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Edudemic | Education Technology, Teacher Tools, Apps and More. Google Image Result for. Amazon. Classifying-K-12-blended-learning2.pdf. Ed Tech Map. Blended Learning. "Blended learning" has become the term that captures the notion that student learn -- at least in part -- in an online environment, which is supervised by an adult. Blended learning is different than "casual learning," which is learning outside the school system that is unstructured and unsupervised.

Students in "blended" environments take tests and are assessed on how much they have learned. But the key to the concept has to do with the "personalized" nature of learning: that technology makes it possible for students who either learn differently or have different interests to encounter material presented in a way that is engaging and meaningful to them.

The trend of creating "blended" environments is on the uptick: In the year 2000, approximately 45,000 K-12 students took an online course. The use of the term "blended" learning has been popularized through works such as The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning by Michael B. Digital Delights. EduClipper. Login. Allan's Blog. Fourni par Traduction DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION: V4 published Mar 2015. This PDF Poster has links to 122 of the latest and most popular educational apps. Now these resources are available in 19 different languages. The poster also has app selection criteria according to Blooms taxonomy. It could provide the backbone of a complete course or seminar on Learning Design. If you would like help with this please just ask. V4.0 was published in March 2015 but I knew I was onto something useful when I first put the Padagogy Wheel together in July 2012.

So why the need for Version 2.0? We need to have transformation at the core of what we do: If it is all about the students, where do you start with curriculum and/or teaching design – surely it is with what do you want your graduates to look like? Technology integration into the fabric of learning and teaching: is where we should be heading with all we do as teachers. Finally, can you help with V3.0?