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When the guy from the bar tries to sleep over. When someone says they don\'t need to drink to have fun. ファッション通販ならファッションウォーカー. Inspiration for artists from Wildfox Couture - I LOVE WILDFOX - Magical Creatures!! Pre-fall, Wildfox and Francesca Lia Block collection. Pre-Fall 2012 Magical Creatures Magical Creatures is a story written for Wildfox by critically acclaimed author, Francesca Lia Block.

Inspiration for artists from Wildfox Couture - I LOVE WILDFOX - Magical Creatures!! Pre-fall, Wildfox and Francesca Lia Block collection

Francesca has been an inspiration for Wildfox creators, Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon, since before the birth of Wildfox in 2007. Together Francesca, Emily and Kim have based a collection of dreamy T shirts on the story of 3 very different, magical girls who live in our favorite Wildfox cities – Ella, a fairy from Los Angeles, Cherie, a gypsy from Paris, and Dahlia, a witch from New York. Francesca tells a story of these three girls and their important friendship, a metaphorical weaving of magic and mystery, beautiful clothes, and romantic back drops. “When I first moved to Los Angeles I was so scared. Now you can share in the love of Francesca and Wildfox and decide which girl you are. Photos: Kimberley Gordon. Lexi Lyla. Honestly WTF. How do you bring a television monitor’s ability to display four times the detail of full high definition to life?

Honestly WTF

Use 8 million vividly colored flower petals to represent the number of pixels in the display, of course. In Sony’s new advert, real life flower petals were released in the Costa Rican landscape – dancing through the streets of a village and erupting from the Irazu Volcano. The result is a beautiful visual explosion of color and magnificent detail! When done right, belts can take an ensemble from yeah to YES – they are the unsung heroes of the accessory gang, if you will. The latest collection of chainmaille belts, a collaboration between Luv Aj designer Amanda Thomas and Stone Cold Fox designers Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand, has us anxious to get back in the belt game.

The Oreo Experience. When someone tells me they like True Blood. Honestly WTF. To Birkenstock or not to Birkenstock?

Honestly WTF

That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to reject the 90s slipper, or to take arms against the naysayers and wear the double strapped Arizona Birkenstock with casual-cool pride. Aye there’s the rub! J.Crew is for crazy for color. And we are totally grateful for this obsession. In his newest series The American _tier, artist Shawn Huckins explores 19th century American paintings in context of 21st century slang. #whatshouldwecallme. Human Resources Regional Service Center. Oxy-Powder® - Best in Colon Cleansing. Frequently Asked Questions About Oxy-Powder® What is constipation?

Oxy-Powder® - Best in Colon Cleansing

Will I have abdominal cramping while taking Oxy-Powder®? Very few people experience cramping while taking Oxy-Powder®. Few incidences last longer than the first 3 days of cleansing. This cramping may be due to one or more of the following situations: You have undigested food in your bowel or you ate a heavy meal containing meat on the night you started taking OP. Vigor Trail 2.0 Shoes. Strawberry Freckleface. Kathleen Hanna – The Collapse Board Interview. KATHLEEN HANNA: It’s really exciting for me to play music with her again!

Kathleen Hanna – The Collapse Board Interview

It all just came together. How very cordial « innBrooklyn. Its tigress canjam time again and the ingredient of the month is herbs — Food in Jars and Tigress in a jam both have posts about this month’s challenge with lots of tips, thoughts and book suggestions (the latter I am trying my best to ignore as I have way too many books now!)

How very cordial « innBrooklyn

I did pick up a nice selection of herbs just last week at the farmers market but they were for planting in the two planters in our front yard. Since we’re having a bit of coldish weather at the moment I”m keeping them in the vestibule for the next week and will plant them out next weekend. Express Employment Professionals. The Quirky Girl Timeline: A History Of Quirk From Hepburn To Deschanel. This Saturday marks Zooey Deschanel's first time hosting "Saturday Night Live", which will be one small step for Zooey and one giant leap for twee culture, but what all of the bloggers mumbling about manic pixie dream girls and aggressive whimsy seem to be forgetting is that this rise of the quirky girl has been a long time coming.

The Quirky Girl Timeline: A History Of Quirk From Hepburn To Deschanel

Dwell – At Home in the Modern World: Modern Design & Architecture. Tumblr. Charlotte Free and Jimi #6. Vegan Ryan Gosling. A re-post from PETA featuring our favourite man. liljamonster asked: Can we make a compromise?

Vegan Ryan Gosling

Best friends with R.G and almost overwhelming sexual tension between us and only a few months supply of tofu? Oh my god. as if you could resist the unbearable sexual tension! I would take Ryan any day! Not vegan related, but oh god don’t you just love him?! (via killert) Happy Holidays! From our friends at The Staple Store in Melbourne, Australia. liljamonster asked: I have found the blog of my dreams.

Thank you, thank you xx Hope you spend the day grooving to Total Control and eating cruelty-free treats! My Parents Were Awesome. [英語] My Yearly (How to Get To Japan-esque) Speech. Mikaeraです. Porcelain. Martine Johanna. Jin. Www. Lolita Bandita. Kathleen Hanna. Kathleen's blog. Our Coveted Closet. Niotillfem. Color Me Katie. Stacey Dash.