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Language Arts

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First Lines Bulletin Board. Songs bookmarks by Coralie.pdf. Text Structure Fun & Foldable. This past week we've been working hard to practice & review Text Structure. We had a through mini lesson on patterns of organizations, what they are, why & how authors use them, why they are important to us as readers, the different types of structures, their definition & characteristics, and the signal words that helps us as readers to identify them in a text. My classroom is usually organized in rows {due to lack of space} but I turned the desks into pods this week so students can work in groups. There was no movement space but they loved it. Students created a journal foldable for Text Structure that included the definition & characteristics and signal words of each pattern of organization.

Next each group got newspapers and had to identify one article per pattern using the characteristics and signal words to guide their choice, they glued it into their booklets, and had to highlight the signal words and characteristics they found in the article to prove their case. Congrats ladies!!!! Mentor Text Lessons...inspired by Picture Books. How did this page of quality lessons come about? In 2005, WritingFix received a generous grant that helped begin the very popular lesson collection you will find on this page.

The generous $25,000 AT&T Grant, acquired with the help of the Washoe Education Foundation, allowed us to design and host a very different kind of inservice class for 100 Northern Nevada teachers, and that inservice made possible this page. Members of the Northern Nevada Writing Project's Technology Team created and demonstrated eight brand new picture book lessons to the first 100 teachers who signed up; they then gave away 100 copies of each of the picture books so that class participants could teach any of the lessons back in their classrooms without needing to purchase the mentor text. At the inservice's end, each of the 100 participants brought in a different picture book to share, and each wrote a brief proposal for a 6-trait lesson inspired by their books.

Little Bird Tales - Home. Nnective word cards - Connectives, VCOP, connective resources, connectives display words, connective displays. Reading Area / Library Display Borders (Books) - Library, shelf, Display border, classroom border, border, editable label, subject labels, exercise book, workbook labels, textbook labels. Instant Grammar Check - Online Proofreading | Grammarly.