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How and why you should turn all those pizza boxes into portable television studios for your students. Earlier in the school year my students created whole-class videos using our large green screen studio. While I assigned students a variety of tasks (director, camera operator, acting coach), my students spent the majority of their time on the carpet as an audience member. At the end of these units I wondered how we could increase student ownership of the production. Could I have my students create a green screen movie without having to play the audience member for large portions of the time? Could they be empowered to create a movie independently of the teacher? Programming with R The best way to learn how to program is to do something useful, so this introduction to R is built around a common scientific task: data analysis. Our real goal isn’t to teach you R, but to teach you the basic concepts that all programming depends on. We use R in our lessons because: we have to use something for examples; it’s free, well-documented, and runs almost everywhere; it has a large (and growing) user base among scientists; and it has a large library of external packages available for performing diverse tasks.

Required reading: the books that students read in 28 countries around the world iStock In the US, most students are required to read To Kill a Mockingbird during their school years. This classic novel combines a moving coming-of-age story with big issues like racism and criminal injustice. Reading Mockingbird is such an integral part of the American educational experience that we wondered: What classic books are assigned to students elsewhere? We posed this question to our TED-Ed Innovative Educators and members of the TED-Ed community. People all over the globe responded, and we curated our list to focus on local authors.

Makerspaces, Maker Education, STEM, and STEAM are gaining lots of traction in Kindergarten though college level education. Articles, resources on social media, and conference presentations on these topics are proliferating at a rate that most educators are now familiar with maker education. Once again this school year, schools will be ramping up robotics programs and opening more makerspaces, according to the latest report from the New Media Consortium and the Consortium for School Networking. As for “important developments” on the horizon, makerspaces (first listed as a trend in the 2015 report) will pick up speed over the next one to two years. Conservation Research Utilising time outside of the normal expedition research season, universities are able to design and plan their own individual field courses at a number of the Opwall field research stations. These field courses can be completely personalised to meet the needs of the group, and are available for 7, 10 or 14 days between September and May. Field trips start at $640 per week for basic use of field facilities, but bespoke packages including provision of lectures, lecturers, field experts and PADI dive training can be also be provided. One free place for an academic for each 10 students is also provided (pro rata).

Lesson Plans ELA Candid Camera Lesson Plan Appropriate for grade levels ES to HS Combine Makey Makey with a webcam to create candid stories about your classroom. In this lesson you can also learn how students can write out short tableaus and create GIF cards for visualizing ideas in a text or even vocabulary reinforcement.Tableaus also work for other contents. Social studies teachers can use this lesson for understanding historical events and science teachers could ask students to act out scientific ideas and concepts. Click here for the full lesson plan.

Training in Tropical Taxonomy Despite estimates that 30 to 60 percent of marine species remain to be described, a growing shortage of taxonomic expertise hampers conservation of the world’s biodiversity. Collaboration between temperate and tropical scientists is critical. Most biodiversity occurs in the tropics while most of the infrastructure for advanced study is in universities in the temperate zone. Experts who identify organisms on sight without relying on technology are themselves going extinct. Any hopes for replacing them are dashed by the perennial lack of funding for training. New molecular and imaging techniques and improved bioinformatics tools cannot replace the gradual loss of classical taxonomy. How to Run a Maker Madness Tourney at Your School by @AnnemarieCat - A.J. JULIANI This is a guest-post written by a middle school teacher in my district, Annemarie Catalano. This year has been a big push to create a “maker culture” within our district. One of the ways we wanted to help bring this culture into the fabric of our learning was to create a Maker Madness Tournament.

Fix 'USB/External Hard Drive Appears in Device Manager Not in Explorer/This PC' Error – EaseUS USB/External hard drive only appears in Device Manager, how to make it shows up in This PC or Windows Explorer? "Hi guys, does anyone of you know how to make a USB or external hard drive to show up in This PC or Windows Explorer? I have a problem that my external USB drive shows up in Disk Management under Device Manager, but it doesn't display in the Windows Explorer - This PC. I have some important files saved on the USB drive. Elementary Library Makerspace Resources Collaborative Resources created with Mrs. J in the Library Elementary Librarians to Follow STEM Facilitators in Elementary Amazing Professors Teaching Teachers/Librarians Best Resources for Elementary School Makerspaces

HEDGE (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Genetic Evaluation) Study Participants will be invited to the screening events based on their information in the EDS Global Registry.After providing informed consent, accepted participants will have their blood drawn for whole genome sequencing. Family members will not be automatically included in the study, so each family member must individually go through the recruitment process.Recruitment will continue through 2019. Additional screenings may be scheduled at various clinics worldwide with carefully selected clinicians.

Start Here How to navigate The menu bar at the top of the page is a great place to start, as it contains some of the main information on the blog, including the About page, Our Makerspace Journey, links to presentations I have done, curated resources and contact information. You’ll find links to my social media pages, a search box to find specific articles, and categories. (Note: This menu bar doesn’t always show up on mobile devices) Whenever you’re looking at the blog feed or an individual post, you’ll see a sidebar on the right.

Frankfurt Spring School Week 1 Following an introduction and get together we kick off with a week-long hands-on workshop on project planning and management. Analysis, planning, budgeting, proposal writing, and fundraising will be the key themes of this long but important module. Week 2