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Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. Los Angeles Unified School District. Sexual Harassment at School - FindLaw. Is your school doing all it can to both prevent and take action against sexual harassment by students?

Sexual Harassment at School - FindLaw

Until recently, teachers and administrators often brushed off student harassment with an "eh, it's just kids being kids" attitude. That attitude has changed drastically. After repeatedly being ignored regarding their daughter's complaints about being sexually harassed at school, one girl's parents finally got the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court. In Davis v. Five things students can do about racism. Science News for Students. “Will we have to move again?”

Science News for Students

Nida asked her parents. She and her twin brother Noah are 10 years old. Their African-American family had recently moved to a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. Less than a week after the 2016 presidential election, however, a classmate had harassed Nida's brother at school. Let Girls Learn. Let Girls Learn. Make your Free Logo in 5 minutes - Online Logo Maker. Smoking. Listen When your parents were young, people could buy cigarettes and smoke pretty much anywhere — even in hospitals!


Ads for cigarettes were all over the place.

Texting and Driving

Deering High may be first U.S. school to offer athletic hijabs - Portland Press Herald. Deering High sophomore Tabarek Kadhim wasn’t entirely comfortable about playing sports – but that’s changed now that the school is offering sports hijabs for female Muslim athletes.

Deering High may be first U.S. school to offer athletic hijabs - Portland Press Herald

“I did not do any tennis until now because I was so nervous and shy about wearing my stylish hijab during an athletic event,” said Kadhim, clad in a slick purple cap that matched her uniform and covered her hair, ears and neck. “Now I can actually play and not worry about my hijab falling off.” This spring, Deering apparently became the first school in the nation to outfit athletes with hijabs designed for physical activity – a move athletic director Melanie Craig hopes will encourage more Muslim girls to play sports. South Portland hit by spike in homeless students. SOUTH PORTLAND — An unexpected and significant increase in the number of homeless students in the city’s public schools this year has officials cautiously budgeting for a similar situation in the coming year.

South Portland hit by spike in homeless students

The increase is linked to Portland’s family shelter, which saw its own numbers rise last year and regularly used the Maine Motel on Route 1 in South Portland for overflow temporary housing. The spike coincides with an apparent decrease in the number of homeless students in Portland schools and a stepped-up effort by the Maine Department of Education to identify and assist homeless students across the state. Since July 1, South Portland schools have enrolled 107 students who were considered homeless under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, said Assistant Superintendent Kathryn Germani.

That’s up from 74 students in 2013-14 and 40 students in 2012-13. “We came back from Christmas break and there (was paperwork for) five more families on my desk,” Germani said.

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Top 10 sites to help students check their facts. Our Lives Matter PSA. LGBTQ topics. Ev Norsworthy - local student working for LGBTQ student rights. Student Handout Take a Stand and Lend a Hand. Stop Supporting Child Slavery By Avoiding These 6 Chocolate Companies. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Stop Supporting Child Slavery By Avoiding These 6 Chocolate Companies

Americans sure do. In fact, the average American citizen eats over 11 pounds of chocolate each year. But there’s a downside to this sweet treat beyond simply questionable ingredients. Many of us purchase our chocolate without thinking about who made it, and that’s a problem, since a variety of large corporations have been accused of using child slavery to give you your chocolate fix.