First things First... I don't have internet access at my house, as I sit here trying to install Starcraft II, the wireless in the lobby of my apartment is telling me that I have excellent connectivity, yet I'm transferring 0.0 kbps. That's right 0.0kbps! SO as battlenet tries toe estimate the time left, the hours just continue to increase and increase. This setback is surely going to be impacted by the inevitable interruption of me not wanting to sit down here for the estimated "46" more hours until all 23 patches are completed. LUBDAR'S PAPERCRAFT BLOG LUBDAR'S PAPERCRAFT BLOG

Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee

Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee A Little Bit of College Ruled Genius By our friend and returning Yanko champion, Sherwood Forlee. Check out the simplicity. Just punch out the corner, make a cut or two, fold back, and POW! You are green. You are sooo green.