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Play music together. 10 New Mumford & Sons Songs (Original, rare and cover songs) Mumford & Sons have become a huge overnight sensation and drastically revitalized the genre of folk rock.

10 New Mumford & Sons Songs (Original, rare and cover songs)

Rock legend Robert Plant was recently asked about his favorite artists at the moment and he named two: The Black Keys and Mumford & Sons. What sets Mumford & Sons apart is the intoxicating nature of their music which has a festive, joyful, primal, hopefull yet realistic and deeply human feel. It penetrates the soul. And almost anyone who hears their music finds it both catchy and refreshing. SHEET MUSIC. Otomata. New!


If you like Otomata, check out my new instrument Circuli by clicking here! Update: Click here to get Otomata for your iPhone / iPod / iPad! Free Music Downloads. Free new music & mp3 downloads brought to you daily with love. Social Music: A vs Slacker Head to Head. The Social Music series is supported by Blive Share Beta, hosts of the Groove Armada mini album.

Social Music: A vs Slacker Head to Head

Where are you getting your music fix? Chances are you've heard of and tried fan-favorite, but what about music newbie Slacker? The Show Goes On Lupe Fiasco on SoundCloud - Your Sound, At The Heart. Social Music: Top 5 Sites to Build a Playlist. The Social Music series is supported by BLive Share, a platform for online music sharing and host of the Groove Armada mini album.

Ah, the perfect playlist. In the quest to find a musical oasis where track after track is a pleasant reprieve from the surrounding world, even the best of efforts are often thwarted by limited song selection, an overly complicated user interface, or the lack of insight into upcoming songs. So we've scoured the web to find only the best musical offerings and we've put together a list of five sites that make playlist building a joy.

The Music Maze - StumbleUpon. S 30 Must-Hear Albums of 2011. Already, 2011 is shaping up to be another big year in music.

S 30 Must-Hear Albums of 2011

To see what's in store, check out the latest on upcoming albums from 30 SPIN artists that matter, including the Strokes, the Beastie Boys, the Kills, Drake, Lady Gaga, and more! PJ HARVEYThe English songstress teamed up with longtime collaborators John Parrish and U2 producer Flood for Let England Shake, a collection of melodic tunes that tackle the vagaries of war, past and present.

The record was recorded live in a Dorset, England, church - and Harvey's songs have a stomping, rhythmic vitality that was missing in her more restrained recent releases. The Ultimate Music Blog for Free MP3s, Free CD Listening, Discovering New Artists. Music News, Album Reviews, Concert Photos, MP3s, Videos and More.

Interview Magazine - Music. Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music. Emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities - StumbleUpon. The easiest way to dj your soundcloud... Pitchfork: Home. From the Basement.