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Introvert-Friendly Tips & Tricks for the Dreaded First Date. Although I’d love to be the kind of person who waltzes into first dates accompanied by a breezy air of nonchalance, alas—it’s not to be.

Introvert-Friendly Tips & Tricks for the Dreaded First Date

There’s never a time when my stomach doesn’t flip over and twist around itself twice, especially on the walk over to the meeting place. 7 Things All Women Need In A Relationship. Men and women are at an emotional stalemate.

7 Things All Women Need In A Relationship

We feel something’s lacking in our relationships. The majority of men aren’t able to penetrate their women fully, nor are women fully opening to their men. How To Be A Beast In Bed - Connect With Your Inner Beast (Pt. 1) Want to have more energy, feel less stress day to day, and have your significant other respond to you like she did when you first started dating?

How To Be A Beast In Bed - Connect With Your Inner Beast (Pt. 1)

If there’s one thing that being a relationship coach has taught me over the past decade it’s this… every guy has some sexual insecurity. Whether it’s around performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, occasional premature ejaculation, or the fear that her former lovers did it better than he is able to do it… every guy worries about his sexual performance. How To Figure Out What Your Ideal Sex Life Looks Like. If you’ve been reading my articles for any length of time you’ll likely know that I’m a huge fan of self-reflecting… especially when it comes to our sex lives.

How To Figure Out What Your Ideal Sex Life Looks Like

One exercise that I have a lot of my clients go through is setting aside an hour and writing down what their ideal sex life looks like. My "How-To" Guide for Men on How To Dominate a Woman in Bed ;) : sex. Dominants - what do you say to submissives to turn them on? Submissives, what do you like dominants to say? : sex. Perceptions of Partners’ Problematic Alcohol Use Affect Relationship Outcomes Beyond Partner Self-Reported Drinking: Alcohol Use in Committed Romantic Relationships. I Miss My Old Alcoholic Self  I've gotten quite familiar with grief over the past few years since losing my brother to a drug overdose.

I Miss My Old Alcoholic Self 

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance have flowed in and out of my life -- much like the current of the ocean. Sometimes, the grief is calm and smooth and I barely know it's there and, sometimes, it's aggressive and angry and it's all I can do to keep from drowning. How to Communicate With Women Like a Man - 9 Toxic Thoughts That Can Destroy Your Relationship. Untitled. What We Want Most From Relationships (But Rarely Get) 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person.

2017, motherfuckers.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

Yeah! LET'S DO THIS. "Do what? " you ask. I DON'T KNOW. The Four Things That Kill a Relationship Stone Dead. A recipe for divorce: criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. For over 40 years the psychologist Professor John Gottman has been analysing relationships, both good and bad. He’s followed couples across decades in many psychological studies to see what kinds of behaviours predict whether they would stay together in the long-term or were soon destined for the divorce courts.

Amongst the factors he identified, four have stood out, time and time again. How to Give Her Multiple Orgasms. But just because she can come twice doesn’t mean she will.

How to Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Studies suggest that only 14 to 40 percent of women have had multiple orgasms in one session. How do you help her become one of the lucky ones? First, make sure that’s what she wants. Some women would rather cuddle after climaxing than be pressured into an encore. Next, remember that women differ dramatically on how they can achieve one orgasm, let alone two. BBSjoMD.jpg (PNG Image, 800 × 7012 pixels) - Scaled (14%) How to Increase Sexual Spontaneity. A common complaint of couples who have been together for a while is a lack of spontaneity in their sex life.

How to Increase Sexual Spontaneity

Many believe it's a function of monogamy, that sex will always get boring after a while, particularly if you're engaging in the same sexual behaviors, in the same way, over long periods of time. On the one hand, if being spontaneous means never planning for sex, I think this is a misguided belief. We all plan for sex to varying degrees. And so I don't know that there is such a thing as a completely spontaneous sexual activity. On the other hand sexual ideas, feelings, and desires can just "pop up" or appear without warning, and that what many of us want is to be on the receiving end of such intense desire that it takes precedent over everything else that is happening such that a sexual encounter seems out of the blue, or at a bad time, or spontaneous.

And this is something you can develop. Barriers to Good Sexual Communication. Sex Tips – Stop and Go Sex Play. This week’s sex tip offers a playful way to teach your partner what kinds of sensual and sexual touch you like, and what kinds you’re not so hot on.

Sex Tips – Stop and Go Sex Play

Nothing in our sexual response is set in stone, so don’t think of this as writing the definitive story on what you like. It’s more of a way to open up a line of communication often shut down by embarrassment and fear. The Set UpThere are so many things we don’t share with our partners about our sexual feelings. We might be embarrassed to disclose a sexual desire for fear of being rejected, laughed at, or told we’re perverted.

Sexual Communication Ground Rules. Reframing Sexual Behavior In Terms of Enthusiastic Consent. Updated February 03, 2014.

Reframing Sexual Behavior In Terms of Enthusiastic Consent

Written or reviewed by a board-certified physician. See's Medical Review Board. How to Talk About Sexual Problems. How Do I Know If Sex Is Consensual? The way we talk about sexual consent is confusing. For starters, even though it's the basis of any healthy sexual interaction or relationship, no body talks to us about it. If we're lucky we start hearing about consent in our 20s. And then when people do talk about it, it's easy to find some people who say consent is simple and other people who complain its so complicated it's not worth thinking about.

The truth is that consent is simple AND complicated. So is sex. Consent isn't simple but some examples of consent are clearer than others. Sex Tips - Talk About Sex Everyday. At the beginning of most sexual relationships the sex part is so new and exciting, that not much talk is required. This seems reasonable, but it isn’t really sustainable. If you find yourself in a long term committed relationship, eventually something is going to happen sexually that you aren’t happy with.

Maybe it’s not enough sex, or too much of one kind of sex, or you just want the sexual relationship to go in a different direction. All these things require you to start talking with your partner. Because we don’t always talk about sex openly with our partners, thoughts and feelings can build up and knowing where to start, or what to say, can feel like too much. This sex tip offers a way to begin opening up about your sexual feelings, thoughts, dreams, etc…

Sex Secrets You Should Know - Men's Health Center. Good sex with your partner can get even better. There are many ways men can both enjoy sex more and better please their partners. Just keep in mind that while there are some solid guidelines for improving your sex life, the best kept sex secrets are the ones waiting to be unearthed in your relationship. "I think each guy is different and each relationship is different," says Paul Joannides, PsyD, a research psychoanalyst in Waldport, Ore., and author of The Guide To Getting It On. 20 Great Sex Tips for Men - Men's Health Center. Let’s face it: No matter how proficient you think you are, every now and then, you could use a little boost to improve your sex life and satisfy your partner. Try these simple, achievable sex tips with your lover tonight. 1. When I was a kid I didn't have to asked for a spanking. Signs Your Partner Is Secretly Unhappy in Your Relationship.

Laura Berman: How to Enjoy Sex in Forbidden Places - Sexual Health Center. Although good sex in your nice, warm bed can be great, sexual experiences outside the bedroom can be very exciting and intense. And you can share this walk on the wild side with your mate in and around your own home and neighborhood. What It's Like When Alcohol Takes Over Your Life. There are some crucial details missing from Sarah Hepola's new memoir, Blackout -- but that's the whole point. In her book, released in June, the author -- who edits personal essays for -- discusses her long, both complicated and sometimes devastatingly simple relationship with alcohol.

It started early (she first stole sips of beer at age 7), and blazed a destructive path through several decades of her life. Kegel Exercises Men. Kegel Exercises for men are yet another natural solution that has been shown in many males to be as powerful as a Viagra or Cialis, exercise of course being another. The power of Kegel Exercises over Erectile Dysfunction was shown in one 2005 British study which put men in two groups: 1) men who made lifestyle changes (such as smoking cessation, weight reduction, exercise, etc.) and 2) those who made lifestyle changes + Kegel exercises. [1] After 3 months the results of group #2 were so dramatic that the researchers put everyone on Kegel exercises.

Think about that: the Kegel Exercises for Men group did much better than a group that quit smoking, was exercising and reducing weight, all of which are proven erectile dysfunction fighters. After six months 76% of the men had significantly improved their erectile function. Making Love with an Upgraded Sexual Operating System - How to Upgrade Your Sexual Operating System for Maximum Fulfillment - Maslow and Your S.O.S. (Sexual Operating System) - 8 Surprising Facts About Loving a Highly Sensitive Person - 8 Excruciating Steps to Save Your Relationship - How to Be the Man Women Find Irresistibly Attractive -

To Compromise or Not to Compromise. 7 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Two Crazy Marriages - What Being Emotionally Unavailable Really Means and Why Men Do It - What Being Emotionally Unavailable Really Means and Why Men Do It - Three Ways to Differentiate Bipolar and Borderline Disorders. How to Identify Bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorders. How to Identify Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorders 0 5 MonkeyBusiness Images/PhotoSpin Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder are two different conditions that are often confused with each other because both include some similar symptoms. Identifying which disorder an individual has is an important step in determining the correct treatment.

Bipolar Disorder This condition was formerly known as manic depression. These different states can last from days to months, with periods of normal moods in between. During mania, people with bipolar disorder may feel very happy, irritated or angry. Mania may include risk taking, making big plans or having low impulse control which can lead to substance abuse, inappropriate sexual activity, spending money unwisely or other behaviors. During depression, they may feel a lingering sadness, or be restless and irritable. Borderline Personality Disorder. Why You and Your Partner Remember Fights Differently. Why You and Your Significant Other Remember Fights Differently 0 5 Paul Lieberwirth/Flickr. Building & Repairing Trust: Keys to Sustainable Relationship. 8 Ways You Can Make Your Relationship Strong. Why I Broke Up With The Pill. Birth control and I are serial monogamists. I joined the ranks of Pill takers in a quiet room at Planned Parenthood my freshman year of college and we’ve had an on-again off-again relationship ever since.

But five years ago, I made the decision to break up with the Pill permanently for the quiet, low-maintenance IUD … and my sex life has never been better. Which Condom Is Best for You? 12 Sex Secrets Women Wish You Knew. Stereotypes About Kink And Alternative Sexualities. "Why Your Bed is the Ultimate Treehouse" How to make a girl squirt Part 1- Preparation. How To Kiss Like WOW. How To Kiss Like WOW. {Nipple Orgasm} ♥ My 6 Secrets To An Epic Breast Orgasm ♥ AskYourBigSisterAboutIt. Cock Rings 101. Building MORE Intimacy: Handling Conflict Like a Man. I recently read about a study on the LiveScience website titled, “Women Prize Men Who Try to Understand Their Emotions”.

My first reaction was, “Well, no kidding!”. But as I read a little further and understood the nature of the study, one conclusion stood out for me. The Great Testicular Heist! A Married Man's Path Back to Intimacy. Your Secret Power – Are You Creating Positive Feelings? Untitled. BDSM. Best Kink Games For Beginners. Your Guide To Non-Oppressive BDSM. Confession: I'm A Feminist, But I Like To Be Called 'Whore' How to Make Your Sexual Fantasy Come True. How to Introduce Kink Into Your Relationship (Esp If You’re a Dude) Body Spots. KEGEL WEEK: How to Do Kegels (for HIM) What Is the G-Spot? Confession: I’m an Expert Sexter.

How to Talk Dirty Without Being Dirty. 5 Easy Ways to Talk Dirtier Tonight. The Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.) – A Refresher Course. What are the four things that kill relationships? The Sexperts' Lounge » Communicating About Your Kinks Part 2. The Sexperts' Lounge » Communicating About Your Kinks Part 1.

The Sexperts' Lounge » Sex for Noobs: Sexual Communication. My "How-To" Guide for Men on How To Dominate a Woman in Bed PART TWO!! ;) : sex. My "How-To" Guide for Men on How To Dominate a Woman in Bed ;) : sex. The Sexperts' Lounge » Organizing a MFF or MFM threesome. Reverse Kegels - 8 Steps To Doing Them Correctly. The Sexperts' Lounge » Ask Mistress Maxxters – Dirty Talk. Kegels: A Guide to Better... Everything. : sex. The Sexperts' Lounge » Keeping things Sexually Exciting.

Dirty Talk 102: Talking Dirty to a Guy (by request) : sex. Untitled. Untitled. Sexionnaire. Yes, No, Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist. We Should Try It - online sex questionnaire for couples.