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Skype office interior design, Luxembourg City. Skype office interior design, Luxembourg City Architects&photo: WAM. Rugged Rucksack: Armadillo-Shelled, Hard-Case Backpack. In nature, the scaled mammals of the Manidae family feature a curious combination of hard and soft, firm but flexible. The applications to luggage are at once obvious and relatively untapped. Recycled rubber inner tubes form the material basis for this series of backpacks, brief cases, hand bags and purses from Cylus (and inspired by the work of the Biomimicry Institute). “By joining together layers or surfaces with a membrane, the structure, form, movement and a container space is generated.” A central axis provides a pivot point around which each rounded piece of the exterior shell can wrap and rotate, containing precious items in an impact-proof case while offering easy access to the contents.

The whole series of Pangolin products is nearly architectural in nature, not just for its substantial physicality and expressive shape, but also in the way it builds a bridge between the environment and design. Cocoon-Like Vertical Bamboo Towers Are High Tech and Primitive at The Same Time Bamboo Housing SAINT VAL Laurent – Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World. Round platforms serve as the floors, which are accessed by a circular staircase that wraps around a central support member. Bamboo poles are connected together with high tech metal “X” joints to create the exoskeleton of the home. Round platforms serve as the floors, which are accessed by a circular staircase that wraps around a central support member.

Wooden slats and glass panels curve up the exterior in a double helix to let in light and encourage ventilation. Finally the whole structure is wrapped in canvas to seal the inside in. The ground floor serves as the entrance and contains a bathroom and small kitchen and the next three floors are used as bedrooms. Finally the top floor helps distribute heat up and out and serves as extra living space. Saint Val Architect designed the woven vertical residence for Port au Prince, Haiti to aid in the rebuilding efforts with the intention of using local sourced materials. . + Saint Val Architect Via WAN. 12 Strange and Creative Camping Tents - (camping tents) Orange Solar Tent Concept The Concept Tent has been designed by the Telecom Orange in association with American product design consultancy Kaleidoscope, featuring the most advanced in technology: A Photovoltaic fabric, a Glo-cation technology, a Wireless control hub and Groundsheet heater.

Charge all your gadgets with solar power and control them all with the wireless control hub. Jacket + Tent + Sleeping Bag = JakPak Why carry a jack, tent and sleeping bag on your back when all these items can fold into one, wearable 3lb bundle? The JakPak is a three seasons tent built into a sleeping bag built into a jacket. Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent The Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent shields you from even the most horrific elements, constructed in a dome shape with some of the strongest geometry known to man. Nyamuk Tent The Nyamuk is a compact sleeping bag that goes from full tent to hammock complete with mosquito net. Tepee Vessel Tent It's a coat, backpack and tent all-in-one. A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! |

Amazing Design Wooden House by Robert Harvey Oshatz | Home Update Gadgets and Interior Guides. This beautiful house is located in Portland, Oregon. The impressive design has been making for seven years, since 2004. When it just was a simple scratch on drawinng board. It is made by Robert Harvey Oshatz, an architect that involve a lots of his time in making of this wooden house. People around the world like it and and every single of them have different explanation of this . A lover of music, the client wanted a house that not only became part of the natural landscape but also addressed the flow of music.

This house evades the mechanics of the camera; it is difficult to capture the way the interior space flows seamlessly through to the exterior. This home was referred to as the Wilkinson Wave House by HGTV Extreme Living. This home speaks to all of the senses. A House With Exotic Ample Courtyad Space and A Pool by Marcio Kogan - Modern Homes Interior Design and Decorating Ideas on Decodir.