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How Mobile Application Development Works Wonders. Mobile application development is no longer something reserved for just the tech geeks and the smart brains in Silicon Valley, if Ignore No More is anything to go by.

How Mobile Application Development Works Wonders

This is the world of apps – apps redefine or add sense to our Smartphone usage. Technology is the last thing kids would associate with their doting mothers. But with necessity being the mother of invention, moms desperate to talk to their kids while they’re hanging out on the streets, malls or restaurants with their friends could come up with a desperate measure to get their attention.

One Houston mom did just that, though the measure is far from desperate but is one that could make her a tech celebrity – she developed an app that would lock her teenaged children’s cell phones till they call her back. Mobile Application Development that Worked Sharon Standifird could be called a super mom in every sense, since she had fought in the Gulf War and climbed Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

How Ignore No More Works. Ranking Factors that Determine SEO Success. Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid. 7 Tools that'll Help You to Be on a Par with Your Competition. With the growing competition, you need to always try and be in the league.

7 Tools that'll Help You to Be on a Par with Your Competition

In order to be in the league, you should always be aware; aware of your competitors, their strategies and your future prospects to stay above all. Keeping up with the current stats will always help you to prepare yourself for the worst. I’m sure everyone in their childhood may have dreamt of being a spy. Everybody likes to be a spy and a know it all. Taking spying as an inspiration for improving your position in the market is what we are talking about here. Adbeat.

Tools for Effective Mobile Website Optimization. Up to 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January 2014 was on mobile devices, according to a CNN Money report.

Tools for Effective Mobile Website Optimization

This highlights the importance of optimizing for visibility on mobile devices. The main principle underlying mobile search engine optimization is ensuring that your website provides mobile visitors what they searching for in a way that best suits their device and needs. Luckily, there are many effective tools that can help you do this. Top Mobile Website Development Tools. Make Video Marketing on Facebook More Effective. Apart from being a popular social networking site, Facebook is an excellent platform for marketing videos online.

Make Video Marketing on Facebook More Effective

The major advantages of this option are you can upload your videos directly to this social networking site and they are easily shareable. With the launch of premium video ads, online advertisers have yet another opportunity to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound and motion. When these video ads that last for about 15 seconds appear on the screen, they will start playing without sound (auto-play) and stop if users scroll past.

SEO Link Building Services. Ever since Google introduced the PageRank algorithm, SEO link building, an effective off-page SEO technique has been used frequently to improve search engine rankings of websites.

SEO Link Building Services

MOS SEO Services is an experienced SEO company that can provide reciprocal links as well as one way link building services to promote your product or service. Our SEO link building services will help you: Increase the traffic to your website steadily Enhance the link popularity of the website Attain higher SERP ranking for improved sales and revenue Call us NOW at 1-800-670-2809. Link Building. Free Content is Just Hard to Beat. No matter what changes strike the SEO world, be they Google’s continually updating algorithms or Bing’s innovations, you need content for marketing.

Free Content is Just Hard to Beat

The importance of good content has only grown further and further, now that quality is everything for higher search rankings and sustained traffic. Content submission is a major and legal way of generating backlinks, provided the submission is made to high quality sites that enjoy high rankings too, since low quality links could penalize your whole site.

Content can be free or paid, so the big question is which ones should be free and which ones paid. High quality and technical content can be made paid, simply because paid content is all about quality. LinkedIn Apps with Improved User Productivity, Mobile Reach. LinkedIn introduced three different apps on October 2013 to enhance user productivity and mobile reach – LinkedIn Intro, New LinkedIn app for iPad and LinkedIn Pulse app.

LinkedIn Apps with Improved User Productivity, Mobile Reach

According to industry experts, the main advantage of these apps is that they are integrated and avoid the difficulty of closing and opening different apps for various purposes in a mobile environment. The apps are therefore designed to fulfill the specific needs of professionals and embolden their LinkedIn marketing efforts on mobile devices. LinkedIn Intro – This app is designed for iPhone Mail and provides users with a preview of the credentials of people who send them mails from popular email accounts. The app supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Google Apps and iCloud and essentially embeds the LinkedIn profiles of users into the emails they send. Branding and Ranking: New Changes in Search Engine Algorithms. Branding and Ranking: New Changes in Search Engine Algorithms.

Professional SEO Services. MOS SEO Services is a professional SEO company in USA with years of experience and expertise in the SEO/SEM industry.

Professional SEO Services

We provide complete SEO support to companies to help them achieve increased targeted traffic, real conversions and great ROI. We strive to help them achieve this goal within minimum time, without compromising on quality and ethics. Small Businesses Use Social Media to Connect with Customers. According to a 2013 survey conducted by the Bank of Montreal (BMO), around 57 percent of small business owners use social networking sites compared to 40 percent in 2012.

Small Businesses Use Social Media to Connect with Customers

Of the 300 respondents, 46 percent said they used social media marketing strategies to promote their brand, while 38 percent use them to sell their products and services. Another 38 percent (up 15 percent from 2012) use social networking platforms to seek ideas and suggestions. Around one-third (35 percent) of respondents leverage these sites to track what is said about their brand and one-quarter (26 percent),to trace sentiment about their rivals. Steve Murphy, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, BMO Bank of Montreal says that these numbers clearly shows Canadian business owners are increasingly using social media tools to look for ways to improve their brand profile while broadening their connection with customers.

Twitter Marketing Services - Get Twitter Followers. MOS SEO Services offers Twitter marketing for your business promotion.

Twitter Marketing Services - Get Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most effective ways to focus on prospective customers by sending messages. It is a popular online social network and micro blogging site described as “the SMS of the internet,” which enables users to send and read text messages up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". It has over 500 million active users as of 2012, and generates over 340 million tweets on a daily basis. Get Twitter Followers! If your business doesn’t have the number of followers you’d like it to have, our experienced team can help you manage your promotion campaigns in a much better way and get you a large number of followers. SEO Tips That Small Businesses Can Implement In-house. The SEO Challenge Posed by Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. Search engine optimization is going through a few dynamics with other search engines clamoring for a larger slice of the search traffic pie.

While Google has been the undisputed king of search engines, others have also been looking to strengthen their position and gain traffic. Mozilla has announced Yahoo Search as its default search engine for Firefox 34 for US users from December 2014, as part of their five-year partnership. This is crucial since Google had been the default Firefox search engine from 2004. Why UX Design is Critical for Your SEO in 2015. When optimizing your website for search engines, it is imperative to consider the user experience as people don’t stick around very long with a site that provides poor usability, and won’t probably come back for more. User experience design or UX design is the process of increasing user satisfaction by improving the site usability and the pleasure provided during the interaction between the user and the product.

Let’s see why UX design is critical for your SEO efforts in 2015. Searchmetrics released SEO Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations 2014 – Google U.S’ last year’s ranking factor study that gives an in-depth definition and evaluation of the factors having a rank correlation with organic search results. User signals are among the most important ranking factors of 2014.

Aligning SEO and Social Media for Business Enhancement. YouTube Tool to Track the Video Quality Your ISP Can Stream. New Year Resolution for Online Marketers. Industry watchers predict that mobile search will reign supreme over next few years In this context, the best New Year resolution that online marketers can take is to improve their optimization strategies for mobile. Of course, online marketers are already making efforts to optimize their websites for mobile devices with responsive design, mobile-optimized themes, and more. However, as mobile strategies vary from business to business, you need to understand what will work best for yours. Here are two studies that throw light on the areas that marketers should focus on in the upcoming year. A report published by eMarketer in December which gives projections for mobile search spending over the next four years says that mobile search spending in the US is expected to overtake desktop search spending.

Search spending includes money invested in both PPC ads and organic SEO with respect to smartphones and tablets. Thus, optimizing for the iPad should take top priority in 2015. Mobile SEO to Capitalize on Nurses' Use of Smartphones. Pin ItIf you are still not convinced on investing in SEO strategies targeting mobile users, the following surveys showing the massive reach of mobile devices in healthcare should change your mind. Mobile Devices Increasingly Used by Nurses A 2014 survey by Wolters Kluwer Health revealed that more and more nurses are counting on mobile devices to access social media and the Internet for professional information or other purposes. Up to 65% of the nurses surveyed revealed that they use some kind of mobile device to help them in their work, while 95% of the surveyed healthcare organizations said that they do allow nurses to glean clinical data from online resources to help them at work.

Encouraging Mobile Use for Vital Information According to 83% of the nurses, the policy of their organization allowed them to access the Internet including public websites and social media for securing information which could help them take care of patients and deal with their conditions better. In-stream Video and Image Previews with Twitter Apps. In October 2013 Twitter introduced an update for its iOS, Android and web apps, that adds in-stream video and image previews to the main feeds. Previously, users had to tap on links for images via Twitter or videos via Vine. Right now, you can see the previews for Twitter photos and Vine videos in the feed update itself. If you wish, you can toggle these in-line previews off in the apps. Experts suggest Twitter aims at making the stream look friendlier to new users with this feature. Google's 'Mobile-Friendly' Label is Here! Obama's Vote for Net Neutrality - Implications for SEO. Pin ItRecent moves by President Obama would have positive implications for search engine optimization if they materialize.

The Intention of Net Neutrality Net neutrality could receive a boost with President Obama’s latest expression of a desire to see the Internet being classified as a utility. In his video from the White House, Obama states that he is against Internet service providers regulating the Internet activity of their customers, a view apparently held by many Americans. Obama has placed the request to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to get the Internet reclassified as a utility so that more stringent regulations can be laid out by the organization to protect the neutrality of the net and freedom for net users. Mobile Advertising - Relevance in Current Business Scenario. In the early days, there were only limited means to send your message across to your loved ones. In those days when the telephone and internet were things no one knew about, handwritten messages were the only means to reach someone and that too took a very long time to reach the desired person.

After the invention of the telephone and the internet, along with the time that it takes to reach another person, the world has also shrunk. DuckDuckGo's Impact on the SEO Scenario. Private search engines that are secure and do not track users are gaining in importance as reports reveal security breaches in personal information preserved by search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One of the most popular of these search engines that guarantee user anonymity, DuckDuckGo’s popularity reached new heights when the news of NSA PRISM surveillance program hit headlines. Method to Predict Photo Shareability on Facebook. Researchers at Stanford University have found a new way to predict the popularity of a photo on Facebook by analyzing how fast that photo is shared.

In the opinion of researchers it was not sure whether information cascades (photos or videos being shared multiple times) could be predicted since they occur very rarely. As per the data provided by Facebook scientists to university scientists, out of 20 photos posted on the social media network, only one gets shared even once. Nofollow Links Also Make a Difference. If you own a business website or operate a blog for fun, the thing that keeps you motivated to do better is how many people view it and like it. Bing's Campaign Planner to Enhance Your PPC Strategy. This September, Bing announced the availability of Campaign Planner on Bing Ads for pay-per-click (PPC) marketers.

The key to effective PPC campaigns is having a proper understanding about industry benchmarks and your competitive landscape. Google Rolls Out 'Estimated Total Conversions' Improve Twitter Advertising with New Tailored Audiences Update. Twitter announced a new set of tools to create, manage and activate your tailored audiences easier so that you can advertise your products or services more effectively on the microblogging site. Learn About Viral Campaigns from the "Alex from Target" Build Local Links to Develop Local Business for Your Website. Yahoo to be Default Search Engine for Firefox. No More URL Keyword Stuffing on Bing.

Upgrades to Google Places Bulk Location Management. The SEO Audit Process - Steps Involved. Facebook's Dinosaur Providing Users More Privacy, Control on Sharing. Get Ready for Pinterest's Self Serve Ads. Three Modern SEO Techniques. B2B SEO - Business 2 Business SEO. LinkedIn Introduces Novel Tools to Power Content Marketing. Mobile SEO - Improving User Experience and Conversions.

Facebook Sidebar Ads Getting New Design. Best Social Media Optimization Strategy. Overly Promotional Posts to be Seen Less on Facebook's News Feed. How White Hat SEO is Different From Black Hat SEO. STOP GUEST BLOGGING!! A Spammy Link Building Strategy. Local SEO Tips for Healthcare Marketing. Google's Warning on Homepage Redirects Redefines Mobile SEO.

Google Expands Android App Indexing to All Developers. On Facebook's Call-to-Action Feature to Increase CTR. Google's Pigeon Update Changes Local Search. HTTPS as Ranking Signal, Will Your Web Traffic Be Affected? Google Manual Action Penalty: Image Mismatch. Google's Recommendations for Proper Use of Sitemaps. Twitter 'Promoted Video' for Improved Video Marketing. Capitalizing on the Local SEO Potential of Google+ and Facebook. Back Links Will Become Less Important Over Time - Says Matt Cutts. Social Media Marketing's New "Buy" Button. Smart Watches and the Future of Local SEO. Search Engine Optimization Techniques and Strategies. Internet Marketing Gets a Jolt with Latest Research on Amazon. Why Mobile SEO Should Focus on Google Now. An In-depth Look into SEO for Marketing Hotel and Hotel Groups. Google's New Penguin Refresh - A Brief Impact Analysis.

Google's New Mobile Conversational Search. Google to Introduce Knowledge Vault After Knowledge Graph. How Google's Algorithm Updates Link SMM and SEO. Links Appear Natural or Links are Natural? SEO quote by Matt Cutts. Top 5 Tips to Reduce Website Load Time. Impact of Google's Structured Snippets on Content Marketing. How to Develop a Content Strategy with Long-tail Keywords. Enjoy Higher Rankings with a HTTPS Encrypted Website. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing Plan. Latest SEO trends Benefiting Content Creators. SEO Strategies for Effective Content Marketing. Mobile Movie Marketing - New Trend in Online Movie Marketing. Dream Big and Dare to Fail - Norman Vaughan. An In-depth Look into SEO for Marketing Hotel and Hotel Groups. Updated Category Pages from Pinterest. Criteria for SEO Competitor Analysis. Conversational Search on Bing, How it Helps Small Businesses. Creating Attention-Grabbing Blog Posts for Your Business.

Mobile Usability of Your Site with Google's New PageSpeed Insights. Panda 4.1 Released to Penalize Low-Quality Content. What's New with Twitter - Recent Updates. 'Retweet With Comment' Option to Enhance Brand Engagement. Twitter Marketing in 2014 and Beyond. Pinterest Makes 'Place Pins' Search Faster and Smarter. How to and How Not to Use the Social Media. Nielsen Survey Found Yelp as the Top Local Review Site. Flash Websites Facing Tough Times with Google. Facebook Introduces Device Targeting for Mobile App Ads. Paid Online Promotion as Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy. Interpreting Facebook Metrics to Enhance Business Marketing. New Pinterest Analytics for Better Customer Insight. Content Marketing and Organizational Goals.