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R2D2, at LONG LAST — TRAGIC SUNSHINE. UPDATE: Mondotees has sold out of “A Linch Pin Droid”. Thanks so all the people who successfully bought this print and sorry to those that weren’t able to grab one. I WILL be selling a few copies on my site really soon, but I need to work out the details before I can announce anything. A blog post will be made here before the prints go on sale. Casual Profanity. The Ghosts of Amsterdam « How to be a Retronaut.

DVD] Radiohead - Glastonbury 1997 [Full Concert] At Home With Butch Anthony - Butch Anthony’s Art Shapes His Rural Alabama Home. LIKE a medieval village, Butch Anthony’s 80-acre family compound is a self-contained universe, and every inch of it is an expression of his prodigious creative spirit.

At Home With Butch Anthony - Butch Anthony’s Art Shapes His Rural Alabama Home

It makes a tempting destination for folk art aficionados, as well as the sort of art world tourists who’ve already ticked Marfa, Tex., or Joshua Tree, in the California desert, off their lists. Mr. Gallery: Paintings inspired by paused VHS tapes. Swiss artist Andy Denzler creates paintings that are designed to look like the fuzzy image of a paused VHS recording.

Gallery: Paintings inspired by paused VHS tapes

The oil paintings -- mostly portraits of people -- aim to reinterpret photography and film stills. Denzler told "I'm pushing the boundaries and possibilities of abstract and photorealism. It's as if I've pressed the fast-forward on a video machine, then hit the pause button, so reality comes to a stand-still. I speed up and slow down the colours. What remains is a distorted moment -- classically painted, oil on canvas -- which, upon closer inspection is very abstract, but from distance looks real. " Public Workers Rush for Retirement. Symphony in Slang. "Symphony in Slang" is a 1951 cartoon short directed by Tex Avery, written by Rich Hogan and released with the movie No Questions Asked by MGM.

Symphony in Slang

Minimalist and abstract in style (many of the "gags" are created either with single, still frames or limited animation), it tells the story of a man John Brown, who finds himself at the Pearly Gates explaining the story of his life to a bewildered Saint Peter and Noah Webster using slang of that era. The majority of the short is made up of sight gags based on Peter and Webster's imagined, literal understandings of such phrases as "I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth" and "Outside it was raining cats and dogs.

" Plot[edit] Congrats to Egypt. Dear Egyptian friends,Congratulations on your victory and success.

Congrats to Egypt

You deserve your liberation and freedom. Your courage and perseverance have paid off. For Eighteen days you have been protesting peacefully, enduring weather conditions, standing thugs’ provocations, and bearing the regime’s hopeless prevarications. Now that you have pulled the regime out like a cat across the rug,enjoy your well-deserved victory.There is a joke making the rounds here in Morocco that Husni Mubarak came out on the balcony one morning and saw the crowds shouting and screaming. He asked one of his advisers, “Who are these people? Daphne Oram's audiovisual music synthesizer, 1957. Daphne Oram (1925-2003) was the co-founder and first director of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a sound effects and music studio established in the 1950s that had a vast influence on electronic music and synthesizer technology.

Daphne Oram's audiovisual music synthesizer, 1957

At the BBC and after, Oram developed an incredible new kind of sound synthesis technology, called Oramics. The video above offers a glimpse of her Oramics synthesizer, purchased from a collector in 2009 and now under restoration at the Science Museum in London. From Not only is this one of the earliest forms of electronic sound synthesis, it is noteworthy for being audiovisual in nature - i.e. the composer draws onto a synchronised set of ten 35mm film strips which overlay a series of photo-electric cells, generating electrical charges to control amplitude, timbre, frequency, and duration. This system was a key part of early BBC Radiophonic Workshop practice.