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The Most Common Illegal Job Interview Questions You Should Watch Out For. Software Engineering Interview Study Guide - Outline (Make A Copy :) And Go From There) - Google Sheets. What is the right approach of reading and implementing Automating Boring Stuff With Python . Please comment : learnpython. How do you get better at coding interviews? : learnprogramming. Personal projects before my first software internship.

Apply and make at the same time Companies love personal projects!

Personal projects before my first software internship

Show them the work you have done. Personal projects indicate good self-motivation and self-management. They also help employers with accessing your current skill level and coding style. Language/Framework choice doesn't matter It doesn't matter which language or framework you choose to start with. I started making front-end web apps, because it was so much easier to get started compared to back-end/mobile. Projects shouldn't be huge (or perfect) Remember - your projects should be able to accomplish their main goal. As you will see in a minute, my first projects were simple full of bugs 90s design not responsive But they did the main thing they were created for. Employers don't expect big, perfect projects - they want to see commitment to learning.

Therefore, make sure to hit the MVP stage, put it in your resume and move to another project. Todo list app My first ever project with ReactJS. Weather app Wikipedia Search. CS Career Questions. I have 12 years of experience but am struggling! : learnprogramming. 45 and learning to code...again : learnprogramming. Essential Skills for Landing a Test Automation Job in 2018. |September 26, 2017 Every year brings new requirements in the test automation market.

Essential Skills for Landing a Test Automation Job in 2018

Test automation engineers must master their skills in order to stay ahead and land the job of their dreams. Following our last research: World’s Most Desirable Test Automation Skills, TestProject examined top job searching websites around the world to determine the most demanded test automation skills and technologies for 2018. Research Methodology: Countries examined: United States, India, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Poland, UK, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and China. Samples collected: 1340 Job searching websites:,,,,,,,, Key findings to land a test automation job: How to crack Selenium Interview For Experience.

Top-100-selenium-interview-questions-answers. Twocents.lifehacker. My parents kicked me out and I have 2100 to my name. Please help me not go homeless. : personalfinance. Quick Reminder to Not Give Away Your Salary Requirement in a Job Interview : personalfinance. LPT: If you're nervous about asking your boss/potential employer about raises/salary, don't think of them as authority figures you hope will be more generous, think of them as customers who are buying your time. : LifeProTips. Salaire: QA Engineer Lead chez Chicago, région de États-Unis. 3 Job Interview Questions to Avoid Asking. When I was a recruiter, I was asked a lot of smart questions that made me say, “Wow, this candidate is on top of her game.”

3 Job Interview Questions to Avoid Asking

But I also heard a lot that made me wonder who the person had taken interview advice from—or if that person had ever sought out help at all. The truth is that while hiring managers expect you to come with questions, there are plenty of topics you shouldn’t ever bring up. For starters, here are a few that might sound exciting to you, but won’t endear you to the interviewer. 1. “How Often Does the Team Hang Out After Hours?” It’s only natural to want to work with people you’d have a drink with after work.

What to Ask Instead Rather than asking to hear about how hard the team parties, try something like this: “I’d love to hear more about how the team works together here, how would you define the company culture?” 2. Again, digging for compliments is a good way to turn a recruiter off. Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question With This Formula. Ask What Set Previous Employees Apart to Get a Better Idea of What the Role Entails. Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job. Advice and management. When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track.

When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track Most people don’t know what to do with their lives.

When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track

And that’s okay. “We see in order to move; we move in order to see.” —William Gibson These days, there’s a lot of talk about discovering your dream. More and more people are unwilling to exchange their ideals for a paycheck. I’m sure there are people who know exactly what they were born to do, who have had a vision of their life since they were six years old. So where do you go from there, if all you’ve got is an itch, a vague premonition of an un-lived life? That was the question I sought to answer in my book, The Art of Work. Lesson 1: Don’t wait for clarity “I have never had clarity. The other day, I was on a call with a young woman who was passionate about getting involved in social work — she just didn’t know where to start. As the discussion continued, she confessed that she didn’t know what her calling was. Cultivate a “Hip Pocket” Skill for Career Success.