House Hippo. Hoax or No Hoax? Strategies for Online Comprehension and Evaluation. Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans Lesson Plan Student Objectives Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Extensions Student Assessment/Reflections.

Hoax or No Hoax? Strategies for Online Comprehension and Evaluation

Instructional Technology. Henderson County Public Schools Resources by Topic Tweets by @aTeamHCPS Home » Resources by Topic » Curriculum Resources » Evaluating Websites Evaluating Websites Evaluating Websites with Students Teaching students to evaluate the quality and reliability of websites is very important.

Instructional Technology

Checklists for Evaluating Sites Elementary Level Evaluation Form Middle School Level Evaluation Form High School Level Evaluation Form Teacher Level Evaluation Form Hoax Websites. Website Evaluation Lesson. Critical Evaluation. Evalelem.