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Bite-sized reviews of the best sci fi films of all time. - display your design in a web browser. 2013 BMW Vision Gran Turismo. Infiniti's Vision GT Concept Is Real And It Was Designed In China. Joining the league of concepts that made the jump from the virtual reality of Sony's Playstation Gran Turismo 6 game to the real world is Infiniti's Vision GT.

Infiniti's Vision GT Concept Is Real And It Was Designed In China

The Japanese model was displayed as a real "flesh and bones" concept for the very first time last week during the inaugural Infiniti Design Night in China on the eve of the Auto Shanghai 2015, where Infiniti also paraded the Q80 Inspiration and Q60 Coupe studies. "The Q80 Inspiration, the Q60 Concept and the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo are all thematically different," said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director.

"Yet the same thread of handcrafted artistry weaves through them, and they all speak with one Infiniti design language. " This is What the Renault Alpine Vision GT Concept Looks Like Up Close! Since the 1:1 scale model of the Renault Alpine Vision GT concept for Gran Turismo 6 is not really a fully-functioning car, it’s more of a rolling sculpture.

This is What the Renault Alpine Vision GT Concept Looks Like Up Close!

However, it’s a very pretty one with lots of unusual angles, dips and vents – it looks great in the closeup video posted here. Renault can really create a sporty shape if it so chooses, and this Alpine is proof that they can but most often prefer not to. It is an extreme interpretation of the design shown off by previous concepts, but it should also be aerodynamically sound – it’s like one of those streamlined racing cars from the 1930s.

Mercedes’ Vision GT: now for sale. Remember the Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo?

Mercedes’ Vision GT: now for sale

Of course you do. It's that insanely evil concept car commissioned by Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi to appear exclusively in GT6. 2013 Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept - Picture 533564. Vision Gran Turismo - PRODUCTS. Vision Gran TurismoThis is a festival of "Gran Turismo" The project started from the words of Kazunori Yamauchi.

Vision Gran Turismo - PRODUCTS

"Would you be willing to design your rendition of Gran Turismo for us? " The name of the video game "Gran Turismo"=GT, refers to a 2 door sportscar, a grand touring car in the automotive world. The worlds automotive manufacturers who have answered our call are now delivering new Gran Turismo's one after another. Vision Gran Turismo is a 15th anniversary festival that will be hosted by automotive manufacturers, Gran Turismo, and users around the globe. Toyota FT-1: Gran Turismo 6 concept car makes real-word appearance at Detroit show. As concept cars go, the Toyota FT-1 concept made a good case for star of the show at the Detroit Motor Show 2014.

Toyota FT-1: Gran Turismo 6 concept car makes real-word appearance at Detroit show

And if you’re gutted that you never actually get to go up close and personal with these types of concepts, then here's a little treat - because you can already "drive" the FT-1 as part of a special download made available for PlayStation racer Gran Turismo 6 (GT6). Car makers aren’t always known for being particularly responsive, but from our discussions with various makers it seems apparent that they are becoming increasingly worried that a generation of people are more interested in phones and video games, than cars.

That’s part of the reason why we’ve seen manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz with its Vision GT Concept and now Toyota, creating concepts specifically for racing games. And there’ll be more to come. In Detroit, Nissan’s global design chief told us his company was developing something unique for GT6 too. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo gets real at Goodwood. Virtual reality became reality reality at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week as Nissan unveiled the physical version of its Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo “virtual supercar.”

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo gets real at Goodwood

The futuristic concept will be available next month as an avatar in PlayStation Gran Turismo 6 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the driving game. The 2020 Vision started life as a study model for young designers at Nissan Design Europe in London. Borrowing design cues from current Nissan supercars and adding a dash of the futuristic, the results were impressive enough to engage a Nissan engineering team in Japan to make the four-wheel drive chassis with active suspension more realistic. It was duly tweaked from an engineering point of view so that the aerodynamics would match the aesthetics. The design was later adapted as an avatar for the Gran Turismo 6 video game along with models from 28 other car makers, who were invited to participate in filling the game’s virtual garage. Citroen GT start up + HUGE sounds !!! Chevy Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept - 2014 LA Auto Show.

i1awdkpiBzk8HRH. Renault Alpine až v roce 2017. Nissan odhalil nové video, ve kterém klade důraz na rozvoj konceptu Vision Gran Turismo 2020. 2015 Infiniti QX80 SUV. Chris Doane Automotive – Spy Photos. Range Rover Evoque Convertible SUV Revealed – Land Rover. Land Rover has confirmed the world’s first premium compact SUV convertible will go on sale in 2016 by releasing a unique underground testing film.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible SUV Revealed – Land Rover

Forty metres below the streets of London, UK, the first prototype of Land Rover’s new Range Rover Evoque Convertible was granted exclusive access to the 26-mile (42km) network of Crossrail tunnels for a development test with a difference. Engineers were allowed the opportunity to drive the disguised new Evoque Convertible with its roof lowered in complete privacy. 2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Spy Photos. What It Is: Possibly this year’s best automotive reason to scream “Aaaaaargh!”

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Spy Photos

At the skies while emptying any handgun you happen to be holding into the uncaring heavens, just like in Point Break. That, and also a cabriolet version of the Range Rover Evoque. Why It Matters: Land Rover has threatened to do this for some time. The company brought an Evoque cabriolet concept to the Geneva motor show back in 2012, and we’d heard in the summer of 2013 that production had been approved. But then things went silent. Range Rover Evoque 2016: První statické dojmy. Range Rover Evoque 2016: Nový diesel, LED světla a změny vzhledu. „Malý“ Evoque se prodává velmi dobře, za necelé čtyři roky si našel už přes 400 tisíc klientů, jen doma v Británii se jich prodalo 62 tisíc.

Range Rover Evoque 2016: Nový diesel, LED světla a změny vzhledu

Range Rover Evoque. Development[edit] LRX concept vehicle[edit] Land Rover LRX Concept — Rear view The Evoque was developed from the LRX concept vehicle with the goal of producing a smaller more environmentally conscious vehicle.

Range Rover Evoque

Nový Range Rover Evoque 2014: Co nového přináší? 08.09.2013 | Autor: redakce. 2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Spy Photos. 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Photos and Info. Land Rover has released details and images of the updated 2016 Evoque ahead of its full reveal at the upcoming 2015 Geneva auto show. Rover was careful to leave intact the chunky and charming aesthetics of its bestselling model, instead focusing on a much-need revision to its dated and stutter-prone infotainment system and—in Europe, at least—bringing a pair of diesel engine options to the table. The trim-level hierarchy also has been reordered to align with that of the Range Rover Sport, with the Evoque now available in SE, HSE, HSE Dynamic, and Autobiography versions. (FYI: A convertible Evoque is also in the works.) A new front bumper punctuated by a pair of larger, more-aggressive air intakes and featuring slim, integrated LED fog lamps leads the update, accompanied by two new grille designs.

The standard unit has two horizontal bars and a fine mesh pattern, while Evoque Dynamic models get a hexagonal pattern. Advertisement - Continue reading below. Press — The International Flag of Planet Earth. Car Accessories. Then and Wow: Past + Present Spare Tire Parking Aids. Getting your car into and out of tight parking spots is a problem that drivers have been dealing with since the very first generation of cars hit the road. Almost immediately after that, some wise soul had the idea to add a fifth wheel that lowers down to the street to swing a car’s back end out of parking spots. Although it was a brilliant concept, it never quite caught on in the mass market. This newsreel from the 1950s shows the original device patented by one Irvin Carpenter. The video shows in detail just how useful a fifth wheel could be for people looking to drive into and out of otherwise-inaccessible spaces. This video from Egypt shows that the concept is still alive and well today.

Light Phone. Flag of the Earth. The idea of a flag of the Earth is a flag used to represent the Earth. Concepts revolving around this theme include political, spiritual and environmental aspects of the planet. Although there is no internationally agreed upon flag to represent the whole planet, some individuals and organizations have promoted designs for a flag. To date no flag has received any "official recognition" by any governmental body. When We Go to Mars We'll Need a Flag for Earth. Picture man landing on the Moon and somewhere in the image there’s probably an iconic emblem: the American flag. But a Swedish design student thinks that a national flag alone doesn’t suffice for space missions. When they venture beyond our planet, astronauts are not only representatives of their own country; they are ambassadors for Earth.

So 24-year-old Oskar Pernefeldt has designed a new flag, the International Flag of Planet Earth. Pernefeldt told me the idea started when he thought of how the flags we use now were originally used at sea, and we’re now voyaging in a different space. My jsme svět / We Are the World - MATĚJ SMETANA. My jsme svět, 2008instalacesyntetická textilie14ks. 157 x 105 cm6. bienale mladého umění Zvon, Dům u Kamenného zvonu, Praha Bienala Tinerilor Artisti, Sala Dalles, Bucuresti, Rumunsko 14 nalezených existujících verzí univerzální světové vlajky. V76 by Vaughn - Thaddeus.

Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ Grate. Have you ever yearned for an adventure where the open road meets the unexplored? It’s easy to hop in your SUV for an off road adventure, but what do you do when you get hungry? Power bars start off great but can taste like sawdust. You need a hot meal, but towing your Weber behind isn’t practical. That’s where the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount Braai cooking grate comes in.

This all stainless steel grate stores over your spare tire and takes up virtually no space. Decked Truck Bed Organizer. Throwing tools in the back of a pickup truck is like using a garbage bag instead of a backpack to lug your laptop and gear – it’s messy, likely loud, and stuff’s bound to get damaged. Best Dune Buggies. Remember when you and Dad slapped together that go-kart with some metal tubing and an old lawnmower engine? Yeah, neither do we. But the kid down the street, he and his dad had that one-seater with the roll cage, and damn it, someday, you said, you’d outman him and have something bigger and better.

Fast forward to today, and it’s time to beat the Joneses. Four-Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel-Drive: Everything You Need to Know. 7 Best Off-Road Trailers. Moby 1 XTR There are more luxurious trailers, and there are more compact ones. Dominator Track System. AutoSock Winter Traction Device. Defender - Uncrate. Why Heavier Cars are Safer. Editor’s Note: Our talk of cars tends to be related to a wide variety of topics like speed, looks, comfort and fuel mileage. Yet often overlooked — both by enthusiasts and everyday drivers — is one of the most important factors: safety. This week, we’re taking a deeper look at how modern vehicles are keeping you and your loved ones safe. We start here, with a review of how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tests cars’ performance in accidents — and how they’re getting it wrong. ize matters in cars, and not just for carrying more passengers, extra fuel or having the space for a bigger engine.

It’s both conventional wisdom and fact that heavier cars tend to be safer for their drivers and passengers during crashes. The Greatest Rally Drivers and Their Cars. 10 Best Concept Cars That Were Never Built. The 7 Best Beach Cars. Untitled. 8 Best Car Modifications. 20 Sites With Awesome Gear For Men. トヨタ ランドクルーザー 70. Rady při koupi ojetého veterána. Povinné ručení pro veterány. Co je lepší – koupit auto na úvěr, nebo na leasing. Kolik musíte spořit, abyste si našetřili na… - Kalkulačka.

Auto na úvěr či leasing? 10 bodů k ujasnění! Přísady do benzínu pro historická vozidla. Dlouhodobé uskladnění auta - Škoda Veterán - Škoda Forum - Výhodné pojištění pro veterány. ‚Rodný list‘ pro veterány ŠKODA z muzea Škoda Auto. Mirek Kotlařík radí, jak kupovat veterána (I) - Historie - Autokaleidoskop. The Typography of Speed — re:form. Troyer Race Cars. How The Man Behind The Machines Of Mad Max Put A Hellscape On Wheels. Google Is Taking Its Self-Driving Cars to the Open Road.

Paul Smith and Land Rover Defender - Paul Smith World - Collaborations. Met deze elektrische EOscc2 is fileparkeren verleden tijd. This Is BMW's Flagship 7 Series Sedan. Tanner Goods Utica Driver Gloves - 3 Choices. Driving Gloves - The Coolest Accessory. INFO DAVID OBENDORFER. Prodej a servis luxusních automobilů. These Concept Cars Are So Bizarre You Won’t Believe Your Eyes. 20 Sites With Awesome Gear For Men.