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Darwin's Cladogram Tree with Finches by joabaldwin on Shapeways. Charles Darwin's first ever sketch of a tree of life, in the shape of an actual tree, with finches perched on the branches.

Darwin's Cladogram Tree with Finches by joabaldwin on Shapeways

Each branch and minute detail of Darwin's original drawing is represented, and each finch represents the A, B, C and D marks on his sketch. The sketch appeared in his private notebook (“Notebook B on the transmutation of species,” 1837–1838). From a side view, the shape of the tree matches perfectly with Darwin's drawing (look at the last image for a comparison). If you look carefully, you'll notice that each finch is slightly different, and the more apart they are from each other in the evolutionary tree, the more distinct the differences are. Meditation Time Vinyl Sticker by PaperWaspNest. Inkodye. Elegant and Innovative TV Mounts. Super Mario Koopa Shell Backpack. Super Mario Pipe Coffee Mug.

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