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2016 Book Week

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Lilliedale: Book Fairy Costume. Last year I decided I was going to be a diction-fairy for Halloween.

Lilliedale: Book Fairy Costume

I had been making book page wreaths for my winter boutique and this just kinda evolved out of hours spent with a glue gun and rolled book pages. If you have made a book page wreath the this should be pretty simple. If you haven't made a book page wreath then it's still pretty easy just with a bit more reading. Rather than make a new one, I'm just breaking down how I made it last year so if it gets confusing just let me know! Book Page Tutu First take a scrap of fabric 3-4 inches wide and cut it to just a few inches longer than what you want the waist to be. Next lay the strip of fabric out flat and begin gluing on the rolled papers in rows along your strip. For each rolled up section of paper I used 2-3 pages together because dictionary pages are so thin. To make the paper rolls I like to do a mix of actually rolling the pages into cones/tubes and mixing in a few more free formed paper rolls. Here's the 1st/ bottom layer. Bookweek-for-beginners - home. Book Week 2016 - Mrs Mac's Library.

Gill, here is the CBC shortlist for Book Week in Schools 2016 incursion. Dear Gill, The 2016 Children's Book Council shortlisted books have been announced!

Gill, here is the CBC shortlist for Book Week in Schools 2016 incursion

Here is a short note from the writer about the books that will be featured in the 2016 Book Week incursion FAIR DINKUM! That will be visiting your school in Term 3. From Craig Christie; the writer of FAIR DINKUM! Every year considerable time and thought is given to the selection of which books from the CBCA Shortlist we will integrate into the Book Week in Schools production. . - PERFECT by Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood (Junior and General performances) A picture book with a delightful language style that will engage early readers with its clear and simple rhymes. . - MR HUFF by Anna Walker (Junior, General and Senior performances) While this picture book has been nominated in the Early Childhood category, it’s themes of mood and well being are relevant to all levels.

. - SURI’S WALL by Lucy Estella and Matt Ottley. For further details regarding FAIR DINKUM! Australia! Story Country - CBCA 2016 - Home. What Can You Tell About A Book From Its Cover? Pairs and threes were give a brown paper parcel and a sheet of questions.

What Can You Tell About A Book From Its Cover?

The first thing said: “Inside this package is a book. DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE!” Then students were asked: From the size of your book do you think it comes from the Fiction, Non-Fiction or Picture Fiction section? They had to make a judgment purely on the size and shape of the package. Then they had to work out: What sort of spine label would you expect it to have: There was a blurb from the back of a book stuck to one side of the package. Some blurbs were longer than others but student had to make judgments about appealing and uninteresting words contained in the passage and answer the following: Then there was the challenge of matching the blurb to an image of the cover from 12 images provided. Just to be tricky, the book inside the package was not necessarily the one that matched the blurb.

While waiting for the great reveal at the end of the lesson students spent some time reading quietly. Like this: Like Loading... Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network. < Back to Class Resources Jump to...

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network

Notable and Shortlisted Books Theme Art resources Back to top Notable and Shortlisted Books Visit the official CBCA website for lists of notable and shortlisted books. Early Childhood Category Aaron Blabey Piranhas don't eat bananasAaron Blabey books Aaron Blabey – Picture Book Maker from Story Box Library – YouTube Yellowbean learning ideas for Piranhas don’t eat bananas Other books by Aaron Blabey –Thelma the Unicorn read by Aaron Blabey - ScholasticAustralia YouTube Pig the Pug- Scholastic YouTube How to draw Pig the Pug Booktopia TV Bad Guys: Episode One trailer Alison Lester My dog BigsyAlison Lester website Book trailer 11secs Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood PerfectFreya Balckwood blog Danny Parker website Teacher notes at Scholastic pdfThe Little Big Book Club notes pdf Ronojoy Ghosh Ollie and the WindRonojoy Ghosh bio Teachers resources pdf – Random House Anna Walker Mr HuffAnna Waker website Book trailer Study notes – Scholastic doc.

Children’s Book Week 2016 - Educational Activities.