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Internet Marketing Software Products. Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity » The Real Life Social Network v2. Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Made Easy. Techmeme. 29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have MIssed. We're back with a cause-themed weekend roundup in anticipation of the Mashable Social Good Summit this Monday, September 20.

29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have MIssed

Below you'll find a section dedicated to our recent slew of Social Good resources including apps, trends, and several surveys of modern fundraising. We've also got all the classics in our Social Media section with resources on how Digg can survive, details on fashion week, and the future of social media journalism. Tech & Mobile has iPad apps for Twitter power users, and some guides on Internet Explorer 9. Finally, Business reveals details on popular startups, how to pick a great office location, and how to hire a designer. Looking for even more social media resources? Social Good Our social good posts are brought to you this week by the Mashable Social Good Summit, being held Monday, September 20 at the 92Y in New York City.

Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit:Date: Monday, September 20, 2010Time: 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Facebook to Change How You Process Friend Requests. On Facebook, you have two options for processing friend requests — confirm or ignore.

Facebook to Change How You Process Friend Requests

Today, we're learning that Facebook is replacing the "Ignore" button with a "Not Now" button, that when clicked, will place the friend request in a separate section called "Hidden Requests. "Inside Facebook was first to report on the new "Not Now" option, and Facebook has since confirmed that it is indeed replacing the current "Ignore" option for all members and will be rolling it out to everyone in the next few days. The "Not Now" alternation will change how you process friend requests moving forward. You can continue to confirm requests as usual, but if you're not interested in friending a wannabe connection, you'll now need to click the "Not Now" button. That action will not ignore the request, but hide it, relegating it instead to a new "Hidden Requests" menu for future processing.

Facebook wants members to take advantage of the latter option to prevent friend request abuse. 5 Winning Social Media Campaigns to Learn From. Companies are starting to broaden what they consider online advertising, and are opting to run some amazing social media campaigns.

5 Winning Social Media Campaigns to Learn From

Rather than slapping a banner ad on a site, social media campaigns take full advantage of the web's unique properties like interactivity, community-building, and the ability to specialize local offers. Making a social media campaign work sometimes requires a certain je ne sais quoi. We looked into some successful campaigns from the past year to figure out what they did right and what lessons they can provide. We know we left out some brilliant social media campaigns, especially for niche and small-scale markets. Add your voice to the comments below, and let us know which social media campaigns you admire and what lessons they offer. 1. The Campaign: Gap teamed up with popular group-buying site Groupon to offer a nation-wide deal: $50 worth of apparel for just $25. What Worked: The sale marked Groupon's first nation-wide deal with a major brand. What Flopped: 2. Social Media: The New Battleground for Politics. Geoff Livingston co-founded Zoetica to focus on cause-related work, and released an award-winning book on new media Now is Gone in 2007.

Social Media: The New Battleground for Politics

Control of the House of Representatives hangs in the balance of the 2010 Congressional election. A recent forecast published on The New York Times website anticipates a two-out-of-three chance for a change in power. The election has become a war, with battles being fought locally and nationally, in person, on the news, and online with social media. With new media at hand, elections become a time for innovation, and online engagement can lead to enormous influence.

We've seen this with Barack Obama's presidential bid in 2008, and more recently with the British general election. I sat down with both the GOP and the Democratic social media team leads to learn more about their efforts for the upcoming election. The Weigh-In Strategies "This RNC listens to folks," said Todd Herman, chief digital strategist, Republican National Committee. Strategy Analysis.