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Peru and Bolivia

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Incas. 36 Hours in Lima, Peru. Peru’s capital may not have world-class architecture, but its old moniker “ the ugly” doesn’t hold true these days.

36 Hours in Lima, Peru

Right away, a visitor notices its tidy streets, handsomely landscaped parks and sweeping ocean views. And then there are the less obvious but ultimately more compelling attractions: a rich pre-Columbian heritage, ethnic diversity, and emerging art and fashion scenes, as well as remarkably great food. Lima’s transformation into a culinary powerhouse, which started more than a decade ago, was propelled forward in recent years by a group of talented and enterprising chefs. Their creativity, inspired by the seemingly endless variety of native ingredients, has brought fame not only to their individual restaurants, but also to the entire city.

Friday 1. To see the full article, subscribe here. The 10 Best Travel Tips for Peru Adventure Travel by Kathy Doore, author, Markawasi: Peru's Inexplicable Stone Forest. E-Books and Travel Guides of Peru. GGD Reisvaccinaties. Ayacucho travel guide. Understand[edit] During the 80's and early 90's, Ayacucho was mostly under control of the Sendero Luminoso, an extreme leftist terrorist group.

Ayacucho travel guide

After the successful anti-terror fights under president Fujimori, the influence of the Sendero Luminoso decreased almost completely. In the recent years, some singular activities have come up again. The area of Ayacucho is declared as zona de emergencia (emergency zone), but the only practical restriction for normal tourists seems to be the recommendation not to travel in the area during night time.

The Tourist Office is found in the Plaza de Armas. Get in[edit] The Airport has flights from Lima. Daily buses to and from Lima on a well paved road. (9-10h) - It goes over some high mountain passes which make some people sick Daily buses to and from Pisco the same well paved road. (6h) Bus to Cusco? - Ayacucho Forum. 4.

Bus to Cusco? - Ayacucho Forum

Re: Bus to Cusco? I am one of those folks that get pretty sick. I take a Coke to sip, coca leaves to suck on, aspirin or ibuprofen, red-packaged Soda crackers, and plastic bags to barf in (Ziplocs are an excellent choice!). Lots of folks choose to premedicate but I am not a good candidate so I just deal with it and take an emergency drug with me, in case my lungs go south. I've never seen anyone as sensitive as myself when traveling, though. Cruz del Sur - Long distance bus. Air Europa - information. Yellow River hostel - family homestay - Cusco - Peru. Trekking in Bolivia: A Traveler's Guide - Yossi Brain, Andrew North, Isobel Stoddart - Google Boeken. Travel - In Bolivia, awe-inspiring scenes at every turn. In the Bolivian Andes, ice-blue glaciers crown amphitheatres of peaks, llamas graze quietly in the afternoon sun and the evening light fades into frigid mountain nights.

Travel - In Bolivia, awe-inspiring scenes at every turn

Bolivian Mountains - Trekking in the Bolivian Mountains. Bolivia has villages and communities in some of the most far flung and seemingly inaccessible areas of the Andes.

Bolivian Mountains - Trekking in the Bolivian Mountains

The era of the Inca and pre-Inca saw the creation of trails and routes of communication through many of the valleys and along many of the hillsides in and around La Paz. These routes make for fascinating treks, since they not only give you the chance to enjoy breathtaking glacial landscapes giving way to barren mountain crags, and in turn to thick, virgin cloud forest, but also to visit communities, many of which for whom time stood still many years ago. The treks that we offer here are not the typical routes you will find in most guidebooks. Whether you plan to use them as a chance to acclimatise before heading for higher ground or just in order to get away from the tourist trail for a while, you had better stock up on camera film...

Bolivia Archives - Notes on Slow Travel. During our continuous journey in South America that started in 2007, we visited Bolivia six times.

Bolivia Archives - Notes on Slow Travel

In total we spent about a year in this diverse country. We were particularly captivated by the extremes in landscapes and the Bolivians’ strong need for celebrations. Although we never planned to be in a certain place for a particular festival, procession, or fiesta, we stumbled on them regularly. Some were small celebrations in a village, others were festivals held throughout the country. Somebody told me that in many places they have some sort of celebration at least once, if not twice a month. These celebrations, most of them held for religious reasons, are colorful events. 5 Places in South America to Soak in Hot Springs. After 2,5 year of Amazon tropics Coen and I are happy to have returned to the colder and drier climate of the Andes Mountains.

5 Places in South America to Soak in Hot Springs

During these past 10 years I have never written, “Boy are we glad to be back in the tropics so we can wear shorts and bathing suits again,” yet I have expressed that, “It feels great to wear socks and sweaters again and to sleep under our down blanket.” We’re cold-weather people. That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate heat. Madidi Travel. EcoAmazonia Lodge. Rainforest Expeditions Peru. PERURAIL, Train to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. Train Lima - Huancayo. Alternative Peru Trek: Salkantay Trail To Machu Picchu - Rickshaw Travel. Peru and Bolivia in 3 weeks (itinerary) Isla Del Sol (Titicaca Lake), Bolivia In the morning we took a boat at 8.30 to Isla del Sol.

Peru and Bolivia in 3 weeks (itinerary)

We debarked on the north of the island and started to walk towards the south. The trail was just beautiful: you are on top of the island and can view the Lake Titicaca on both sides of the Isla del Sol. We reached the south of the island in the middle of the afternoon and had lunch. Rondreis Peru en Bolivia. Je bent aangekomen in de langst bewoonde stad van het Westelijk halfrond.

Rondreis Peru en Bolivia

Cuzco wordt door de Inca’s beschouwd als ‘de navel der aarde’, en wordt gedomineerd door een mengelmoes van bouwstijlen. Om ruimte te maken voor de rijkversierde bouwwerken van de Spanjaarden, werden tijdens de Spaanse overheersing veel van de oude Inca bouwwerken vernield. Rondreis Bolivia & Peru, 23 dagen. Peru en Bolivia – rondreis Peru en Bolivia.

Lima – Huacachina (Ica) – Nazca – Arequipa – Colca Canyon – Puno – La Paz – Uyuni – Potosí – Copacabana - Cuzco – Machu Picchu Peru en Bolivia zijn prachtige landen om te bezoeken, of je nu van cultuur, natuur of landschap houdt.

Peru en Bolivia – rondreis Peru en Bolivia

Grillige canyons, kleurrijke rotsformaties en een enorme zoutvlakte met reuzencactussen laten een onuitwisbare indruk achter.