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The Science of Brands on Instagram (Infographic) No other social platform provides an experience as incredibly focused and engaging as Instagram.

The Science of Brands on Instagram (Infographic)

With just a bit of creativity and thoughtful measuring, you can make some Insta-magic for your brand. In this infographic, discover the trends behind the big-brand Instagram experience and learn how you can catapult your company to new heights. Instagram Launches @Music, Its First Official Content Vertical. Instagram today announced the launch of a new official community on its service dedicated to music and musicians that will live under the handle @music.

Instagram Launches @Music, Its First Official Content Vertical

This marks the first time the company has created a dedicated account devoted to a single subject, explains the Facebook-owned social network in a blog post out this morning. The idea for the new community was sparked by activity on Instagram itself, as one-quarter of the most popular accounts on Instagram today are those coming from musicians. Now Instagram is working to further fuel the flames of its 300 million+ users’ interest in the subject. Instagram Starts Letting Ads Be Clickable. Instagram never allowed URLs to open until now.

Instagram Starts Letting Ads Be Clickable

It wanted people browsing photos, not the web. But Instagram says its advertisers demanded more vivid ways to influence people who “lead to meaningful results for their businesses.” Brands want measurable impact, not to be breezed by. Twitter really doesn't want its top users to share Instagram links anymore. Twitter has a message for its top users: Stop sharing Instagram links.

Twitter really doesn't want its top users to share Instagram links anymore

The social network sent out prompts Thursday to a batch of its high-profile users, nudging them not to tweet links to Instagram photos, and instead post photos directly through Twitter, according to a copy of the prompt obtained by Mashable. The prompt (screengrabs of which you can see, below) was sent out to a group of notable users in media, entertainment, sports and other categories, according to a source close to Twitter. That same source characterized the prompt as an educational effort to show the service's celebrities and influential users how to use the native photo function to boost engagement.

Image: Screengrab, Mashable The move comes a little more than two years after Instagram first disabled support for displaying images in tweets, which was around the same time that Twitter introduced native photo-editing and filters. Why The Indian Manufacturing Industry Needs Instagram. Instagram Worth $35 Billion, Facebook Stock $91, Citi Says. Instagram Hits 300 Million Monthly Users To Surpass Twitter, Keeps It Real With Verified Badges. It’s no fad.

Instagram Hits 300 Million Monthly Users To Surpass Twitter, Keeps It Real With Verified Badges

Just nine months after hitting 200 million users, Instagram now says 300 million people use its photo app every month, with 70% of them coming from outside the US. That makes Instagram officially bigger than Twitter, which had 284 million active users as of six weeks ago. Instagram’s been going strong for four years now, and despite fears that the acquisition by Facebook would screw it up, there’s now 70 million photos shared each day, and over 30 billion total.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says “Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community.” Between Facebook’s 1.35 billion, Messenger’s 500 million, and WhatsApp’s 600 million users, Facebook has developed a jaw dropping mobile footprint. Fan Engagement With Top Brands on Instagram Has Increased 416% Instagram has become influential over the last few years and brands are discovering that devoting advertising resources to Instagram is a good investment.

Fan Engagement With Top Brands on Instagram Has Increased 416%

A new infographic from Simply Measured, a provider of social analytics tools, details just how well brands are doing on the photo sharing service. Interactions in the form of comments and likes have increased dramatically over the last two years. Likes and comments have doubled on branded content since Q3 of 2013, and they have increased 12 fold since Q3 of 2012. Also, as the number of active brand pages increased on Instagram, so too has fan engagements per month. Interbrand 100 companies averaged 18,822 likes and comments per month during Q3 of 2014, which means the engagement per post has increased 416 percent in the last two years. Capturing comments and correctly using the right hashtags also plays a big role in this success.

View the full report from Simply Measured, or check out the infographic below: Stephen Burgess sur Twitter : "Why #Instagram Worked: A Co-Founder Looks Back. Why Instagram Worked — Backchannel. A co-founder looks back at how a stalled project turned into a historic success Earlier this month we marked four years since Instagram launched.

Why Instagram Worked — Backchannel

Throughout the day, I glanced at what time it was, and thought back to what we were doing four years ago: 6am: Biking through a misty San Francisco morning to our shared co-working space at Dogpatch Labs.7am: Stomach in knots, Kevin and I scarf down bagels from Crossroads Cafe.8am: Press embargo lifts, our first users come streaming in.9am: Kevin and I panic as our tiny server crumbles under the weight of our first-day traffic.12pm: Relief as we get things sorted out and back up.2am: Still awake. 25,000 people have signed up.6am (again): Taking the N train back to the Haight and collapsing. That first day was a preview of the rest of the year; alternating between giddiness that we might have created something that really resonated, with panic that we wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand, and that the wheels might come off the wagon. 3 Big Benefits Brands Can Get From Visual Content on Instagram.

In only four years, Instagram has blossomed into a prodigious social media channel with over 200 million active monthly users that post an average of 60 million photos a day.

3 Big Benefits Brands Can Get From Visual Content on Instagram

But as with any social network, digital marketers want to deliver tangible business value to brands in order to prove the network’s impact on the bottom line. Here are three types of true business value brands can get out of Instagram with visual content: 1. Product sales. 54% of the World's Top Brands Are on Instagram. Special K Store Lets You Pay With Instagram Photos. Instagram was famously worth about $1 billion to Facebook — but how much is one Instagram photo worth?

Special K Store Lets You Pay With Instagram Photos

A box of Special K. In Stockholm, at least. The Kellogg brand's freestanding store offers a free box of its upgraded Special K to anyone who snaps a picture and tags it with #nyaspecialk, which is Swedish for "new Special K. " Just show the cashier your pic to get the booty. InstaSale: Chirpify Takes Its In-Stream Commerce Service To Instagram As Its Twitter Service Continues To Fly. Chirpify, the social commerce platform that launched six months ago as the only in-stream way to make purchases on Twitter, is now starting to spread its wings: today the company is announcing that it has integrated with Instagram, the photo sharing service owned by Facebook.

InstaSale: Chirpify Takes Its In-Stream Commerce Service To Instagram As Its Twitter Service Continues To Fly

The move means that people who have signed up to Chirpify’s service, and entered their PayPal and shipping details, can go to any items that are being sold via Instagram — tagged with #instasale — and enter the word “buy” in the comments for an instant transaction to take place. Similarly, Chirpify will be offering a charity equivalent. “Donate” under a specific charity campaign picture with a specified amount will let users contribute to social causes. Those that have signed on for the Instagram launch include Invisible Children, Kat Graham, Kat Von D, KEEN, Meek Mill and Wale. Update: And it looks like the launch has taken Chirpify’s site offline. How retailers are making use of Pinterest and Instagram - Direct Commerce magazine - covering every channel from every angle -

By Miri Thomas | Publication date: 08/02/2012 | Category: News We’re all familiar with Facebook and Twitter and increasingly more retailers are dabbling with mobile apps to communicate with consumers “on-the-go”. But there are two relatively new kids on the block, at least as far as retail is concerned, and they are Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest bills itself as an “online pinboard” allowing users to browse images and “like” or “repin” them, they can also comment on other’s pins and pin items of interest to their boards from other websites. Pinterest has been a hit with investors, raising $27 million in its latest funding round this past October, reportedly valuing the start-up at $200 million.

6 Powerful Reasons Why you Should include Images in your Marketing - Infographic Jeffbullas's Blog. I have become a habitual Instagrammer. When I am out cycling, walking or just sitting admiring the view or the passing parade, I am looking for photo oportunities that I can snap and then share on my Instagram “app”. All I need to be carrying is my iPhone or iPad and with my Instagram app waiting patiently for me, I can capture that photo, apply a snazzy filter and click the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons and it flies around the world. It then showcases in my follower’s streams and updates and invites them to engage with me by commenting, liking or sharing. Jamie Oliver a “celebrity chef”, understands this and with over 412,000 followers on Instagram has embraced the power of photos to market the Jamie Oliver brand.

Not surprisingly, the better the photo the more it drives engagement and Instagram takes my ordinary and average photos and gives them that “zing” factor (a good example is my Instagram photo from Istanbul, Turkey in the top right corner of this post) . The explosion in social photosharing. How brands are using mobile photography. Live stream of Getty event this Thursday.  The First Ever Instagram Restaurant Menu?

People love to Instagram their food while wining and dining. Comodo, a new latin american restaurant in NYC transforms the love for sharing food photos into the first ever Instagram Menu. Comodo used the photos of their food to create the Instagram Menu via the #ComodoMenu hashtag, to let their guests add photos of their meals. My opinion? Comodo is tapping into a trend in a very simple but clever way to visualize their food, to make the paper menu interactive and to create buzz and awareness in social media for the new restaurant. All in very relevant ways, and using the powerful mobile handset as the next gateway to: Content, communities, brands, friends and commerce.

So Bon Appetit! An advanced guide to using Instagram to build your brand. It’s the pictures, stupid. That’s basically what the people at Facebook will tell you when it comes to the most important part of the social network. The Facebook community uploads 250 million photos a day. And 70 percent of all activities on the site revolve around pictures. And it’s that core insight behind Instagram’s success. Within two months of launch, Instagram had one million users. And this is without an Android app!

So it is all about the pictures, right? How to use #instagram #videos with @BundlePost #Content Folders. You may have heard by now that Facebook and Instagram have announced the new video function within the video application. The Instagram video differs from the Twitter owned Vine video App in a few distinct ways: (here are the steps in an actual Instagram video) 1) It lets you use photos and now video in an integrated application. 2) Instagram Videos can be 15 seconds in length compared to the Vine 6 seconds, making it more usable for marketing. 3) It seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing sharing and playing directly in their network. Images Changing Social Media – Instagram, Facebook And Pinterest. Because we are all human beings in social media and online, with exception of bots, we are all very visual. We have a need to visualize what we read and process the text under the proper context of its meaning.

Think about it… We process information primarily visually, then use text to get the deeper detail. 5 Awesome Examples of Instagram Marketing From Real Brands. Mobile photo sharing is now a part of our future and is one of the fastest growing social media trends of the last few years. Big brands are starting to take notice, using the trend to their advantage. @incloco. $500M Valuation Round for Instagram. The fact is, if you make a consumer Internet app that people actually use, you’re probably raising venture capital right now. So we try not to write about every funding round that’s in the works.

Facebook to Acquire Instagram for $1B. Facebook Officially Closes Instagram Deal. Facebook Releases Instagram Clone. Facebook proposes data-sharing with Instagram, end to site governance voting. Facebook Acquires Itself. Facebook Acquires Itselforiginally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider There’s no way you missed this week’s tech news: Facebook spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing application sensation. This may be a factually accurate description, but it misses the heart of the story. What happened was, Facebook spent $1 billion to acquire a piece of itself. Here's How Kevin Systrom Plans To Make Instagram Ads Work.

Instagram Adds an Identity Layer, Which Could Be a Big Deal for Brands - Mike Isaac - Social. Instagram's Busiest Day Ever? Thanksgiving. Instagram Lands Its First Big Ad Deal.