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fUSION Anomaly. [History Ends in Green]

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Eric Mortensen's brain, inside out. fUSION Anomalog. Powerlines… Posted April 9th, 2014 by Categories: animated gif, powerline, spiders the gig… Posted April 9th, 2014 by Categories: bear, cellist, cello, concert, gig, show training… Posted April 9th, 2014 by Categories: animated gif, trains both tasty meals, depending on the culture… Posted April 8th, 2014 by Categories: animated gif, bacon, cultural differences, dogs, flesh, ham, meat, nonvegetarian, parkour, pigs, pork, slaughter sentience…

fUSION Anomalog.

fUSION Anomalog. fUSION Anomaly. [history ends in green] Nodebase. Resonance. "Music is prophecy: its styles and economic organisation are ahead of the rest of society because it explores, much faster than material reality can, the entire range of possibilities in a given code.


It makes audible the new world that will gradually become visible. " --Jacques Atalli: Noise (1977) This nOde last updated March 17th, 2002 and is permanently morphing...(11 Lamat (Venus) / 6 Cumku - 128/260 - 604/Psychedelic TranceAcoustics of Rock ArtAmbientAnalogueAncient Acoustical EngineeringArnold SchoenbergAphex TwinAtari Teenage RiotAumAutomagick DJAuroral SoundsBeastie BoysBeatlesBill LaswellBlack FlagBlack SabbathBob MarleyThe Bomb SquadBrian EnoCadenceCazzamalliChladni WaveplatesCircular LambdomaThe ClashClockDVACoilColdcutCountry And Western Song TitlesCrash WorshipCymaticsDanceDevoDidgeridooDJ QbertDJ SpookyDolbyDr.

Music And The Power Of Sound: The Influence of Tuning And Intervals On Consciousness. 604. 604 Psychedelic Trance This nOde last updated July 29th, 2002 and is permanently morphing.


Nodes. Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory Cache.


Creatures. Essence. Essence This nOde last updated September 15th, 2001 and is permanently morphing...(10 Chicchan (Serpent)/10 Kan (Snake) - 205/260 - AmbergrisAniseAromatherapyBasilBayBenzoinBergamotCandlesCedarwoodChaiDhoop DigiScents DragoncloudEgyptian MuskEucalyptusFrangiapaniFrankincenseGalbanumGingerHoneysuckleIncenseJasmineJuniperMelissaMyrrhNag ChampaOakmossOilsPatchouliPerfumesPheromonesPi by GivenchyRussian AmberSageSnuffYlang Ylang.


Locutions. Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory Cache This nOde last updated June 8th, 2002 and is permanently morphing... (3 Chuen (Monkey) - 4 Zotz (Bat) - 211/260 - 0 8 23 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C.


Art And Physics: Parallel Visions In Space, Time And Light by Leonard Shlain Aurebesh Being Digital by Nicholas Negraponte Big Secrets by William Poundstone Blood Music by Greg Bear Celtic Chaos: Making A New Science by James Gleick Chaos And Cyberculture by Timothy Leary Censorship Childhood's End by Arthur C. Cyberia: Life In The Trenches Of Hyperspace by Douglas Rushkoff Cyberpunk Databases The Death Of The Author The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson Diaspora by Greg Egan DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, M.D.

Ecstasy - Dance, Trance & Transformation by Nicholas Saunders Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Presence. Projections. Third eye mind This nOde last updated June 10th, 2004 and is permanently morphing.


Realms. Flavors. Synaptic Ether. This nOde last updated April 29th, 2003 and is permanently morphing.

Synaptic Ether

. . . (3 Cib (Owl) / 4 Uo - 16/260 - Absurdity Agnosticism A.I. Alula Dimension "The world is but a Thought, said he: The vast unfathomable sea is but a notion unto me... " Entities. Tech Nique. Technoshamanism. Culture Jamming. Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory Cache Culture Jamming This nOde last updated June 4th, 2005 and is permanently morphing... (3 Ak'bal (Night) / 1 Zots (Bat) - 3/260 - _Adbusters_ magazine While many consumer information organizations focus on the content of advertising, Adbusters is a Canadian group and magazine that is critical of the advertising process itself.

Culture Jamming

Extreme electronic track _Massmedia Thought Control_ MP3 by Low Entropy track _Burning Down The Billboards_ MP3 by Cave-In off of _Creative Eclipses_ on Hydrahead (1999) We are here, we were there, they are nearing people everywhere we go. Rush hour traffic gazing upward at our magic. Catching things on tv and getting the knack of spotting commercials, i've realized that the quality of the advertising for a product has far surpassed any notion of an intended) notion of creating art through advertising. it might have started with the _1984_ (quicktime) clip by release _Adbusters: Live Without Dead.