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Enter the Subscription site  Quality teaching materials. Kodaly Inspired Classroom: Lesson Planning. I have gotten a lot of questions on my Facebook page about lesson plans, from templates to actually planning, so this blog post will hopefully help you with just that!

Kodaly Inspired Classroom: Lesson Planning

Once I finish my long range (yearly or monthly) plans, I start to break it down, looking at what concepts I am preparing, practicing, and presenting in each month and begin to find the songs that will fit those concepts. For each lesson I make a column for rhythm and pitch so that I make sure that I am addressing both (no matter where I am in the Prepare/Present/Practice) in each lesson. It looks something like this. I start off just listing things and then I put them in order once I figure out how I want to weave the songs together (that's what the numbers are for):

Instruments of the Orchestra: A Monster Collection of Links for Music Teachers. Unit: Instruments of the Orchestra A unit about the instruments of the orchestra is frequently included in music education curricula around the world and there are lots of free resources online to help you introduce or expand upon the topic.

Instruments of the Orchestra: A Monster Collection of Links for Music Teachers

Here are some of the links that I have found over the years. How orchestral instruments work and sound: videos. Isle of Tune. V4 "Love" 2014. Stage 3 Music - Get Smart.