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Groups- Collaboration & Facilitation

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TT Group Work. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Assigning Individual Roles and its Effect on the Cooperative Lear. Group work Nov 2012. Group woking role cards. How Can I Compose Groups?-Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation. Group composition affects many aspects of a group project, such as how efficiently group members work together and how much relevant knowledge they can share.

How Can I Compose Groups?-Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation

When deciding how to compose groups for a project, you should: Decide how to configure groups There are two main factors to consider when configuring groups: Size. Small groups tend to work efficiently because it is easier to coordinate efforts and schedules among fewer people. CTE - Establishing Ground Rules. What are best practices for designing group projects?-Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation. When Groups First Meet. Depending on the nature of the group activity or project, you should support your students in developing or establishing all or several of the following, if they are to work effectively as a team: group purpose ground rules or group contracts individual members' roles individuals' responsibilities guidelines for group meetings.

When Groups First Meet

Support students in clarifying their group purpose Give students an opportunity to clarify and define their group task, so that they begin to develop a shared understanding of what's required and can start their planning. Checklists are a useful way to help students focus on the scope of their project and clarify how group tasks will proceed. Surviving your group project. Teams need leadership, but this is best distributed across members rather than assigned to one person.

Surviving your group project

Leadership encompasses multiple traits and a single leader can yield too much influence over decision-making, as well as reduce the commitment or investment of other team members. Divide leadership up into separate roles based on strengths, like executer, strategist, influencer, and team-builder. The most successful collaborations are those that involve in-person meetings, video, and conferences based on a study of National Institutes of Health research scientists. Connecting face-to-face with team members can foster informal social connections that keep the team committed and functioning well. It can be tempting to jump directly into dealing with the tasks at hand without learning a bit about the people on your team. Surviving your group project. What are the benefits of group work? - Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University. “More hands make for lighter work.”

What are the benefits of group work? - Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

“Two heads are better than one.” “The more the merrier.” These adages speak to the potential groups have to be more productive, creative, and motivated than individuals on their own. Benefits for students. Collaborative Learning. What is collaborative learning?

Collaborative Learning

What is the impact of collaborative learning or group work? What are some examples of collaborative learning activities? How can you design group work activities? How can you manage group work? Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University | ONLINE DOCUMENT A Note to Faculty and a Quick Guide for Students Ellen Sarkisian, Derek Bok Center Many students have had little experience working in groups in an academic setting.

10 Student Suggestions for Surviving Online Group Assignments. Why we need group work in Online Learning. This post is 1st in a 3 part series on the topic of group work in online learning communities.

Why we need group work in Online Learning

Post 2 will be about strategies for effective group work, and post 3, successful evaluation and outcomes Group work. Students groan when they find out there’s a group assignment that’s part of the grading for a given class [ I’m no exception]. Students learning online don’t feel much different, and given the time and distance barriers, it presents even more challenges for these students.