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ART & DESIGN | TwistedSifter Apr 16, 2014 This Guy Takes Photos of Buildings and then Uses the Sky as His Canvas In an ongoing series entitled Sky Art, artist Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art, takes photos of buildings and cityscapes wherever he travels. Many of his images point skyward using a fisheye lens. He then uses the sky in each photo as his canvas, filling it with illustrations that incorporate the sky’s natural colour. To… ART & DESIGN | TwistedSifter
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apr 04, 2014 WATCH: naoto fukasawa elaborates on the company's attention to craftsmanship, and his own approach to » 0 shares last week designboom attended the inaugural mextropoli architecture festival in mexico city. the balloon-powered internet system will begin its 2nd lap, where it will traverse over the pacific ocean » industrial design courses ? designboom

industrial design courses ? designboom

This article by Marc Kristal from Metropolis Magazine, originally titled “Digital Details,” looks at the work of NRI, a New York company that is leading the way when it comes to 3D Printing (or rather, additive manufacturing) – finding that there is a craft in these machine-produced models after all. First things first: The term “3-D printing” is a misnomer according to Arthur Young-Spivey, the digital fabrication specialist at NRI—a 116-year-old, New York–headquartered supplier of reprographic services to architects and their tradespeople. “The correct term is ‘additive manufacturing,’” he explains. “People call it 3-D printing because it enables you to wrap your head around it, but in some ways it’s confusing.” Young-Spivey has a point, as the process by which a digital file is converted into an object isn’t “printing” in the commonly understood sense of applying pigment on a substrate. ArchDaily | Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide

ArchDaily | Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide

Eco-chic design at C&C House, Grenada, Spain Granada-based architectural practice, Arias Recalde Taller de arquitectura, has designed the C&C House project. The modern home in Dúdar, Granada, Spain was used as a holiday home but has been refurbished by the owners child so it could become their first-home. Luxury Bespoke Furniture, Homes, Kitchens, Contemporary Interiors & Travel

Luxury Bespoke Furniture, Homes, Kitchens, Contemporary Interiors & Travel